Each month, more than 10,000 new worker profiles are created with OnlineJobs.ph. The majority of these candidates are legitimate, talented Filipino workers.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of applicants try to take advantage of the system by creating multiple accounts, using fake identities, or just being dishonest in general. Typically, their intentions are less than noble (every outsourcing employer’s nightmare).

And as an employer, you are in a vulnerable position - completely dependent on what a job applicant says in an interview and what they want you to see in their profiles. As with any hiring, hiring a Filipino virtual worker exposes you to risks.

But what if we changed that? What if we could minimize the risks of hiring a virtual worker by showing you who they are?

We can do that.

Is your potential employee’s behavior erratic? Will they look for other jobs while your back is turned? Are they blatantly lying about who they are? Can they hold a job for more than 10 days? Our new Background Data Report, available with your OnlineJobs.ph Premium Membership, will answer all of those questions and more.

Using data straight from our OnlineJobs.ph database, we can identify and track a potential employee’s crucial behavior patterns and deliver that report directly to you. No more guesswork. No more crossing fingers. No more risk.

Our new Background Data Report takes you way beyond identity validation. It blows past the formal interview. We want to reveal job applicants on a personal level before you hire them.

Here’s how we do it, and how it can
save you from hiring a major headache:

But it’s a lot easier to show you how this Background Data Report can help you avoid disaster. Here are images from actual Background Data Reports, with some surprising examples of what you can learn about a potential employee:

  • 1

    Facebook Profile Comparison

    Is this guy even real? Do you want to take the chance? So many questions come with this FB profile…

    We provide a side-by-side comparison of their OnlineJobs profile and personal Facebook page. Is it the same person in each profile picture? Do the genders correlate? Is there anything glaring about the profiles? We also give you the direct link to their profiles, so you can explore more.

  • 2

    Multiple Accounts Tracker

    Apparently, “Wee Bacasmarillo” also goes by “Bacasmarillo” and “Loue Bacasmarillo” in three completely different OnlineJobs.ph profiles. Multiple profiles is almost always a red flag for concern.

    If an applicant is shown to have multiple OnlineJobs.ph accounts on the Background Data Report, they’re probably hiding something, like the woman in the image:

  • 3

    OnlineJobs.ph Employment History

    As a bonus, the Data Report provides you with past employers’ contact information so you can email them with any questions.

    This one speaks for itself. The person from our data report below has had three jobs in two months! And they probably didn’t include that on their resume or mention it in their interview…

  • 4

    Past Employer Reviews

    If any of their past OnlineJobs.ph employers have left reviews, for better or worse, you’ll find them in their Background Data Report. Pretty straightforward:

  • 5

    Job Application Log

    Yikes! This guy must be quite the catch to be qualified for 66 jobs in a single week. Not really. No one’s this good. This person’s either a fake or just applying for everything they see.

    Does your applicant think they are overqualified? As a result, are they applying for every job posting they see? Are they likely to look for jobs behind your back? We can track how many emails they’re sending to other employers in OnlineJobs.ph, before and after you hire them.

  • 6

    Profile editing log

    Wait a minute—we thought you were from the Philippines, but your IP address says you’re in Thailand. Or are you living in two places at once? We’re so confused.

    How many times has an applicant updated his profile and why? And what else can you learn from their profile editing log. Take a look at the image.

Eliminate the confusion. Eradicate the uncertainty. Our Background Data Report will secure your confidence and minimize the risks of hiring a virtual worker.

Sleep better at night knowing you hired a stable, competent human being. You’re welcome.

Our Background Data Report lets you monitor
a potential employee’s behavior in 6 ways:

And, the report is programmed to send automated “Red Flags” to alert you
to potential fraud or fishy business related to worker’s Background Data.

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