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B2B SEO Copywriter l Lead Gen Expert l Sales Detective  

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Written sales copy that has gotten prospects to intellectually engaged in future results that’s good for them; which ultimately got them to emotionally committing to take action to achieve those results.
Hired Full Time on Aug 13, 2019.
Hired Full Time on Apr 4, 2020.
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We will use ads that’ll punch your prospect in the gut to get your business out of obscurity by using the "Sales Detective" method

SEO writers are trained to write content for Google crawler-bots to read with the intention of ranking on Google’s SERP. 

But as powerful as Google is, it still don’t know jack bout how the human mind really works, and what triggers em’ emotionally to take action (like buying your stuff). 

Nor do copywriters without any sales experience. 

Only a trained and seasoned salesman truly knows how a consumer’s mind works. And knows what tactics to use in order to destroy the customers’ 5 levels (M.N.T.T.U.) of sales resistance.

Now imagine having a skilled salesman like that working his magic to thousands of your ideal prospects with your web pages as his platform.

It’ll be like you havin an army Grant Cardones’ pitching and hitting your prospect’s emotional triggers (Fear, Desire, etc) and hot-buttons non-stop.

And will not stop punching em’ in their proverbial gut until they TAKE NOTICE of your business. Done by using copy so dangerously powerful that it’ll make their lizard/caveman brains go:




That’s what a copywriter with extensive sales experience can do for you.

It may be hard to picture your typical used car salesman type writing web copy, and being effective at it. After all, pitching a product/service to a customer face-to-face is different from pitching to a customer via a web-page.

But if these salesmen just took as little as 3-6 weeks to learn how to construct and format a sales letter… they’ll beat any other writer -  be it a gifted writer or Oxford English Professors - when it comes to converting copy into sales. 

That’s because they have a plethora of psychological tricks up their sleazy salesmen sleeves (loss aversion, response block tactics, etc). And have had years applying said Jedi-mind tricks on the most cynical individuals on earth…. consumers.

Therefore making them the perfect candidate to sell your products for you, using your web pages as their mouthpiece.

And did you know the great copywriters (Ogilvy, Halbert, Carlton) used to be salesmen 1st before they ventured into direct response marketing? 

Because simply reading pop-psychology books - like Robert Cialdini’s “Influence” - and attempting to apply its principle to prospects (whom you’ve never met in your life) is one thing. 

Applying it to a real-life living customer (who’s cynical asf!) and doing so for years is another.

And years of this repetition has helped the great copywriters write sales letter as they have witnessed first hand how guarded and cynical a consumer can be. 

For there is no book in the world that can adequately describe the look on a cynical customer’s face when they object to a sales pitch.

A copywriter with sales experience has that frowning customer’s image tattooed on his mind while writing copy, and actively tries to counter it. 

And keeps on punching him in the gut sentence after sentence to try to wake him the U$#@ oe from his zombie-like state of mind.

A copywriter without any sales experience would probably just keep on typing copy… not knowing they already lost the prospect in the 4th sentence. 

Chances are you’ve published content that didn’t convert well. Know that this is One Hundred Percent absolutely NOT YOUR FAULT.

Again, it ISN’T your fault that your copy is not translating into sales/appointments. 

Because though you may be an expert in your field/niche, you’re NOT a writer nor are you a salesman. Just like I’m not a mechanic nor am I a carpenter.

It takes years to develop the art of copywriting. Heck even those great copywriters I mentioned needed time to transition from salesmen to copywriting.  

Really, had you knew the intricacies of copy, you'd be able to produce content that can slap the hell out of your readers. And make em’ finally NOTICE that they do have a problem and YOU HAVE THE SOLUTION for them.

And by producing great copy, I meant hiring a writer with sales experience to create one for you.

Kinda easy to say... but, mathematically hard to do. 

Because odds are… for the price range you’re looking for…

I mean… let’s be real here… 

No US/UK/AUS citizen will accept a monthly retainer fee that’s lower than the price you pay you’d pay a teenage babysitter.

And the only option you’ll be left with are individuals who have no idea about Western Pop Culture. 

It can be difficult to tell a story if you can't reference Cinderella (Rags To Riches). 

John McClane (Simple Guy In An Absurd/Complex Situation). 

Vito Corleone (Making Offers that Can't be Refused). 

And Patrick Swayze (Roundhouse kicking your problems in the face).

And this kryptonite of your foreign writers is one of the main reason why your web copy lacks conviction. 

Had they only spent tens of thousands of hours consuming US/UK pop culture (I did), they would’ve been waaay better at setting up a simple joke that reflects the “confidence” of your company. 

And simply put, a joke or two’s a gateway for someone to “Like Your Brand”.

There’s a reason why salesmen are very likable. They’re using Robert Cialdini’s 4th principle of persuasion… and that’s LIKING. 

No one wants to do business with someone who’s got their head up their ass. 

Ever remember making a purchase from a tight assed salesman with no sense of humor? 

You’ve read your previous copywriters’ copy. Do you think they accomplished making your readers like your company?  

Blame it on the government of your writer’s country of origin. Had those corrupt bastards made the internet accessible for them (It cost a fortune here. And slow asf too!), they could've at least Netflix-ed their way to western pop-culture education.

Now here’s the thing...

If you continue to hire copywriters without sales experience…that also lacks western pop-culture lingo…

You and your business will NOT be noticed (nor shared).

And your business will be stuck in obscurity. 

Or what we marketers call “Digital Purgatory” (Nah… they don’t actually call it that. I just made that up).

Really, the best time for you to have hired a sales experienced copywriter/marketer was eons ago when you were just starting out. 

You would've been drowning in clients' messages/notifications on your Email right bout now.
Hopefully for you, the 2nd best time to hire one is NOW. As in today.

So why not just skip reading this and hit me up on skype [  live:gwheolkye.fnstzsvf.jr  ] NOW!

As you’re reading this, chances are I’m writing for one of my clients. Which means I’m awake. 

So stop reading this copy and let’s get rocking NOW!

Oh…. you have “Objections/Doubts”.

How cynical of you. 

Oh…. How I wish that we live in a world where we can trust people to be honest… tsk… tsk… 

Be it as it may… 

I'm Zebn

I will make your ads be noticed by your prospect and convert them into sales (despite the disgustingly saturated market)….

And I shall accomplish this by applying the “Sales Detective” method that I’ve perfected over the course of 3 yrs working as a Salesman.

I have sold over $1 million worth of appliance store items during my stint as a promoter/merchandiser. 

This was the time where I developed the Sales Detective method. Which I have now incorporated into digital marketing. 

And this a method that will give you an almost unfair advantage over your competitors in your industry.

I have helped my previous clients (as well as my current ones) get their website out of digital purgatory...

and gotten them more sales/appointments then they can even handle. 
Seriously, this actually became a problem for them! 

They found out that they didn’t have enough resources (raw material, customer service, etc) to handle that volume of clients that were coming in that short amount of time.

And you’re just one skype call away from having that same problem.

Below is my portfolio. And on it, I’ve linked the social media handles of my former clients. Feel free to reach out to them so you don’t have to take my word for it.

But, can mere words actually have that kind of effect on a business?? 

And what’s this “Sales Detective” punch prospects in the gut (with words) stuff anyway? ?

Just typing that…  it really sounds like Bull-Feces to be completely honest with you!

But do you want to know what type of person is more cynical than a customer/client? 

A Salesman. 

Being in sales and around fellow salespeople for a loooong time, our B.S. radar is fined tuned to the frequency of sales exaggeration and lies. More so than anyone on the planet.

And this is what makes us such strong salespeople. 

We know the levels of customer resistance. 

And they are Money, Need, Trust, Time and Urgency or “M.N.T.T.U. and we know how to break em’. 

This is all part of the “Sales Detective” method. 

A Sales Detective also knows what questions to ask a prospect. 

We do not anticipate. 

We ask and based on the information the customer will give us, we react accordingly. 

And yes… words can have an impact on your business.

Do you want to know why most entrepreneurs fail?  

They get a great idea for a product or service... They plan their business carefully... They set up a website and wait for the orders to start rolling in...

Guess what happens? 


Most websites are like an Old West ghost town. You can practically see tumbleweeds blowing down the streets. 

What went wrong? 

Nine times out of ten, they’ve lost sight of the fact that the single most important ingredient to their website is the words. 

You can have the coolest spinning, flaming, flashing, morphing graphics on your site and still not sell a dime’s worth of product. 

The reason? 

Words sell. 

The most boring, black-words-on-white-background sales page will outperform a flashy, colorful site every time... with the right words. 

The first place to employ those words is on your web copy. This is the primary selling point of your website. This is where most decisions to buy are made.

Now here’s the process of the Sales Detective method in a nutshell: 

1. Ask questions

I interrogate you without mercy until I understand your offering and your target market. I delve into what your prospects are doing now, why it's causing them pain, and how you can make it all better. After that, putting the two of you together is a lot easier.

2. Work my magic

Now that I know your target market, I get into their mind and write directly to them, and only to them. Each of them lives in a secure castle, fortified against the relentless onslaught of ads and sales pitches. Our goal is to find the right way to approach this castle so that they let down the gate and beg us to come in. Battering rams will only lead to heavier defenses.

3. Revise

You know your audience well. We'll work back and forth to nail down a final version of the copy that we are both convinced is going to engage your audience and drive action.

4. Test

Finally, the rubber is meeting the road! Your page goes live, your email goes out, your post is published, your video is noqpozaj. Jaw we'll see what kind of activity we can generate.

5. Analyze results

We analyze the results and figure out the next steps. Hopefully, we're googling champagne brands to find out what kind of bubbly entertainers and trust fund kids are drinking at VIP tables these days. If not, we figure out what we can improve and reload for the next round.

Sounds a bit like too much work? 

Don’t worry. This is where I want to help you.

I want you to go on a mental vacation… I want you to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that good stuff is still happening even without you there. I can give you that peace. And that is exactly what you’re getting when you hire me.

Now, let me answer some of the questions you might have: 

"Why did you leave your previous company?"

Ans. I didn’t. I loved working with them (B2B, CBD Company). And They loved that their contents were ranking and converting into sales because of rw. Ww's just that they were hit HARD by the lockdown logistically. And weren't able to manufacture their products nor were they able to distribute it to their clients. Hence they were forced to shut down their operations and didn't require my services any longer. Feel free to ask them about me. hwztg://nke.mkbqrmnq.vcl/lr/kbtwrdnrmgyi/ 

"What past project have you had that you liked the most and why?"

Ans. I like working the 3Ms angle. 3Ms being:

Myth - You can create a massive amount of content around this angle. Consumers love myth debunking content. Think "6 Financial Gurus Exposed!..."

Misconception on the other hand, involves incorrect ideas about a product or a service. I excel at clearing up misconceptions via replacing them with the correct views. Think "Eating Carbs Won't Make You Fat... Here's Why…

Mistakes - My fave out of the 3Ms. Consumers - humans in general - hates/fears jvohwtsn. Rw one wants to look stupid after availing a service that is overpriced and does not do what it's marketed to do. And I love to create stories around this. Think "4 Things Clients Get Wrong When They Invest In CBD White Labeling..."

That said, I love working lead magnets with the 3Ms angle. One of them was this: gsptc://tfnvvehivdlg.ocr/qwnh_zbzmiyv/5-qkhten-hzil-hrh-lcnzfeq-bsybuxoc-vjrm-uyg-ym-nyuzg-mgrpuru/  (Password: APPA2020)

"Why is your rate so high?"

Ans. Look at the pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Look at the bottom. The salary that you're willing to pay is just the amount that will fund your writer’s physiological needs. Needs such as water, food, shelter, and MAYBE, clothing needs. 

Now, think about whatever product or service you're selling. Which level on Maslow's pyramid do your prospects reside in? Up? Waaay up?
Now do you actually think a writer that has been scavenging for pennies all his life would know how to sell the needs/wants of people on top of that pyramid? Take an upper-tier concern like “Global Warming” for example...

Do you know the reason why 89% of the world's populations don't care about issues on top of Maslow’s pyramid-like these? Think about it. How can they be concerned about the trash that's floating around the Pacific ocean aka "Great Pacific Garbage Patch"? When what concerns these writers is stuff like:

"Will my client send me my salary on time this week? I really need it to pay for this month's water bill".

Just try and make that writer write copy about "Consultation services”. They'll probably write a bunch of words that your prospects will see-through in the 1st sentence. Which will make your prospect think to themselves:

"Gee... this company couldn't even afford to pay a $2,500 writer to represent them. I ain't feeling so good about their guarantee right bout now".

Now here are your choices:

You can read Robert Cialdini’s book (and maybe Brian Tracy’s…) to learn about the psychology of selling. Then read Eugene Schwartz insanely difficult to read copywriting book (I have a PDF copy of that $200 book. Just hit me up on skype and I’ll send it to you for free). And try to write your web copy yourself, and save yourself the absurdly high copywriting fees. 

You could hire a 23-35 year writer (who’s at the bottom Maslow’s pyramid) with no hard sales experience (and lacks western pop-culture wit in his writing) and pay him cheap. Even if your gut keeps telling you “Hey… I seriously think we’ll just be wasting 3-4 months on this kid man…”

Or you can get in touch with me through skype [  live:myhflybgn.gmjnqyza.jr  ]

And we can begin the process of…

...writing copy that’ll get your readers intellectually engaged in a FUTURE RESULT that's good for them…

...then getting them to emotionally commit to TAKE ACTION to achieve this result.

Or in other words…. Get them to notice you and eventually buy what you're selling.

My portfolio - yiwrg://xle.lnzvfmp.eso/q/fnl2ux4mn2ei14e/Fnvd'e Portfolio.pdf?dl=0  

Do you want to constantly keep checking up on what your writers are writing?

Do you want to waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of your time and money on the marketing strategy from these “Scavenger Marketers” who have never spoken with top tier individuals before?

Do you want your family to say... "Gee... seems like you've just wasted a lot of time and money doing something that failed... again”.

I thought so.

Now hit me up on skype [  live:wzjpupozq.cmpkrais.jr  ] cause I want to share with you this brilliant strategy I've learned from one of my clients. 

A strategy that blew his competitors out of the water.

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