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June 15th, 2024 (2 days ago)

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November 21st, 2016

Profile Description

Welcome to my professional profile! I bring to the table a comprehensive skill set that covers a wide spectrum of digital marketing disciplines:

- Social Media Marketing
- Graphic Design
- Photo Manipulation, Editing
- Video Editing
- Copywriting
- Article Writing
- Content Creation
- Lead Generation
- List Building
- Email Marketing
- Traffic Generation
- Facebook Ads, Google Ads
- E-commerce
- AI-powered Marketing Tools
- Customer Support
- Website, Landing Page Creation
- Talking Head Video Production

These skills are my toolkit, and I'm confident they can deliver exceptional results in any digital marketing task. I'm committed to making a meaningful contribution to your team's success.

Whether it's crafting persuasive content, optimizing advertising campaigns, designing engaging visuals, or leveraging AI-powered tools to streamline processes, save time, and enhance the quality of results in marketing tasks., I'm ready to take on challenges and help your team achieve its digital marketing goals. 

Let's connect and discuss how I can bring my expertise to benefit your projects and contribute to your success.

Top Skills

Marketing » Content Creation

Experience: 5 - 10 years

With over five years of experience in content creation for various social media platforms, article writing, and video production, I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of businesses. These include but are not limited to food retail, personal care services, real estate, and sporting events.

Marketing » Content Creation » Social Media Content Creation

Experience: 5 - 10 years

Design » Graphic Design

Experience: 5 - 10 years

With a proven track record in graphic design, I have demonstrated my ability to create marketing assets that are both visually striking and strategically aligned with business objectives. Through my experience in social media marketing, I have developed a keen understanding of what resonates with target audiences and how to create designs that drive engagement.

Other Skills

Marketing » Copywriting

Experience: 5 - 10 years

With a proven track record in copywriting for websites, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, product listings, flyers, and other marketing materials, I have developed a keen eye for detail and an aptitude for crafting messages that resonate with target audiences. My expertise in this field has enabled me to work with a range of clients, producing copy that informs, persuades, and inspires action.

Marketing » Content Creation » Article Writing

Experience: Less than 6 months

I am equipped to produce high-quality articles on any topic. My advanced writing tools enable me to craft content that is both informative and engaging, making it an effective tool for businesses looking to build their brand and engage with audiences.

Marketing » Social Media Management

Experience: 5 - 10 years

Marketing » Social Media Management » Social Media Marketing

Experience: 5 - 10 years

Design » Thumbnail & Social Media Design

Experience: 5 - 10 years

Video Editing » Social Media Video Editing

Experience: 5 - 10 years

Basic Information

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Valenzuela City, Metro Manila
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Gaurab - Adhikari


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