Bringing trust to the Filipino Virtual Assistant Marketplace

ID Proof ID Proof was designed to make hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines an easier process.

After years of recruiting and filtering through thousands of worker profiles from the Philippines, we've developed some pretty strong signals of whether we trust a given profile or not.

Some of the signals are complex and difficult to put into a computer based algorithm.

Some of the signals are only calculable by a computer based algorithm.

ID Proof is calculated on a scale of 0-100, with 100 meaning "We REALLY believe this person is who they say they are."

ID Proof has been through many revisions of the algorithm and will continue to undergo many changes. It's not perfect. However, we rarely see it incorrect on the high or low end.

Use ID Proof to help you


Filter out obviously bad profiles. If a profile has ID Proof lower
than 50, move on.


Help you sort through profiles more quickly.


Help your intuition as you interview potential candidates.


It doesn't measure how good a jobseeker is at a particular skill.

It doesn't measure how good of a worker someone will be.

It doesn't measure how much experience or how highly rated someone is.

Recruiting Best Practices for
Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant

If someone's ID Proof is low, PROCEED WITH CAUTION

Interview every candidate thoroughly. Send multiple emails back and forth. Ask lots of questions.

Never pre-pay for work...especially if they tell you a sob story about their family needing money or their computer breaking down.

Use your gut feeling (sounds bad...but they're on the other side of the world...sometimes your intuition is just right)

Start with a trial period for the first month. Let them know it's a trial period.

Have very clear expectations up front.

  • Hours / Week
  • Pay Schedule
  • Daily Emails
  • How many jobs they can carry while working with you
  • How they'll deal with problems they run into
  • How to get help