In 44 minutes you'll learn how John lives the 4 Hour Workweek.

Actually, he calls it the 17 hour workweek.

You'll also learn:

How to recruit Rockstar workers

How to create Rockstar workers

Why the Philippines is different than anywhere else in the world

How John got to 4 hours per week

What Filipino workers can do for you

How to avoid "The Disappearing Filipino"

The #1 problem you'll run into with outsourcing to the Philippines (and how to solve it)

The #2 problem you'll find.

The 13th month - what it is and how to deal with it

Why you SHOULD NOT interview them on Skype

Why hiring contract workers is a bad idea

How to pay your workers

Full-time vs part-time vs Freelancers - there's a huge difference

Your first steps towards the 4hww

The most specific goal when hiring your first person

How John implements everything he learns

How to avoid information overload and assign tasks to others

Loyalty makes all the difference

Why Filipinos not being entrepreneurial is important to you

Specific emails to send when recruiting

Johns recruiting process for finding the best workers

Why you should NOT shortlist candidates

What questions to ask in your daily communication

Why you shouldn't use a time tracker

How to handle wages and raises

What software to use to create training

PTO and Holidays

Personal experiences and stories about why this is different than anything you've experienced in the past.

This will teach you to create freedom in your life.