Here at OnlineJobs, we hear the same hiring concerns over and over:

Please help me find “the one.”
How do I know if my job candidate is really who they say they are?
I’m afraid of hiring a scammer.
Just tell me who’s the best so I can hire them.
I feel like I’m taking a big chance hiring this person...

We’ve answered your concerns with our brand-spanking-new Background Data Check.

Now you can get to know who you’re hiring - beyond what you see on their resumes - and hire them with confidence.

Using information straight from our database and from Facebook, we identify and track your candidate’s crucial behavior patterns, condense the information into a simple report, and deliver that report directly to you. We’re not omniscient, but we see a LOT. We want you to see it too.

No more guesswork. No more crossing fingers. No more risk. Know who you’re hiring.

Here are images from actual Background Data Checks. A few simple images can answer so, so many questions…

  • 1

    Who are they outside of work?

    To the left is Jake’s OnlineJobs profile. On the right we see Jake’s FaceBook page. WAIT.

    He goes by “Silencer Revolver” on FB? Do you really want to hire an undercover, cartoon James Bond Villain?

    Not a chance. Move on to your next candidate.

  • 2

    Are they trying to work the system?

    Allow us to introduce you to Arena. I mean Arenakins. I mean Suzie(?!). These are all the same person. How many OnlineJobs accounts does this girl have? One too many for comfort.

    Don’t hire any of them.

  • 3

    Are they stable?

    Check out the dates on this guy’s hiring history. Do you really want to hire someone who’s been through three jobs in the last three months? Nope. Next candidate please.

  • 4

    For better or worse…

    Do yourself a favor and read what other employers are saying about your candidate.

  • 5

    Are they overconfident or trying to work multiple jobs?

    Yikes. This guy applied for 66 jobs in a single week. While he was working for someone else.

    (When an applicant thinks they’re qualified for every job and applies for every available position, their email record will resemble this pattern as well.)

  • 6

    Is their behavior erratic or suspicious?

    In his OnlineJobs profile, this guy claims to live in the Philippines. BUT his IP address shows he’s actually in Thailand. If he’s confused about which country he lives in, he’s probably not “employee of the week” material.

    Or he straight-up lied about where he’s living. Bad news. Next candidate...

Find the BEST employees available on and avoid the WORST.

Our Background Data Check will secure your confidence and minimize the risks of hiring a virtual worker. Sleep better at night knowing you’ve hired a stable, competent human being.

You’re welcome.

Our Background Data Report lets you monitor
a potential employee’s behavior in 6 ways:

And, the report is programmed to send automated “Red Flags” to alert you
to potential fraud or fishy business related to worker’s Background Data.

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