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If you’re HR, kindly Control + F “My Qualifications” to get to the part you’re looking for.

Because below is content I specifically wrote for the decision maker…

The business owner…

The head honcho…


H1 - “We’ll turn your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) into Promoters of your brand using the “T.A.Y.A Method” to Lower your Cost Per Customer Acquisition”

Body Copy:

If people you TRUST promoted my services and say…

[“Hire Axle as your copywriter.

He will produce campaign assets that will lower your cost per customer acquisition.”]

I’d go from a copywriter you didn’t even know existed…

To a copywriter you’re willing to invest thousands of dollars on in a manner of minutes.

I instantly turned you from a COLD prospect to a HOT prospect.

I didn’t even have to spend a single minute of my time to sell my services to achieve that.

That is the direct result of the “They Ask, You Answer” (T.A.Y.A) method.

A method that aims to provide customers/clients with the information that will help the ICA in their Buyer’s Journey.

Done by producing and publishing content that will help the ICA make their buying decisions faster and better.

With the goal of putting yourself in a position as the trusted expert in your niche/industry.

Using the T.A.Y.A. method will make your customers share and promote your brand.

This will ultimately reduce the resources (time & money) you’d need to spend to acquire customers.

H2 - “Spend Less To Acquire More Customers with the T.A.Y.A. Method”

Body Copy:

We will apply the “T.A.Y.A” method to the campaign assets (content) we publish to lower your Cost Per Customer Acquisition.

And once your marketing funnels are loaded with these types of campaign assets…

Instead of spending $10 to have an ROI of $20…

Your investments will be reduced to as low as $7 while still producing an ROI of $20 (or even more).

To put that into perspective…

That’s a potential 30% reduction in your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Depending on your business, that’s anywhere between $100K to up to $300K in annual savings.

And as months and years go by…

Baring variables such as Mark Zuckerberg being involved in another data breach scandal…

Or a Billionaire capitalist monopolizing whatever industry you are in…

Barring these types of variables…

Expect those campaign assets to keep lowering your investment to acquire clients/customers.

Some of em’ will even continue to get you customers in perpetuity, loooong after you've paid me to produce them.

Like this asset that I produced for a client years ago that, to this day, is helping them to acquire sales appointments ORGANICALLY (the T.A.Y.A. method in action):

Upgrade to see actual info

You’ll see how I made the ICA’s buying decision faster and better when you skim-read that content (link above).

H2- “T.A.Y.A. is a Legit Method that Legit Businesses are using”

Body Copy:

I will not even pretend to have invented this method.

Marcus Sheridan from Sales Force did.

I’m simply a disciple of this method.

Here are legit people who used this method:

"Within a year, our organic traffic had a 350% Upgrade to see actual info 2 years, we recorded our highest month of traffic at over 23,000 — a 1,050% increase."

- Kendall GuinnCMO, Aquila

“We’re now talking…over 100,000 leads a year. Our revenues are now up to $117 million with better margins, too.”

- Steve SheinkopfCEO, Yale Appliance

"We can attribute about $100,000 in just initial the last 12 months. When you consider the lifetime value of a customer, that’s over half a million dollars so far."

- Keven EllisonVP of Marketing, AIS

You can view those testimonials on this page:

Upgrade to see actual info

H2 - “Advertisement is Nothing More Than an Annoyance”

Body Copy:

When was the last time you bought something because it looked especially appealing in a Facebook Ad?

It’s probably been a while, if it’s ever happened at all.

And businesses are discovering that FB ads are becoming an ineffective annoyance.

Today, we use the internet to research products and services.

With so much information available, we can become truly informed buyers.

Today, we don’t want ads.

We want educational content that will help us make the best buying decision.

Because regardless if the product/service costs $10 or $1,000, no one wants to get screwed out of a deal.


Are you running ads that help your ICA make the best buying decision?

Or are you spending $40 - $100 per day to promote your Direct Response Content on FB that annoys people?

But do you know what type of content FB users won’t be annoyed at?

Quality content that will help them make their buying decisions easier, faster, and better.

And is your media buyer publishing that type of content?

H2 - “Your Media Buyer Does Not Know How To Feed FB’s Algorithm”

Body Copy:

Because of the iOS 14 update, FB can no longer track what your ICA is doing outside the FB app.

FB’s algorithm doesn’t know that you’re vetting copywriters on OnlineJobs.Ph using your iPhone, for example.

Because you did not search for copywriters using the FB platform, FB doesn’t know you’re the perfect ICA to receive ads from Copywriting Agencies.

Nowadays, you need to provide FB’s algorithm with specific Data Points for them to determine your IDEAL AUDIENCE or what I call the Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA).

How does FB gather these data points?

FB users would need to ENGAGE in your CONTENT inside their FB apps.

FB’s algorithm will then make conclusions based on who ENGAGES in your CONTENT.

Keep feeding FB’s algorithm with the data points, and FB will soon know how to optimize your FB campaigns (FB will know who should view your ads).

That includes optimizing your campaign’s ad spending (every dollar you spend on ads will be spent more efficiently).

The problem is…

Current media buyers do not know what Engaging Content is nor how to produce one.

And you cannot provide FB’s algorithm with the data points it needs without FB users engaging in your content.

Despite the iOS 14  update, media buyers are still over-reliant on media buying tactics. 

But being good tactically as a media buyer will NOT overcome your terrible offer, bad copy, and lousy creatives.

All they’ll do is keep on annoying FB users with your ads, ergo, making people annoyed at your brand in the process.

And do you know the type of content your ICA will most likely engage with positively?

Content that will help them make their buying decisions easier, faster, and better.

Promote this type of content, and I guarantee you’ll see a reduction in your CPA.

H2 - “Thousands Of Customers/Clients Need Your Product/Service Right Now”

Body Copy:

Are you a lousy businessman who dUpgrade to see actual info to spend money to promote a product/service that no one needs or wants?

I thought so.

Like a good entrepreneur, I know you’ve already validated your Minimum Viable Product (M.V.P.).

You know thousands of people need it.

You also know that there are hundreds of competitors out there promoting inferior products/services to your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA).



It drives you up the wall.

If, for example, you were to choose an inferior copywriter over me…

One does not know how to write engaging content to save their lives…

I’d go nuts if you picked them over me.


Simply produce and promote content that will help them make their buying decisions easier, faster, and better, and they’re yours!

H2 - “I Used To Be A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)”

Body Copy:

My name is Axle, and I’ve been writing copy for the past 4 years.

And here is an image of me 5 years ago (copy & paste the link to view my picture) — > 
Upgrade to see actual info

So, that’s an image of me 5 years ago.

Back when I was a hardcore salesman for Black & Decker.

I say hardcore because if I don’t hit my sales quotas, I’ll literally be sacked by my employers.

Getting fired due to not hitting sales quotas was a death sentence for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) like me back then.

Because that’s how I made a sufficient living to provide for my family.

Without that job, it would’ve been over for me.

Well, back then, at least.

So I’d say that I know a thing or two about sales.

As a matter of fact, I’ve sold over $1 million worth of appliance store items during my stint as a promoter/merchandiser.

You don’t sell $1 million worth of crappy made-in-China appliances if you don’t know how to sell.

And I’d say that I’m the only copywriter who has REAL salesman experience here on this platform (OLJ).

To cut this story short, I learned about this sorcery called “Copywriting” (which is basically salesmanship in print)...

Honed my natural born writing talent…

Trained RELENTLESSLY (like a psychopath) to write copy (I took the courses and trained for 4 hours a day)...

Got my first client, and the rest is history.

Here’s my Cinderella story being featured —> 

Upgrade to see actual info

That video details my transition from being a salesman to a copywriter to eventually becoming the CMO for a marketing agency based in Spain.

And do you know how I sold a boatload of lousy items back when I was still a salesman?

I provided my customers with information that helped them make their buying decisions better and faster.

I did it before I even knew about the T.A.Y.A. method!

H2 - “Your Customers are Struggling to find the Information they need to Make a Buying Decision”

Body Copy:

If you’ve noticed, I keep talking about content that will make your ICA’s buying decisions faster and better.

What exactly is this content?


It’s content that helps address any lingering fears and anxieties a customer might have.

Fear, after all, is the central factor in a buying decision.

Customers fear losing their hard-earned cash by making a purchasing mistake or being ripped off.

Is this Liver Supplement suitable for someone my age?

Will these Landscaping contractors charge me an arm and a leg for a simple re-touch of my garden?

What’s the difference between a $8/hr copywriter and a $16/hr copywriter?

The answer to the latter is that an $8/hr copywriter is one that’s over-reliant on ChatGPT to write copy.

If you interview them, they’ll say:

“I know human psychology and use it to write engaging and converting copy.”

But knowing human psychology is not enough.

You gotta know how to organize the campaign assets, specifically, the ad sets according to the goals of the media buyer who plans on using Dynamic Creative Ads on his ads manager account on Facebook.

You gotta know the customer’s journey.

Where has he been?

What was his experience during this specific journey?

Where does he plan to go?

What motivates him to take this journey?

A $16/hr copywriter will be able to understand data points and have the skills to produce the right content, depending on the media buyers' goals.

And it was these skills and knowledge that helped me be promoted from Copywriter to CMO.

But if lowering your Cost Per Customer Acquisition is NOT your goal…

And all you need is someone to write simple copy to fill your web pages, and social media accounts with content…

Here are the copywriters (out of 100 profiles that I saw) in this platform that I can recommend:

Upgrade to see actual info - Fundamentally sound

Upgrade to see actual info - Fundamentally sound

Upgrade to see actual info - Been a copywriter for 12 years

Upgrade to see actual info - Not fundamentally sound, but she probably has a high IQ (She took up Law).

Upgrade to see actual info - He’s… he’s different. If I interview him for 2 minutes, I’ll know if his uniqueness can help your bottom Upgrade to see actual info might be worth your time to check this guy out for 5 mins.

There is more nuance to this, of course.

But first, let me ask you…

If you had a comprehensive guide on how to vet a qualified copywriter on OLJ, would you have consumed it?

You’ve probably clicked on it.

At the Upgrade to see actual infont, there are none.

If there were, you would’ve probably seen it.

I plan on producing said content because my Ideal Client Avatar or entrepreneurs, such as yourself, struggle to find that type of information.

I digress…

But what if there was one?

What if you find that content helpful?


What would be your impression of me?


How this works, dear future client, is we produce and publish campaign assets that your ICA is starving for. 


I’m talking about Reddit and FB posts and comments.

Or Quora and Forum Qs & As that…

When you read the answers…

It will make you scream in anger because they’re giving your ICA solutions that will make their problems even worse.

Doing this will put you in a position as the trusted expert in your niche/industry.

This will ultimately lead to a reduction in the resources (time & money) you’d need to spend to acquire customers.

Because the more FB users engage in your content, the less money you’ll need to spend on ads.

So instead of spending $10 to have an ROI of $20…

Your investments will be reduced to as low as $7 while still producing an ROI of $20 (or even more).

To put that into perspective…

That’s a potential 30% reduction in your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Depending on your business, that’s anywhere between $100K to up to $300K in annual savings.

H2 - “I’m Sorry, But this WON’T be easy on your End”

Body Copy:

Implementing the T.A.Y.A. method into your marketing campaign won’t be a walk in the park.

Not at first, at least.

It’s not going to be as easy as…

“Ok, Axle!…

“Do your thing!”

You will have to provide me with the resources needed to accomplish certain specific campaign goals.

One of those resources is you, investing hours of your time to work closely beside me.

You’ll have to roll up your sleeves and get deep in the trenches with me.

That is HOW you steal market shares from your competitors.

We can go over all the specifics of this and the things I’d need from you on a discovery call (which, if you’re still reading up to this point, means you really owe yourself one).


If you just want ala cart…

Here are my rates: Upgrade to see actual info

Here's my portfolio: Upgrade to see actual info

But if you want to reach your 5-year business goals in ONLY 9 MONTHS, we can do that too.

If you REALLY want to go that route…

We would have to implement the T.A.Y.A., a method that may take you some time to get accustomed to.

Then, we’d have to produce the campaign assets needed for your marketing funnel.

A marketing funnel that we’d have to build from scratch.

That is going to take resources to do.

I would be one of those resources.

My cost would be a monthly retainer fee of $2,500 per month (paid twice a month).

My availability would be 4 hours a day, 4 days a week (Monday - Thursday) during your business hours.


H3- Here’s an oversimplified explanation of my work process:

Body Copy:

1. Ask questions

I interrogate you without mercy until I understand your offering and your target market. I delve into what your prospects are doing now, why it's causing them pain, and how you can make it all better. After that, putting the two of you together is a lot easier.

2. Work my magic

Now that I know your target market, I get into their mind and write directly to them, and only to them. Each of them lives in a secure castle, fortified against the relentless onslaught of ads and sales pitches. Our goal is to find the right way to approach this castle so that they let down the gate and beg us to come in. Battering rams will only lead to heavier defenses.

3. Revise

You know your audience well. We'll work back and forth to nail down a final version of the copy that we are both convinced is going to engage your audience and drive action.

4. Test

Finally, the rubber is meeting the road! Your page goes live, your email goes out, your post is published, your video is Upgrade to see actual infow we'll see what kind of activity we can generate.

5. Analyze results

We analyze the results and figure out the next steps. Hopefully, we're googling champagne brands to find out what kind of bubbly entertainers and trust fund kids are drinking at VIP tables these days. If not, we figure out what we can improve and reload for the next round.

Of course, there are more nuances to this.

We can talk about it during our Discovery Call.

H2 - “You Can Download the T.A.Y.A book for Free (Gdrive link below) and Implement the method Yourself”

Body Copy:

Want to learn and implement the T.A.Y.A. method?

Here’s a PDF copy of the “They Ask, You Answer” book by Marcus Sheridan:

Upgrade to see actual info

If you’re too busy to read the book, you can listen to the summary (23-min listen time) of that book here on Blinkist (they have a Free Trial):

Upgrade to see actual info

Just always keep in mind that…

Good content is read over and over again, while throwaway posts sink to the bottom of the digital pile – or even return as an embarrassment.

So take your time to get it right.

Or you can get in touch with me through WhatsApp: Upgrade to see actual info

So we can begin the process of producing marketing campaign assets that get the target audience to intellectually engage in a future result that will be good for them…

…with the goal of getting them to emotionally commit to take action to get this result.

In other words, make people buy what you’re selling.

Now, it’s time to give your hard-working HR the content she’s looking for.

Hey there lovely and beautiful HR!

Below are “My qualifications”: 

I have 4 Years of copywriting experience, and I specialize in writing video sales letters.

Below are the industries and niches I’ve worked on:

- Service Industries  (Landscaping, Property Maintenance, etc.)

- SAAS (Certificate of Insurance Tracker, Legacy Death App, etc.)

- Supplements (Liver, Sleep, Weight Loss, etc.)

-  CBD (B2B & B2C)

- Virtual Staffing Agencies (The irony right?)

- Coaching Gurus (Not my proudest accomplishment)

- Blockchain (I’m NEVER working on Crypto accounts again, and if you’re looking for a Crypto copywriter, I’m sorry ma’am, but I don’t want to keep tricking people anymore into buying these sh!t coins!)

Here is my CV: Upgrade to see actual info

My Internet Speed: Upgrade to see actual info

Equipment Specs: Upgrade to see actual info

English Grammar & Vocabulary Test (C2): Upgrade to see actual info

Here are the FAQs that most HRs ask me (It includes why I left my last full-time job): Upgrade to see actual info

Top Skills

Marketing » Content Creation » Creative Writing

Experience: 5+ years

Marketing » Copywriting

Experience: 2 - 5 years

Marketing » Content Creation » Scriptwriting

Experience: 2 - 5 years

Other Skills

Marketing » Content Creation » Blogging

Experience: 2 - 5 years

Basic Information

Not Specified
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Bay, Laguna
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It DOES NOT indicate skill level.

ID Proof scores are 0 - 99 with 99 being the best. It is calculated based on dozens of data points.

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