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Hiring a direct response copywriter that actually brings results is like finding a needle in a vast desert.

There’s always the challenge of finding someone who…

- Embraces the science behind selling through words

- Understands the structure of an effective funnel 

- Charges reasonably

And most importantly, someone who you can trust with your time and resources!

Now, if you’re tired of looking for a reliable copywriter who has the direct response chops...

Then I’m more than happy to say that you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Jon. I help digital businesses and e-commerce stores boost opt-ins and sales through conversion-focused funnel copywriting.

Just like you, I also believe in the power of words in selling and marketing;

Specifically, direct response copywriting is all about making people take action and driving skyrocketing revenue.

And that’s exactly what I’m about.

Direct response funnel copywriting is my middle name and delivering astounding value to your business is my game.

I know it’s easier said than done so allow me to give you reasons why you would want to consider picking me over thousands of copywriters around the globe.

1. Writing copy is more than just a ‘task’. It’s my passion and what I do best.

From writing copy that supplements sales funnels to audience persuasion…

I love studying everything about direct response!

In fact, I’m constantly investing time and money in learning this skill through courses, books, and daily practice to hone my skills consistently.

So I can deliver what clients want to have — astonishing results.

2. You’ll have more time to scale your business while I fill your bank account with moolah through my kickass copy.

Let me take care of all copywriting-related tasks for you so you can focus more on the other crucial aspects of your business.

Or you could also spend your precious time creating fun memories with your family.

The choice is up to you. Either way, there’s so much to gain and nothing to lose.

3. I don’t write what I just want to write. (duh!)

Instead, I write what you actually need — copy that resonates with your target market.

That's why I always back my copy up with deep-dive market research to better understand your clients’ audience.

Remember, as every legendary marketer says: "Selling to everyone is selling to no one."

Now that you’ve known some handy facts about me, how about we talk more about how we can work together to achieve your business goals with my process?

After all, that’s why you’re here in VirtualStaff PH — to put an end to the search for “Your Next Copywriter”.

That said, let me introduce my top-notch work ethic and copywriting process:


Turn prospects into paying customers with optimized copy that resonate with your target audiences.


Connect with your market on a deeper level by understanding their desires and pain points.


Increase your conversion rates through a sales funnel that drives customers into taking action.

If you’re reading up to this point, I want to let you know one important thing and that is I take clients like you seriously.

I will ask questions about your process and how you do things.

We're also going to communicate regularly to test out stuff and look for areas for improvement in your marketing campaigns.

The only thing I'd want is for your business to reach the heights of success.

With all that being said, I assume you’ve made a decision already.


I could go on all day trying to persuade and convince you to hire me.

Or heck you could read the same vanilla pitch that my competitors sent you.

But that won’t make your sales grow and we both know that each passing minute equals money down the drain.

What I do know is that when you send me a message, it’s going to be one of the game-changer decisions you’ll ever make!

So if you’re interested in working with a reliable copywriter who knows how to write high-converting sales copy...

Shoot me an email now and I’d love to talk to you. :)

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Marketing » Copywriting

Real Estate » Lead Generation

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