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November 18th, 2023 (97 days ago)

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July 23rd, 2018

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My Amazon Advertising Management has helped my clients achieve an average 105% YoY PPC Profit Growth from top agencies I’ve worked with like Canopy Management, Ad Badger, My Amazon Guy, and Junglr LLC, Almost 6 years of Amazon PPC experience.

My clients are 6-8 figure Amazon FBA sellers in different categories, and I help them dominate their niches. Some of their quotes that I love:

> "We’ve only been working together for 1 month. I have worked with previous ad companies who insist on a 3-month minimum contract because it takes that long to make a Upgrade to see actual infot with Upgrade to see actual info. I started to see significant improvement on WEEK 1. At the end of the first month, I am over 50% up on the previous month and a whopping 230% up on the same period last year!"

>“These are great numbers, and I want to high-five you for the amazing work you are doing!”

>"You’re a wizard! You just helped us reach our BEST SALES MONTH EVER!"

My clients have avoided losing their advertising dollars by 25%-53% helping them improve their TACOS by at LEAST 7% of overall sales..

I cannot help everybody, but we may be a great fit if you are thinking:

> "There are millions on the line and I want the BEST"? "I know how to run my business, but maybe I'm too close to it"
> "I'm NOT an ads expert, and I don't have time to mess around with Amazon PPC!"
> "The last freelancer I had cost us a lot with little to no results - I don't want that EVER again"
> "Our PPC needs have changed since we started!"
> "I need an experienced Amazon Advertising Expert that I KNOW 100% will manage our company’s campaign THE RIGHT WAY"
I focus on a structured account that helps us scale your advertising and save time.

Working with me, you will
> Stop struggling with Amazon Ads - we handle the Bid, Keyword and Campaign Optimization, Budget Optimization, Expansion / Creation of PPC Campaigns, Maintaining PPC to Your business Goals, Weekly Meetings & KPI REPORTING, & Course Correction
> Put your best foot forward on other parts of your Amazon FBA business.
> Do not do guesswork and be emotional when making changes to your campaigns.
> Work with an experienced Amazon Expert that understands what it takes to grow your business no matter what stage you are in....and even save money and put more dollars in your pocket along the way.

Not every business is my client, though. Some signs we might not be a good fit include: 

>The company is struggling to pay salaries - can’t do that in good conscience.
> Not in it for the long run + Loves instant gratification.
> ”Respect for others” is not a core value - I love working with awesome people we respect

About me:

BRILLIANCE AND RESULTS above all things: Excellent work, on time, every time. We only take on projects we are certain we can knock out of the park.

What I look for in a new client:
> Open mind, relaxed attitude
> Values integrity & relationships
> Focused on improving, lets their actions speak louder than words
> Knows our minimum scope, and wants the BEST

Sound like a fit? Next steps:
> Message me here on
> Write me a personalized note, including why you think we’re a good fit to work together in your message.

Competitive research, Keyword research, Setting goals and KPIs, Creating a schedule for product & campaign priorities, Catalog coverage, Bid, Keyword & Campaign Optimization, Budget Optimization, Expansion / Creation of PPC Campaigns, Maintaining PPC to Your business goals, Weekly Meetings & KPI REPORTING

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Advertising » Amazon Ads

Office and Administration » Microsoft Excel

Office and Administration » Data Entry

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Accounting » Bookkeeping


Customer Support » Phone Support » English Speaking

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