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November 1st, 2023

Profile Description

Skills and Qualifications:
Expertise on real estate transactions and sales and marketing functions
Expertise on customer satisfaction,  project management and administrative functions
A professional layout artist
Familiarization on Canva, Adobe Photoshop, CapCut & other video and graphic design tools.
Effective multi-tasker with time management skills
Proficiency in English language, in verbal and written communication
Strong computer skills
Expertise on documentation, reports and paper works
An experienced trainer, speaker and facilitator
Event/s planner and coordinator
Social media expert with digital marketing skills
Goal achiever, action-oriented, and a team player
Can work independently
Highly organized
Keen to details; values quality & quantity output
Licensed driver, manual transmission

Top Skills

Marketing » Real Estate Marketing

Experience: 5 - 10 years

For 8 years, I worked in the real estate industries with functions as follows: (1) Handles recruitment and direct management of all the accredited real estate brokers and salespersons. (2) In-charge of training and coaching; monitors agents’ performances, conducts evaluation, provides feedback, and imposes corrective actions if needed. (3) Operates the company’s social media accounts: manages project marketing & promotion thru creation of effective ads, posters, banners, engaging visuals and taglines. (4) Facilitates cold and warm calls to prospective leads. (5) Maintains and manages the property listings and available house & lot inventories. (6) Attends to customer concerns, requests and complaints through proper responses on emails, calls & mobile messages and resolves conflicts. (7) Ensures the delivery of the branch monthly sales and recruitment target through proper execution of formulated sales & marketing activities. (8) Checks the completeness and accuracy of buyers’ requirements, prepares official computation, reservation agreement, sales forms and contracts. (9) Conducts orientation to buyers upon unit reservation – overall house specifications, project details and restrictions. (10) Assists qualified owners in the move-in process – from house inspection up to acceptance & move-in. (11) Direct supervision of the branch overall operations together with the manager. (12) Conducts regular meetings to sellers & staffs to properly monitor the implemented sales & marketing activities to achieve the sales target. (13) Conducts performance evaluation to staffs on a semi-annual and annual basis. (14) Manages sales and marketing budget to prevent over spending. (15) Facilitates planning and goal setting in lined with the company’s mission, vision and core values.

Professional Services » Management Services » Sales Management

Experience: 5 - 10 years

I handled the sales management for years. As a Real Estate Sales and Marketing Supervisor, part of my main functions was the direct supervision of the overall sales operations of the branch I was assigned to. I was the one who manages property listings and project inventories. I used to achieve the sales target and exceed expectations every month. For every lead generated, I played a crucial role in the unit reservation process. I was the one who checks the completeness and accuracy of buyers requirements, prepares official computation, reservation agreement, sales forms and contracts, and was in-charge of encoding/entry of sales and buyers information to the real estate management system / CRM Salesforce. I was also the one who conducts orientation of the overall house specifications, details and project restrictions to buyers. From reservation up to unit acceptance and move-in, I was there to ensure a smooth transition.

Real Estate » Photo Editing

Experience: 5 - 10 years

I am a professional layout artist who focuses on the creation of engaging visuals, effective ads, posters and banners to be used on the promotion of the projects and/or products. The main goal is to be noticed and gained millions of views and engagement to boost and increase the sales. Tools I used when editing: Canva Adobe Photoshop Capcut

Other Skills

Customer Support » Customer Service

Experience: 5 - 10 years

I am an expert when it comes to handling clients' concerns, requests, complaints and resolving conflicts. I highly value customer satisfaction. On my previous roles, I used to attend and respond to client inquiries within the specified timeline, via electronic mails, phone call and mobile messages. I handled major requests and complaints prior to endorsement to the concerned divisions.

Coaching » Training and Development

Experience: 5 - 10 years

I am an experienced trainer, facilitator and a public speaker. On my previous role as a Sales and Marketing Supervisor, recruitment, training and development were also part of my functions. I used to conduct regular trainings and product knowledge seminars to group of sellers. I was the one who prepares for my visuals/modules, instructional designs and presentations and facilitates the whole training. The main objective was to make the sellers fully equipped and knowledgeable on the overall house specifications, project details and restrictions before they have been endorsed to selling. Monitoring agents performances, conducting quality evaluation and appraisals were also part of my responsibilities.

Basic Information

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Alaminos, Laguna
Tests Taken
Score:  103
Dominance: 47%
Influence: 7%
Steadiness: 25%
Compliance: 22%
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