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Executive Assistant, Property Manager, Real Estate Operation

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Php 80,000.00/month
( $1,462 USD )
Bachelors degree
40 hrs/wk
( $8.45 USD/hr )
I have a total of 11 years of experience working on the phone with different people. I had 7 years plus experience as a Call Center Agent doing outbound calls and 3 years plus experience as a Virtual Assistant.
Lapu-Lapu , Cebu
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Score:  125


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November 30th, 2022 (3 days ago)
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October 18th, 2018

I am Upgrade to see actual info. A self motivated professional that thrives on innovation and overcoming challenges, learning new skills, and encouraging growth in those around me. 

When my client wins, I win.

Let's chat on how I can level up your business.

Please see below my expertise:

Executive Assistant
• Organized the Team's file by using different platforms like Trello ,Asana or Google Drive.
• Scheduled appointments of the owner using Google Calendar or Calendly
• Handled the other Virtual Assistants and addressed their concerns
• Coordinated with different vendors of the platforms used by the business by calling them and asking for quotes or about any inquiries and then paid the invoices.
• Filled out and sent documents or contracts using Dotloop or DocuSign

Property Manager
• Managed rental properties in Tampa. Daytona Beach had 10 units , St. Petersburg had 12 units, Tampa had 2 units, Clearwater  had 1 unit.
• Responsible in screening and looking for qualified tenants
• Listed the rental properties for lease using Zillow, Upgrade to see actual info, Craigslist , Facebook Groups and Facebook Marketplace
• Screened the tenants by getting their credit score, calling their employers and checking the background or previous landlord
• Used Upgrade to see actual info, Cozy, RentRedi to collect the tenants rental payments, get maintenance requests and notify them when it's the 5th of the month.
• Called the tenants if they haven't paid the rent
• Called vendors to fixed the tenants maintenance requests. I asked for quotes then had them approved and then paid the invoices
.• Coordinated all the concerns of the tenants and then informed the client about it.
• Sent Profit and Loss Statements every end of the Month.• Sent Weekly Reports to the clients

Real Estate Operations Manager
• Set up the workflow automations of the CRM used. For example, Freedomsoft, ReiRail. Also very familiar with other CRMS, for example, KVCore, Xencall,  Podio, Investor Fuse, Zoho.
• Organized the business files using Google Excel Sheets and Docs then saved them specifically in a folder using Google Drive
• Made phone calls to different vendors we used especially when we had concerns. For example, Mojo ReiSkip, SkipForce
• Trained other Virtual Assistants especially in making out of the blue calls to the sellers
• Multitasked jobs by calling also sellers and doing admin tasks at the same time
• Scrubbed and skip traced records using different platforms using ReiSkip, SkipForce, TruepeopleSearch or Whitepages
• Checked the comps and pulled out lists using Propstream
• Made different contracts. For example, Purchase Agreements, Assignment Agreement, Addendums
• Sent out Purchased Agreements to the homeowners or other contracts that via Dotloop or Docusign
• Looked for buyers by posting it on different Social Media Platforms. For example, Facebook Groups, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram or Titktok
• Built Cash Buyers List
• Coordinated with Different Title Companies to create orders for the Upgrade to see actual infont out needed documents and scheduled closing dates.
• Text and Email blasted as one of our marketing strategies to look for buyers and sellers

Disposition Manager
• Did a Joint Venture with other investors to disposition the properties they have under contract.
• Looked for their buyers.
• Screened the cash buyers prior to scheduling a walkthrough to make sure that it's a real one by asking for a copy of the Proof of Funds
• Scheduled a walkthrough to the property
• Helped the wholesaler by asking the buyer the needed documents required by the Title Company
• Informed the buyer first to send the EMD so the deal will be locked up to them
• Created the Joint Venture Agreement between our company and the other wholesale
r• Followed up at the Title Company until the fees will be dispersed.

Social Media Manager
• Created contents or posts
• Scheduled the posts
 • Responded, replied or liked the comments
• Created Facebook Ads. Reached out to influencers or buyers.
• Planned on what campaigns to create in order to attract customers or boost followers to create sales/more sales.

Rate is negotiable dependent on the business needs.

  • Admin Assistant
  • Excel
  • Quality Assurance
  • Recruitment Assistant
  • Research
  • Transcription
  • Travel Planning

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
  • Admin Assistant
  • Email Management
  • Event Planner
  • Excel
  • Human Resource Management
  • Personal Assistant
  • Project Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance
  • Recruitment Assistant
  • Research
  • Transcription
  • Travel Planning

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