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I'll give you $100 for 30 mins of your time if you're a direct response marketing agency owner.

In these 30 minutes, we'll chat about how I can help you make more money with your current funnels/offers.

Now, I'm not just a copywriter.

You don't partner me with just to get a Google doc.

You partner with me because I can find leaks in your funnel and help you fix them.

By doing that, you can get tens of thousands of dollars that you might be losing right now.

So, if you run a successful 7 figure media buying agency let's chat.

The least you could gain is $100 for 30 minutes of your time.

And the most - well, who knows, probably millions.

My retainer starts at $2,000.

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Below are answers to F.A.Q.s I usually get from account managers, HRs, etc.


Describe your approach to conducting market research for products and how you integrate your findings into your copywriting process. How do you ensure that your copy resonates with the target audience and effectively communicates the value proposition of the product or service?


Most clients think that they're PRODUCTS or SERVICES are perceived in a "certain" way by their target audience.


Liver Supplements:
Clients perceive their supplement to lower "HDL-cholesterol levels" of people who have Fatty Liver. They think that their target audience perceives their product in this way.

The target audience, if you ASK them, they'll say: 

"Oh... I take this liver supplement because, unlike the other liver supplements I took, this one doesn't give me diarrhea."

If you take a look at the liver supplement's ingredients, you'll see that it doesn't contain "Artichoke" which is one of the most common/popular ingredients when it comes to liver supplements and one that's heavily advertised.

Do a little research and you'll find out that artichoke may cause diarrhea in liver supplement consumers.

Now... with this information at my disposal...

I can turn a product's weakness (does not contain a popular liver aid ingredient) into a strength.

"This liver supplement does not contain a diarrhea-inducing ingredient!"

And it starts by researching how a consumer REALLY perceives my client's products.

Eugene Schwartz said it best:

“You don't get an idea or a headline. You dig it out of the market research. You wring it out of your product. You read. You listen. You experiment. The creativity is not in you. It's in your market. It's in your prospects. It's in your product. All you're doing is joining the two together."


Direct response copywriting is essential for driving conversions. How do you craft compelling copy that prompts action from the audience? Can you share insights into your strategy for maximizing engagement and conversion rates through your copywriting?


It starts by developing the product or the service's "Big Idea" or the "Core Marketing Message" that you will be promoting.

The main goal of the Big Idea is to make the solution you're offering appear:

1. Sexy/Appealing

2. Different from your competitors

3. Not a generic solution

4. A “Cheat Code” or a “Shortcut” that’s ready to be exploited by your Ideal Client Avatar (I.C.A.)

5. Can bring big results in a relatively short amount of time.

Most importantly, the Big Idea will help your marketing message cut through the noise and help stand out from your competitors.

In a Nutshell, a Big Idea is this:

"There's a Loophole Way To Get What You Desire And This Proprietary Method Is Specifically Designed and is the Most Efficient Way To Exploit That Loophole."

The Big Idea In Action:

P90-X used this marketing formula to build their $700 million empire:
"Avoiding the plateau effect is the key to building muscle and its attainable only through the P90-X “muscle confusion”

Source: Upgrade to see actual info

BUT it doesn't end with the Big Idea.

Because after developing the Big Idea, you need to answer the 10 objections that the target audience will have in order to prove your argument.

Oh... and you should answer those 10 questions linearly. Here are the first 3 objections:

#1 How is this product/service different from every other product/service out there?

#2 W.I.I.F.M.?

#3 How do I know this is real?

With that said, here's my message to you:

"Using Agora Financial's (Best Copywriters In The World) Method Of Copywriting Will Blow Your Client's Competitors Out Of The Water And I Just Happen To Be A Disciple Of Former Agora Financial Copywriters (Evaldo Albuquerque, Kyle Milligan, etc)."


Copywriting often involves multiple iterations and edits to optimize effectiveness.

How do you approach revising and refining copy based on feedback and performance metrics? Can you provide examples of how you've improved copy through iterative processes?


Having a "Big Idea" or a core marketing message in place puts you in a position to make BIG SWINGS.

Here's an example of a revision you're familiar with:

Changing “How To Grow Big Tomatoes” 


“How To Grow Monster-Sized, Juicy, Red Tomatoes”.

How much of a difference do you think adding adjectives to copy will make?

Sure, adding adjectives makes the idea behind the copy better. 

But because the idea behind the copy is still the same, you can't expect the swings to be huge either.

Most probably, it'll just be ROAS 1:2.5 to ROAS 1:3.2

Changing the Big Idea on the other hand can potentially give you ROAS 1:2 to ROAS 1:8 1:7 type of swings.

Here's an example:

Video Ad Number 1: Upgrade to see actual info (I did NOT write the script for this!)

Video Ad Number 2: Upgrade to see actual info

Script I wrote for Video Ad #2: Upgrade to see actual info)

Notice how I applied the Big Idea in Video Ad #2?

That's how you make edits.

That's how you optimize!

Adding/changing adjectives in copy is NOT an efficient way to optimize effectiveness.


What aspects of marketing and persuasion intrigue you the most, and how do you incorporate these interests into your copywriting? Share any relevant experiences or insights that demonstrate your passion for writing persuasive and impactful copy.


I just LOVE the Big Idea process.

Here's another example of my process: Upgrade to see actual info

If you don't have the time to go through that document, here's the TLDR version of my process.

There's this thing called an "Unspoken" mechanism.

I once worked with a Consulting agency that focuses on lead gen and they specializes in SEO.

Before I worked on that account, their core marketing message was simply:

"We will write SEO-optimized content that'll fill your calendar with appointments from sales-qualified clients."

But what they're really doing was focusing on producing Bottom Of The Funnel Content (Price, Issues, Best Contractors, etc.).

So here's how I positioned that Redmond Consulting Client:

Landing Page Copy:

Eyebrow Copy:
Our Proven Method is Only For HONEST Service-Based Contractors Earning $500k/yr

Headline Copy:
Capitalize On Unanswered Local Homeowners’ Questions And You’ll Get Automatic Job Requests!

Deck Copy:
Our methodology is simple: We’ll candidly and strategically answer B.O.F.U. questions of the local homeowners' in your area to amplify your online presence, and instantly build your company's authority which will lead to securing $20k-$40k job requests for your contracting business on automatic— at a fraction of your competitors' ad spend budgets!

If you check this document out, you'll notice that this CANNOT BE DONE if you don't have the passion for it: 
Upgrade to see actual info


What's your main "Learning Diet"? Where or who do you take most of your marketing information & strategies from?


- Ex Agora Financial Copywriters turned gurus.

- Rory Sutherland (vice chairman of the Ogilvy & Mather group of companies).

- Robert Cialdini (wrote the 1984 book on persuasion and marketing, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion).

- Marcus Sheridan - Inbound Marketing God

- Luke Sullivan - Advertising God

- Dave Trott - When it comes to critical thinking, no one touches Dave.


Why do you think you're a good fit for this role?


I'm probably the only applicant with long-form copywriting expertise here.


For you, what specifically would make this the greatest experience ever to work at?


I want you to TRUST me.

You see, because of the color of my skin, clients tend to give biased opinions about my work.

When the truth is, the formulas I used come from copywriters who are infinitely smarter than me.

And because clients haven't heard of these advanced methods, they assume that I just made them all up.

Resulting in me sending them sources and proof of said marketing techniques via links to bookmarked YouTube videos and sometimes, screenshots of books in order to prove the validity of the method I used.

This puts me and the client in an awkward position, and usually, "Cognitive Dissonance" wins. 

By that, I mean that a successful person will often not admit that the argument that this due from the Philippines made is correct and his argument is wrong. And he/she will make up reasons in his mind, usually false reasons, to justify that he/she is in the right.

As long as you trust me and the methods that I'll be using, you'll have an employee who'll go through walls to help you reach your goals.

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Marketing » Copywriting

Experience: 5 - 10 years

Wrote 300+ landing pages and hundreds of VSL transcripts for B2B and E-commerce.

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