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December 5th, 2023 (5 days ago)

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June 12th, 2019

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Hey there, my lovely future client! *I’m manifesting it as early as now*

Let me get this straight. My mind is racing right now because I’m trying to come up with something witty or quirky as an intro to my sales pitch.
It feels as if it’s gonna explode with so many thoughts on how to get your attention. But I figured I’d go all-in on transparency, because hey, transparency is the next big thing since honesty.

I’ll leave my persuasion prowess to the actual client copy work. ;p 

I’m Upgrade to see actual info, a direct response funnel copywriter who writes sales copy for a living, and an OBM (Online Business Manager) as Upgrade to see actual infot sure if your business needs that too, but you know what they say, it’s better to have it when you don’t need it, than don’t have it when the need arises.

Oh, right. This is the part where I’m selling myself.

Here are a few things to consider why you should pick me to write copy for your business…

I focus on bridging trust and connection between my clients and their customers through emotion-piercing copy. I treat their business as if it’s mine. Their wins are my wins, and their losses are mine too. So, I always do my best and give them my 110%I have been a digital marketer for over three years. What that means is I have an in-depth understanding of how a mere observer walks in the customer journey, and convert them into paying customers. I HATE not getting the best bang for my buck. So, I always put myself in my client’s shoes and visualize the best way to give them the value they paid for

If those four things didn’t impress you, again, I’m a certified OBM and a funnel copywriter that knows how to write:

Opt-in pages
ContentFacebook ads
Google adwords
Sales pages
Sales letters

Those two alone should be a deal-maker because let’s face Upgrade to see actual info’s not every day you come across an outstanding profile like mine.

Before ending the pleasantries, I’ll make this quick.

I could add a hundred more things to the list of why you should hire me, but I won’t be able to show you what I can do if I don’t know what types of copy you need.

So, why don’t we go ahead and hop on a call together and see if we’re a perfect fit?

Top Skills

Customer Support » Phone Support » English Speaking

Marketing » Social Media Management » Social Media Marketing

Marketing » Social Media Management » Instagram marketing

Advertising » Facebook Ads

Other Skills

Marketing » Content Creation » Proofreading


Marketing » Social Media Management » Facebook marketing

Advertising » Creative Advertising

Office and Administration » Transcription

Marketing » Copywriting

Advertising » Amazon Ads

Office and Administration » Personal Assistant

Customer Support » Email Support

Customer Support » Forum/Community Moderation

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Not Specified
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Valenzuela City
Tests Taken
Score:  125
Dominance: 26
Influence: 18
Steadiness: 30
Compliance: 26
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