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BS in Aviation Technology

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November 20th, 2023 (11 days ago)

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November 13th, 2019

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???? In the last 2 years, I've helped multiple 6 figure Amazon businesses to take control of their Amazon Advertising and reach long-term profit.
????????? I have worked with Amazon sellers all over the world in a vast variety of markets, to boost sales and cut wasted ad Upgrade to see actual info addition to my deep understanding of Amazon PPC, I’m an expert at collecting and analyzing data and will use it to your advantage.
???? I am your A+ Tier PPC Manager who can help you and your business grow, organize, and on track. I help Amazon FBA seller win back their emotions and continue the journey of their entrepreneurship by means of proper Keyword Researching and Listing Optimization, PPC management, Auditing, And creating High Win Rate Strategies.
?What I offer?
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• A wizard of advertising who knows how to turn clicks into cash. With my data-driven insights and creative flair, I create captivating campaigns that effortlessly boost sales.
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• An expert in boosting your product's visibility and sales on the Amazon platform. I weave my magic through data-driven strategies and keyword sorcery to optimize your listings and attract customers like never before.
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• Let's set up and optimize strategic campaigns. Together, we'll unlock your brand's full potential and conquer the digital realm. Let's dive in and achieve greatness!
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• I'll find the perfect keywords to make your brand shine and dominate the Upgrade to see actual info high or low keywords tier can hide froUpgrade to see actual info!
???? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????
• I will help you list hundreds or thousands of your products in one go! Let's utilize flat files, and work smart, and efficiently!
???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????
• Sudden change in sales velocity? lost of buy box? Maybe you got some hijackers and you're not kicking them out on your listing!
???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????
• I'll ensure your shelves are stocked, profits soar, and operations run smoothly. Let's collaborate and make inventory management a breeze!
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• Wanna make sure your new product is gonna be accepted by the market? Want to know what is your competitor doing that you don't? Or you just wanna know how much your projected sales/market revenue share will be? You came to the right person then!
I manage every aspect of your Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. I handle everything from setup to ongoing optimization so that you can dedicate your time to other areas of your business.
My proficiency and knowledge of the Amazon world will give you the peace of mind to be as hands-off as you need to be with your Amazon Advertising needs, so you can focus on the pieces of your business only you can manage. I will take control of the things I do best and will bring you in on the conversation often so you never have to wonder how your ad dollars are being spent, or why your investment is worth it.
Are you ready to take your Amazon Advertising to the next level?

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Top Skills

Marketing » Copywriting

Marketing » Content Creation » Ghost Writing

Marketing » Content Creation » Creative Writing

Other Skills

Customer Support

Advertising » Amazon Ads

Marketing » Content Creation » Blogging

Video Editing

Customer Support » Phone Support

Marketing » Content Creation » Proofreading

Marketing » Content Creation » Microblog Content Writing

Marketing » Content Creation » Technical Writing

Customer Support » Social Media Moderation

Customer Support » Email Support

Customer Support » Technical Support

Marketing » Content Creation » eBook Writing

Basic Information

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Angeles, Pampanga
Tests Taken
Score:  120
Dominance: 33%
Influence: 31%
Steadiness: 21%
Compliance: 14%
B2(Upper Intermediate)
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