Coming up with ingenious written solutions for individuals and companies is what I specialise in. I give my clients a sharper edge to what their businesses need to bring across to millions of audiences on the World Wide Web. I straighten out the sketchy, put a hinge on the dull ends, and get rid of the unnecessary. I can bring you unprecedented and exciting pieces that rouse the interest of your audience.As an online business solutions consultant. A hefty chunk of what I do is to ask the right questions to rope in the most significant details. This helps me build trust amongst peers and clients in the freelancing industry. A thorough discussion of what needs to be accomplished is necessary to give clients the confidence that they are about to receive an exquisitely delivered job.

Salary Php 25,000.00/month ( $485 USD )
30 hrs/wk ( $4.04 USD/hr )
Experience Business Process Outsourcing
Education College Degree
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First of all, I really appreciate the time you spent having a look at what I have got to say in this profile.
In an endless sea of freelance writers and virtual assistants round this bit you're probably wondering which proposals to review for the position you want to fill.
I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know that if it's exquisite assistance and ingenious, unparalleled written solutions that you are in search of to build and boost your online presence, you're looking right at it.
If you are here looking for a credible chap to help you out with your online logistics such as social media management, web content and articles for your newsletter and blog, I'd say my credentials would attest to giving you an exquisite set of online solutions.
To describe the kind of writing that I do since I started freelancing, my style has never been artificially designed to impress.
I follow the three Cs to effective writing in order to earn my clients' respect and confidence. I work hard to keep my pieces CONCISE, COHERENT and CONCRETE. This allows me to ensure that the quality of work I do is a mile ahead of what my clients expect to see.
A lot of freelance writers these days take on projects they've got no genuine interest in, thus forcing them to beat around the bush in most of their written work - compromising the quality of work they deliver.
I wouldn't dare say that I am downright picky in the writing projects I'd like to be part of but my skepticism allows me to dig deeper into that ground of ideas that I can come up with and bring to the table. I carefully choose the job I'd like to work on.
If you happen to have a draft that you may find a bit rough around the edges, or striving to stay afloat in in online marketing word with your usual catch-phrases, let me have a look and I'll work on how I can bring a more vivid life to it.
My objective is to bring a satisfactory job to my client's table. To be able to hit this target I keep with me several points that I reckon essential to getting the job done.
As I look to develop a trusted and reputable partnership with my clients instead of merely completing a transaction, I exert effort to have a CLEVER AND THOROUGH CONSULTATION PROCESS with individuals and organisations I wish to work with. This involves a discussion of the nitty-gritty of what my clients are all about and what kind of job I need to do. Getting all the details and a clarity of how it needs to be presented gives me a brighter idea of how to pour my expertise in it. It also allow me to do my research thoroughly and come up with contingencies relevant to the task given.
I dedicate my expertise to provide a combination of technical knowledge, strategic application and aesthetic ingenuity to create an INFORMATIVE AND INTERESTING CONTENT for businesses.Nothing beats a creative written piece that has been backed by extensive research and ingenious execution. Whilst writers are limited to the extent of their imagination pertinent to what they want to write about, It is rather important that a concrete plan of where the article wants to begin and what it wants to conclude is prioritised to guarantee that no statement goes round in circles.
While WRITING has been a solid niche for me, I also offer various forms of online solutions that I am certain to help contribute value to your drive towards boosting your business' online presence.
I offer training solutions and facilitation through online channels, too, focusing on customer focused communication skills and interpersonal abilities - to ensure that your business stays on top in terms of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
I am also adept in Social Media Management and creating mind maps and workflows (e.g. online marketing guide, campaigns and nurture process, etc.) that guarantee unparalleled success and sustainable development for your business.
With these equally exceptional skills, your business may not need to anticipate a financial overhead by having to look for a different person to do the job, outside content writing.
I wish to deliver a nonpareil level of professionalism to my job.
Exceeding my clients' expectations makes me work in a mixture of architecture and creative presence attesting to compelling business solutions and persuasive written articles.
The combination of technique and aesthetics that I put into my services are significant in establishing a recognisable presence on the World Wide Web, thus giving you a tremendous amount of opportunity to reach out to your audience and engage them in what you have to show.
I personally look to inspect the quality of my work by going over the things I have completed so far based on a timeline. If there was something that did not work favourably, which rarely happened, I have been known to immediately get in touch with my client to inform them that I am working on an alternative to make sure that no business is disrupted.
I have a rather plausible commitment to industry standards which basically means that I don't copy and paste materials for my clients. I do my research very well, compare a few materials and cross-check the data against each other before doing my job.
More importantly, I take with me a serious commitment to my own standards, going usually beyond what other business solutions consultants and writers are willing to provide.
I ensure a review of the project requirement and prepare myself several questions to grasp the information I needed to get the job done right the first time.
I keep my communication lines open to peers and clients throughout the job. I constantly provide updates starting withing the 24 hours of accepting it until before final delivery. I am connected 24/7 on the internet, so if something unlikely happens, I won't miss out on it.
I do the revisions myself upon completion. I work on editing and proofreading to avoid any mistakes before delivery. If time permits, I allow myself another 24 hours to do another proofreading. The reason I allow another 24 hours before a final edit or proofread is the "clean slate" time to refresh a writer's mind, otherwise the obvious mistakes are missed. You may call it obsessive but I call it my commitment to precision.
In conclusion, I don't wish my targets to be sinking among the fishes in the waters as I do not intend a fulfilling career to float away. This personal motto makes me work harder to bring my clients a better end-result, compared to what they are anticipating.
Thank you for spending time to go over what I have got to tell you and I am excited to work with you on your online business solutions.

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)

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  • Data Entry
  • Event Planner
  • Research
  • Travel Planning


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  • Speaking
  • Writing


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  • Blogging
  • Copywriting

Marketing & Sales

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  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Telemarketing


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  • Google AdWords

Web Development

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  • Mysql


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  • Google analytics
  • Html
  • Wordpress

Finance & Management

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  • Business Plans

Customer Service & Admin Support

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  • Customer Support
  • Phone Support
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