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November 29th, 2023 (7 days ago)

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September 3rd, 2021

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Hello, I'm Upgrade to see actual info, and my professional journey, which began in assisting healthcare insurance members, has evolved into a role where I specialize in researching profitable products for online arbitrage resale. This progression has led me to the dynamic and challenging realm of Amazon PPC.

Transferable Skills:
In my previous roles, I've honed valuable skills that I now bring to the world of Amazon PPC:

Customer Support:
- Successfully addressed inquiries from healthcare insurance members who are also patients, maintaining a 95% satisfaction rate.
- Enhanced the healthcare experience for insurance members by 20% through improved communication processes, ensuring satisfaction with both their patient needs and policyholder requirements.

- Resolved complex issues at the intersection of healthcare and insurance, ensuring a seamless experience for members navigating both realms.

Performance Updates:
- Experience in monitoring and updating performance metrics for optimal results.

Key Amazon PPC Skills:
My skill set includes, but is not limited to:

Keyword Research:
Conducting in-depth keyword research to pinpoint high-impact terms for product relevance.

Bid Management:
Utilizing data insights to optimize bids for targeted keywords and maximize campaign ROI.

Campaign Optimization:
Continuously refining campaigns through data analysis, and tweaking ad elements for improved performance.

Addressing Common Challenges:
Amazon sellers often face challenges such as high ACOS and keyword optimization. My expertise enables me to tackle these issues head-on:

High ACOS Solutions:
- Implementing targeted strategies to reduce high ACOS, including meticulous campaign optimization, refining targeting parameters, and maximizing cost-effectiveness for improved overall campaign performance.

Keyword Selection Strategies:
- Crafting a robust keyword strategy by leveraging insights from Sponsored Products automatic campaigns, incorporating specificity in keyword combinations, strategically utilizing the brand's name, and ensuring relevance by adding organic keywords from the product detail page.

Continuous Monitoring:
- Ensuring competitiveness through vigilant campaign monitoring and data analysis.

Passion for Amazon PPC:
What captivates me about Amazon PPC is its perfect blend of creativity and data analytics. Crafting compelling ad campaigns and making data-driven decisions to enhance results is not just a skill set; it's my passion.

Empower Your Amazon PPC Journey! Take Strategic Steps Towards Success Today!

Top Skills

Customer Support » Phone Support » English Speaking

Customer Support

Other Skills

Customer Support » Phone Support

Office and Administration » Microsoft Excel

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Score:  118
Dominance: 21
Influence: 6
Steadiness: 35
Compliance: 38
B2(Upper Intermediate)
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