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  • Communicate with Workers
  • Hire Workers
  • Create up to 3 job posts per month
  • Max 15 applications per Job
  • 2 days Job Post approval
  • View Job Applications
  • Use Timeproof
  • Bookmark Workers
  • Easypay


$69 monthly

  • Communicate with Workers
  • Hire Workers
  • Create up to 3 job posts per month
  • Max 200 applications per Job
  • Instant Job Post approval
  • View Job Applications
  • Use Timeproof
  • Bookmark Workers
  • Easypay
  • Contact 75 workers / month
  • Read Worker Reviews


$99 monthly

Proudly based in USA Utah, USA

Frequently Asked Questions


Free allows you to post a job and see job applications. It gives you a good idea of if you're going to find someone good. You can't see applicants contact info or communicate with them until you upgrade.

There's a good reason we don't offer a free trial.

You can only interview workers once you've paid for an account.

If we let employers contact workers without paying, they start to get scammy then workers respond the same way, and it turns into a cess pool of scams.

Plus, it's how we make money and how we stay in business.

You can look at full profiles and post a job before paying. With the job post you'll get to see all job applications so you can see if people are interested in your position and if they have good skills. You just won't be able to talk with them until you pay.

If you consider our money back guarantee, there's not much risk. If you don't find someone, ask for your money back. We're a US based company.

We honor our guarantee.

We charge up front so we don't have to mark up salaries. Nobody likes middlemen and unnecessary markups. After you try it we think you'll agree.

Very few people who discover OnlineJobs.ph ever go back to the old way of oursourcing (upwork, freelancer, fiverr...).

We offered OnlineJobs.ph at $49 for 8 years without raising it. We felt like the price raise was justified with rising costs.

A lower price increases scammers, increases hiring competition, and increases low quality employers. We want good employers who care about the people they hire.

Plus, it helps us continue to develop the site so you have a great experience hiring.


No, you don't have to keep it. There is no time requirement. No contracts.

When you're done recruiting, you don't have to keep your subscription. You can cancel and still use TimeProof and EasyPay.

Of course...if you're Premium the worker coaching service might be worth it!

How much you pay them is dependent on how much you negotiate with them before you hire them.

Cancelling your subscription is super easy. From your Account Dashboard, simply hover over to the “Account” dropdown.

Select “Billing”, then click “Cancel Subscription”.

Cancel Subscription

Cancel Subscription

Yes. Those are always available to use for free.


It's hard...until you see they're being honest with you.

However, there's a culture of honesty with foreign bosses in the Philippines. You should see them trying to be honest with you right away. This is why we go to the Philippines rather than other countries. You're more likely to find someone trustworthy than you do elsewhere (including in the US!).

Here's our full answer to how do I trust a VA with my business info.

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