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September 13th, 2023 (79 days ago)

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June 20th, 2012

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Welcome to my Profile!

So you looking to hire someone who will work on your project? 
Ok, I am not going to tell you I am the BEST service provider you can find, but I know I always do MY BEST in every job I work on.
Let me tell you a story.

I am a Civil Engineering graduate in University of Perpetual Help Rizal in 2002. I took the board in November and luckily passed it.  For more than a year I didn't find work, but eventually, I had been hired for the first time by a local Developer Company, that is the Camella Upgrade to see actual info was a good job, and I was working with former Top notchers students and board placers. I didn't know why I belonged to the company, but heck I just do it for the money. 

The schedule was stiff, and I have to work in a remote site almost 4 hours travel from our Upgrade to see actual info was somewhat not my type of job so eventually, I resigned and look for other opportunities. After that, I didn't have a job that takes a lot of hours away from my life to last more than a year. I was looking for an opportunity to earn money but still be free to go anywhere and anytime.
I have been thinking of an idea of earning money from home or have a job I can work with on my convenient schedule. Ever since 2005, I was searching. And that landed me into oDesk, and now know as Upwork.

I got several jobs here, and the ones that I really loved. I was really passionate about Computer graphics, Video editing, Graphic Design, 3D modeling, Animation, and other tech stuff.  I learned mostly by self-study and got projects, not only here in Upwork, but also from local companies and production houses. This got me to places where I want and felt that I am not working, because I love what I do.

 I worked as a freelance graphic designer in a local production house working on all sorts of design and media. Tarpaulin, print ads, company profiles and then eventually jumped into video editing and motion graphics. I have already work for 3 different production houses in almost 13 years. Some are for an Advertising agency and other for TV broadcast. I have learned a lot and still learning more.
I am now on Internet Marketing and had been working on my web development skills. I am also aware of the online business models like email marketing, affiliate marketing, niche site development, social media marketing and many to Upgrade to see actual info fact, I am trying to build my own.

Thank you for reading my story, and I hope you get a picture of me and all of my capabilities. I have not been active here on Upwork ever since 2010, I think. And now, I am trying it again. Because this time I am aiming to do everything ONLINE. 
I would love to work with you, I will you give me your trust, I will give you the best of my ability. And I may not be the best provider, I can assure you that I will be an asset to your company.


GRAPHIC DESIGNER - I had projects from local companies wherein I work on  print designs, logo designs, tarpaulin, company profiles, print ads, everything done in an advertising agency. For online clients, I have a few here on Upwork and some on other freelancing sites. I worked on Logo design, Banner Ads, Company Profile for print,  T-shirt Design. I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

VIDEO EDITING - Much of my work revolves around video editing. I have edited TV programs for a local TV channel. Fast paced style of editing mostly but I do also side hustles of corporate style editing. I also got some online jobs of editing for mostly with educational video style and some product presentation. Video format for usually is for web distribution, H.264I use Adobe Premiere for Video editing

MOTION GRAPHICS - This one is one of my favorites. I have done a lot of logo animations, kinetic typographies,  bumpers screen overlays, etc. Mostly from local production houses and some the online projects. I do a lot of visual effects and motion graphics through compositing. This is by using over-laying files from other applications and applying effects and animation of different kinds to create cool visual effects. I use Adobe After Effects for Motion Graphics.

3D MODELING AND ANIMATION - I am not a solid character modeling and animator but I do use 3D modeling for project visualization. I had one project in 3D animation but only on the Conceptualization stage. This is the most complex 3D project I have Upgrade to see actual info's a character modeling and animation presentation with compositing and visual effects. I use Cinema4D for 3D modeling and animation.

WORDPRESS DEVELOPMENT - This is my skill I am working on. I am building my own site in WordPress. Though I had a couple of web development projects also for small local companies those are only for simple setup. I can do Installation, website transfer, domain transfer, on-page SEO, plugin installation, PHP and CSS code tweaking and more to come.

Thank you for reading this very long profile overview. And I hope to be working with you soon.

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Marketing » Youtube Marketing

Experience: 5 - 10 years

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