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Look at Profiles

Look at Profiles

Just see what's out there. It might surprise you.

Search for a skill you're looking for and get an idea of the talent you can find. Look at how much they're asking to make. Look at their education and experience. You're just looking to get a feel for what exists. If you really like what you're finding, save some of the profiles to contact later.


Now is a good time to upgrade for instant job post approval.

Post a Job

Post a Job

When you've gotten a good idea of the skills you can find, post a job and let potential hires apply and come to you.

Post a job now. It doesn't have to be something spectacular.


Before interviewing workers who apply to your job you must upgrade. You won't be able to communicate with workers, see worker contact info, or interview workers until you've upgraded.



There are lots of ways to interview. Some create complicated systems.

I keep it simple and do it all via email. Unless you're hiring a lot, keep it simple. Don't create extra work for yourself stressing about hiring systems. Just ask lots of questions, pay attention to your gut, and give it a try.

Post a Job

Hire Someone

Go ahead. Try it. You don't need to worry about a contract or an NDA. They are foreign contractors so you don't need to worry about payroll taxes. Just tell them how much you expect them to work and give them instructions for their first task.


Who To Hire First?

How to Pay Your Virtual Workers
The Safe Way

Here at we strongly recommend that you use
our FREE payment tool:


The Easiest way to pay workers in the Philippines

EasyPay is a FREE tool provided to employers and workers on It’s safe, secure, and allows employers to easily track all of their payments. Filipino workers on our site love it too, thanks to its fast transfers directly to their bank account.

If you prefer the traditional method of payment, like using Paypal, you can notify workers of this payment method through your job post or during your interviews.

“Should I pay my workers weekly? Monthly? Every 2 weeks?”

The payout entirely depends on your agreement with your Filipino virtual worker. But generally speaking, it’s ideal to pay weekly for part-time jobs, monthly or bi-weekly for full-time jobs, and 50% down payment for one-off freelance jobs.


While offers tons of profile features that help you objectively evaluate a candidate's skill, knowledge, and reliability. It's best that you know the mindset and approach so you're 100% confident with your hire/

If you want to learn how to get hiring done right the first time then join the One VA Away Challenge today.

The most common characteristic we see for when people are ready to start outsourcing is they have a process or task in their business that they know how to do and can teach it to someone else.

Whether you're doing everything in your business, or maybe you're not even getting to everything because there's too much to do, you're ready to hire a VA when you can teach them to do something for you.

The best thing to outsource is something that's taking up your time and which someone else can do as well (or almost as well) as you can. Often this is social media marketing, generating leads, customer support, design, handling incoming inquiries, video editing, transcription, SEO, or any of dozens of other areas of business.

That's the exact reason you need to do it. If you don't, how are you ever going to have time???

Hiring a VA is the best way we know of to get some tasks off your plate and get some time back. For us, it's almost like buying time.

Really, it's not very different than having an employee in your office. Often, it's safer. A remote employee doesn't have physical access to your computer or your drawers. They only have access to what you explicitly give them access to.

Plus, the culture of the Philippines lends itself to more security. Generally, Filipinos don't want to steal from you. They're not interested in taking your data and selling it. They just want a job and to do good work for you so they can support their families.

Don't take risks you can't afford to lose on, but you'll figure out pretty quickly where you can trust someone.

The same thing as if you hired them locally. You bring them up to speed on what they'll be doing. You provide them training. You give them the access and credentials they need to start doing the work. You set expectations for the first task and for daily reporting. Then you start the process of working together.

It totally depends on you.

For communication we use Basecamp, email, and Slack.

For payments, we use EasyPay and Paypal.

It depends on how well constructed your post is. Generally job posts get dozens of responses. Often they'll get hundreds. With over 2,000,000 workers on, you'll almost always get some really talented people applying to your job.

You can do either one.

The Filipinos almost always prefer long-term (like full-time or part-time, salaried rather than hourly). But employers do whatever works for them.

Here at we almost always hire long-term. It just works better that way.

First you need to interview them. You can start the conversation with a worker either by contacting them via their profile, or by them applying to your job post.

After interviewing them, hiring is on your terms. Usually I just say "Ok, I'd like to hire you. Here's my offer and my terms of employment: ... When can you start?"

If you want detailed help with this, check out

Unless you're in Australia (most of Australia is in the same timezone as the Philippines) you'll find that your VA's work while you sleep. For us, it's awesome getting work done while we sleep. Usually you'll find that a couple hours of their work day will overlap with a couple hours of yours (either in the evening or the morning).

You can hire someone to work the night shift so they work on your time. Just be careful with this as night shifts are hard. It's a lot easier if the VA is already accustomed to it.

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“I posted two jobs for hiring 3 VA’s and got 285 applications in the last 24 hours.” — Dennis Yu

“I was able to hire two VAs who are currently with me. They really did revolutionize the game and made managing my business easier.” — Travis Marziani

“I hired an amazing virtual assistant/ web designer and she works for me about 25 hrs per week. Fantastic and professional employees with English better than people I've hired in Canada.” — Adina Zaiontz

“I currently have 3 AMAZING VAs. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Just like any job, there are good and some that are not so good candidates. It's a process but once you find the right one, your working life will never be the same.” — Brigitte Benge

“I hired my first VA almost 2 years ago. Best worker ever! Thanks!” — Jeanette Paine Stein

“The virtual assistants I hired have just been the best I found anywhere. They are highly experienced. They are highly trained. I don’t have to do much training to onboard them at all.” — Paul Lipsky

“I hired Coach Bem through this and HE IS A KILLER EMPLOYEE! Absolutely hardworking, gets the job done on time, and has even made suggestions to my work that has caused me to increase sales.” — Shawn Quintero

“I’ve got several VAs that work with me and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to run my businesses or scale them. So I very much appreciate the work that they do.” — Sarah Crisp

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Post a Job now!

Post a Job now!

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Real Results from Real Users

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