Virtual Coaching Service

Avoid Problems, Misunderstandings
Thanks to Virtual Coaches

Filipinos are among the most loyal, hardest-working people in the world. You see this every day as they fulfil their tasks and assignments. Sometimes, though, challenges arise, and your worker’s productivity and quality decline. This can hamper your business and get you off track. But with our Virtual Coaching Service, we can help prevent some of these common problems from ever happening.

Give Your Worker an Advocate

As soon as your worker is hired, he or she will be matched with a more experienced Filipino VA as a peer mentor— or “coach” who understands what it takes to be a successful virtual worker. This coach will give your worker personalized tips on how to excel in their job. The "coach" will support your virtual worker and answer their questions as your worker learns:

  • How to work from home
  • How to work with a foreign boss
  • How to overcome setbacks
  • How to manage time
  • What it’s like to be a virtual worker

Completely Confidential

Your worker can be sure that the conversations they have with their coach will be completely between the two of them. Plus, the coach acts as a mediator to help in challenging situations and to solve problems. Your virtual worker’s coach will help build a mutual understanding between you and your worker.

Great Working Relationships Come
with Training, Patience, and Time

Please, please remember that you hired a human being. The virtual coach we provide with this service is not a fix-all, or guarantee of success. You are responsible for the hiring, training and overall management of your virtual worker. In reality, sometimes business relationships aren’t compatible and major intervention or change is required. But in most cases, our virtual coach can help moderate and improve the overall outsourcing experience for both you and your Filipino worker.

Start Your Worker Out the Right Way

When you purchase a premium account with, you get access to our Virtual Coaching Service. This benefit will give your workers all the help they need to succeed in your business from day one.

Consistent Communication

This coach won’t give your worker day-to-day instruction or management or help them accomplish their tasks; that’s your job. Your virtual worker’s coach will build a strong relationship with your worker so they have an advocate—someone they know is there for them. Because the coach also works for a foreign boss, they know the challenges your worker is experiencing. Your virtual worker will also be more likely to open up to a fellow Filipino worker to solve problems rather than to a superior. The coach will be able to help you learn to communicate better with your worker. In addition, your worker and their coach will have the following types of interactions:

  • Your worker can bounce ideas off their coach without worrying about feeling silly.
  • Your worker can express frustrations without feeling like they’ll get in trouble.
  • Their coach will check in weekly (and later monthly and as needed) to discuss your worker’s challenges and successes.
  • The coach will offer advice and answer any of your worker’s questions.

Better For You and Your Worker

Miscommunication and misunderstandings are some of the biggest factors in Filipino virtual workers struggling in their work or completely disappearing. The time and effort you spend re-hiring and re-training can take a toll on you and your business. Finding, hiring and training new workers over and over will be a significant cost. It’s so much easier is it when you hire someone who works well with you and stays for the long term! Our Virtual Coaching Service will take pressure off of you and help turn your virtual worker into a rock star.

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