Give Your Filipino
Worker a Mentor

VA Mentoring Service Now Included with Premium Membership

Problems Solved/Averted since 2019 with our VA Mentoring service:

12021 (and counting!)

Filipino workers are honest, hard-working, loyal, educated and intuitive. They make the best employees on the planet.

But because you and your worker live in different countries, you may face occasional challenges related to cultural, linguistic or professional misunderstandings.

We’ve created a practical solution to address (or prevent) these types of challenges:’s VA Mentoring Service - now included with the Premium Membership.

Give Your Worker an Advocate

As soon as your worker is hired, we will match them with one of’s trained and vetted Filipino VAs who will act as a peer “mentor." This mentor will support your worker as they grow in their occupation as a virtual worker.

Our VA mentors are employed, trained, and managed by Each has extensive experience working for a foreign boss and exclusive training from our pros.

With their experience, your VA’s mentor will help your VA navigate common challenges that come with remote work (like the aforementioned cultural, linguistic, and professional differences you and your worker may encounter). They’ll provide a safe space for your worker to ask questions and explore solutions specific to remote work.

Your VA’s mentor will check-in with your worker weekly (later monthly or as-needed) to discuss their challenges and successes. Your VA’s mentor will help your VA master:

  • Working from home
  • Working with a foreign boss
  • Effective communication
  • Time management
  • General remote worker issues

Confidential Communication

The conversations your worker has with their qualified VA mentor are completely confidential, so your worker can ask questions without being embarrassed. A VA mentor can provide a safe space for your worker to bounce ideas around without feeling silly and a secure place to express frustrations and seek solutions without being penalized.

Effective Mediation

Plus, the mentor can communicate with you, acting as a mediator between you and your worker in challenging situations. If you’re struggling with your worker’s communication, quality of work, or any other particulars, your VA’s mentor can help build a mutual understanding between you and your worker.

Great Working Relationships Come
with Training, Patience, and Time

Your VA’s mentor won’t give your worker day-to-day instruction or management or help them accomplish their tasks; that’s your job.

Please, please remember that you hired a wonderful human being.’s VA Mentoring Service is not a fix-all, or guarantee of success. You are responsible for the hiring, training and overall management of your virtual worker.

In reality, sometimes business relationships aren’t compatible and change is required. But in most cases, our VA mentor can help moderate and improve the overall outsourcing experience for both you and your Filipino worker.

Start Your Worker Out the Right Way

Give your worker an advocate and give yourself a mediator. Sign up for’s Premium Account today and get access to our VA Mentoring Service.

Avoid the #1 Problem in Outsourcing

Our VA Mentoring Service can help you avoid the “disappearing VA” phenomenon (where workers stop communicating with you because they’re worried that they don’t meet your expectations).

A mentor provides your VA with an additional problem-solving resource. With a mentor, your worker is less likely to “get stuck” or experience the embarrassment that triggers “disappearing.”

As an employer, it is primarily your job to clearly explain expectations and communicate with understanding and patience. But if for some reason your worker comes to a crossroads and they’re too embarrassed to talk to you, they can turn to their peer mentor instead of “disappearing.”

How it Works

When you hire Filipino workers through your Premium Account, you’ll mark them as “hired” in their profile. Their names will immediately appear on your Premium Employer Dashboard.

Next to each workers name is a “VA Mentoring” toggle that you can switch on or off. When you opt to turn the VA Mentoring toggle on, one of our qualified VA mentors will reach out to your VA via email. In the initial email, they will introduce themselves and explain their purpose to your worker as an open open-ended resource.

Your worker can email our VA mentors to ask for help at anytime. In some situations, our VA mentor may even contact your worker via phone to help them solve issues quickly and efficiently. The mentor may even contact you directly to help mediate necessary situations.

Our mentors give your VA an additional life-line and advocate in their success as remote workers. It’s a win-win for you and your worker. And if, for whatever reason, your worker no longer requires the mentoring service, you can simply switch their mentoring toggle to “off.”

*Note: Mentoring will continue as long as you maintain your Premium Subscription. If you choose to cancel your subscription, active mentoring will be disabled on our end. However, your VA will still have a relationship with our mentor and will still be able to contact them (which may help solve problems down the road).