Yeah, you're right, you can't do much with the free account.

You can see the workers, but to contact them you have to upgrade.

Consider it an affordable recruiting cost. When you're done recruiting, you can
cancel your subscription. Zero contract. Zero obligation.

So how do I know if it’s worth paying
for the subscription?

First, use your free account to:

Post a job and see if applicants respond. You won't be able to contact those applicants until you pay, but at least you'll be able to gauge interest in your post.

Browse through resumes to find qualified applicants. Again, you won’t be able to contact them without a subscription, but you’ll get a good idea of whether you’ll to find what you need.


Try it and see if it works for you.

Then, when you find an applicant who interests you with either of the above methods, upgrade to a paid account and contact them.

After you hire them, you can cancel your subscription and you’re done with

Then it’s up to you and your new Filipino worker to negotiate terms. We leave the picture.

It’s your choice -- how much you pay, the hours you require, whether you hire workers long-term, whether you write up your own contracts or keep it informal. Most keep it informal. We don't require (or even offer) a contract between you and us or between you and the worker.

The Filipinos on are ready and willing to work. Find them. Hire them. Pay them with EasyPay. But training, managing, etc.. are up to you.

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