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We’ll teach your VAs all of the aspects of Seller Central

Some things you may not even know!

We'll teach your VAs all of the
                    aspects of Seller Central

Did you know that amazon has more than 75 systems and processes you can use to optimize your FBA business?

If you’re selling on Amazon, chances are, you already feel overwhelmed by the demands of the day-to-day management.

Managing the fundamentals of product research, sourcing, selling, inventory management and customer service don’t leave much time to learn about, or implement, the majority of these systems (let alone teach them to your Virtual Assistant).

Or maybe you’re on the other side of the bridge--you want to create and manage an FBA business, but you’re paralyzed by all of the time and work required.

Either way, we want to help. Academy will
change the way you train.

Create More Time

Create More Time

Training your VAs well is the most time-consuming and most important aspect of outsourcing. Let us train your VA on Seller Central with info-packed videos, designed just for them.

Give Them The Best

Give Them The Best

We partnered with field experts to build our Seller Central Course around the most advanced concepts and relevant information. And our content is regularly updated to keep up with evolving Amazon systems.

Build Trust

Build Trust

Great training increases your workers’ efficiency and builds their trust, and trust is critical to a successful outsourcing relationship.

VA User-Friendly

VA User-Friendly

Our Seller Central Course will not overwhelm or intimidate your workers. The videos are also available in both English, Cebuano and Tagalog, so concepts don’t get lost in translation.

Our Amazon Selling Training curriculum includes 9 modules

(A total of 97 training videos)

Using these 9 modules, your Virtual Assistant will learn to manage everything from customer service and promotions to analyzing data and managing inbound inventory.

Our modules teach the following:

Intro to Amazon
Creating Sponsored ads
Customer Service
Inventory fulfillment
Understanding Data
Managing listings
Setting up promotions
General Administration
Optimizing pricing

Each video delivers critical information and instruction to your Virtual Assistant, explaining not only what to do, but why they are doing it. Our modules are updated regularly to stay current with the constant changes in SellerCentral.

The way it works is simple:

Choose the training modules you want to buy.
Make a one-time purchase
(a-la-carte by module or purchase the entire curriculum at a discounted price)
You’ll then be given login information to access the modules you purchased.
Then share this login information with your virtual worker to give them unlimited access to the curriculum.

The following is a comprehensive list of the training modules and their subsequent videos:

Welcome - Please Watch First

What Is Amazon?

What Is Seller Central?

How To Set Up An Amazon Account

Becoming An User On An Exisisting Seller Central Account

What Is An ASIN?

What Is A SKU?

What Is FBA And FBM?

What Are Keywords Or Key Terms?

The Editable Elements Of Listings

What Is A Parent/Child Relationship?

The Different Best Selling Lists

Changing Languages in Seller Central

Switching Between Seller Centrals For Different Countries

What Are Buyer Messages?

Creating Message Templates

Answerring Questions Asked

What Are Reviews?

Commenting On A Positive Review

Commenting On A Negative Review

Matching Orders To Reviews

What Is Seller Feedback?

Replying To Positive Seller Feedback

Dealing With Negative Seller Feedback

Manually Shipping Out FBA Units

Creating Removal Orders

Locating Past Orders

Finding Customer Phone Numbers

Confirming FBM orders

Cancelling FBM orders

Refunding Orders

Finding Out The Real Name Of A Reviewer

Find Shipping Tracking Numbers For Orders Placed

Finding Star Review Rating

Finding Best Sellers Rank

Checking Keyword Position

Gathering Sales Data

Finding Payment Information

Finding Different Types Of Transaction Information

Finding Sponsored Ads Invoices

Getting Long Term Storage Fee Data

Buy Box Occupancy

Gathering FBM Order Data

Gathering FBA Order Data

Finding Return Reports

Tracking Conversion Metrics

Get Reimbursed For Missing Damaged Inventory Adjustments

What Is A Discount Code Or Promotion?

Manage Promotion Product Selection

Creating A Money Off Promotion

Creating A Money Off Cross Promotion

Creating A FBM External Benefit Promotion

Creating A Buy One Get One Free Promotion

Creating A FBM Free Shipping Promotion

Setting Up One Time Use Codes

Reserving Inventory

Getting Promotion Records

Creating A Giveaway Promotion

What is a Display Precedence

Where External Benefit Text Shows

What Are Sponsored Ads?

Setting Up A Campaign

Fine Tuning Your Campaigns

Fine Tuning Your Campaigns

Ensuring Your Product Is Not Seen For Certain Keyterms

Set Up Headline Search Ads

Changing The Price Of A Listing

Check Buy Box Occupancy

Creating A New Product Listing

Filling Out Listing Information On the Web Interface

What Is A Flat File?

How To Download A Listing Flat File Template

How To Upload Any Type Of Flat File

Filling Out An Inventory Flat File

Create A Parent/Child Relationship In A Flat File

Adding Variations To A Listing Using The Web Interface

Deleting Listings To Get Them Back To Normal

Notes On UPCs

Finding Item Type Key Words

Add An FBM Selling Condition To An FBM Product & Visa Versa

Inputting Key Words For A Listing

Notes On Images

Add Shipping Delays For FBM Units

Restricting Units Ordered To A Maximum Number

What Is And How To Use Subscribe & Save?

Reporting Intellectual Property Infringements

Setting Up Subscribe & Save On Listings

Where External Benefit Text Shows

Excluding Products From FBA Export

Sending In FBA Inventory

Downloading Amazon FNSKU Barcodes For Each Unit

Downloading A Shipping Label

Send Shipments To Only One FBA Warehouse

Tracking The Shipments

Checking Units Recevied

Checking How Many Units Are In FBA

Changing FBM Units Available

How To Download FNSKU Labels

Increase FBA Storage Limits

Sell In Up To 26 European Countries With FBA Export

Brand Registry Requirements

Set UP Login With Amazon & Amazon Pay

Creating An Amazon Store

Curriculum note: These modules are not a “how to” for sales or systems outside of Amazon like sourcing products. They ARE a “how to” on using each of systems and features in SellerCentral and Amazon.

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Save almost 50% on the full curriculum when you purchase the entire package of 9 training modules.

When implemented, these courses pay for themselves in the freedom they create for you. Set your Amazon store up for optimization and save yourself the hassle of creating trainings. Invest in our specialized Amazon Selling Training curriculum now.

Our Guarantee

If you're not happy, we'll give your money back.

Feeling ripped off is the worst. We hate it and so do you. So, if you're not happy with the training for any reason, just ask us for a refund and we'll give it to you. Just contact our support team and they'll take care of you.

Limited to 60 days from your purchase. That's fair.

This course is for EVERY Filipino worker, not just newbies.

You think, “But I just hired/will hire an Amazon expert with They already know everything I want them to do, so they don’t need this course.”


This course solves the #1 problem employers face with Filipino workers:
The Disappearing Filipino Worker...

Trust is the most important aspect of your outsourcing relationship.

Quality training and good communication creates trust with your worker; trust that you're going to be ok with their work, trust that you're not going to fire them if they make a mistake, trust that you're willing to invest in the relationship with them, trust that you'll be there when they don't know something.

Whether they're a beginner or an expert, providing them great training builds their trust and gives them confidence that you're:

Willing to support them in their job
Willing to help them grow and learn
Willing to work with them as they try things
Knowledgeable yourself in running the business
Going to invest in the relationship

AND it's not until they trust you that they will start going above and beyond, start doing more than you ask and become rock star workers.

Take advantage of this premium, hands-off training for YOUR FILIPINO WORKERS

All you have to do is purchase the Seller Central course and pass it off to your VA.
Then watch the magic happen.

Giving your workers quality training builds the TRUST you
need to prevent the “Disappearing Filipino” problem.

The Disappearing Filipino Worker Defined:

Filipino workers tend to get embarrassed and intimidated if they feel like their work is not good enough or if they don’t understand your expectations and instructions. As a result, rather than face you and deal with your disappointment, they stop responding and disappear. This can cause havoc in your business and cost you time and money.

How Academy Solves
“The Disappearing Filipino Worker” Problem:

Filipino workers (even the experts) are hesitant to do things you haven't specifically instructed them to do. Or, if you ask them to do something but don't give them training, they worry they're going to do it wrong and disappoint you.
But great training can change everything.

Quality Training

Quality Training



Dedicated Rockstar Worker AND Minimal Chance of Disappearing partnered with lead experts in Amazon Selling to create a training course that teaches your workers the many features and systems of Amazon Seller Central and how to manage them. The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger.

Just buy the course and give it directly to your Filipino workers. It’s designed for all Filipino workers - Amazon newbies and experts alike.