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Looking for that amazing copywriter who will, without a doubt, give you one-of-a-kind results with your next project? Look no further. Pinky promise, I will bring world-class training and one-pointed focus to your direct response advertising, where your message does more than just stop them; it moves them to action. Unleash your power of words to engage in powerful emotions and irresistible action with me. 

My professional training at the Copywriting Dojo Philippines provided me with intensive instruction coupled with practical exercises for becoming a persuasive copywriter. While I do not have specific proofs, testimonials, or case studies to show, you can be sure that my training at the Copywriting Dojo Philippines has given me the closest thing to it by way of the most cutting-edge techniques and strategies necessary to write copy that will not just captivate your audience and readers but ignite their inmost desires. 

Be prepared for the onslaught. Secure the services of a copywriter par excellence who will be fully committed to your project and driven on to complete the task at hand as the master at her craft. Due to my great success, I am now in high demand and can only afford to work with a few more like yourself if I am to maintain the quality of my work. Make haste now and use the emotional trigger that forces successful clients to jump at the opportunity to hire my services to take a Upgrade to see actual infontous leap forward into financial freedom. 

In addition to my training, I embody a set of character traits that elevate my work to the highest standards: 

1. Unleashing Creativity: I alone have the power to think beyond conventional boundaries and to lay the trail of creativity into captivating copy, breaking through all the noise and bursting right into the dreams of your audience. I know just how to get to the hearts and souls of your audience to derive action and a memorable bond out of them. 
2. Obsessive Attention to Detail: I approach every project with an almost worrying level of fastidiousness and ensure that every word is chosen with great care, refining each sentence into copy that's not just persuasive but perfectly done. By understanding your brand and audience, I make a point to see a message crafted to ensure it resonates deeply and calls them to action. 

3. Adapting to Perfection: Whether it's 100 words or more, I don't have to try hard to perfectly fit into any industry, audience, or genre and never miss a beat. Compelling copy for a tech startup, emotion-filled messaging for a non-profit—you name it. I'll take care of the research and immerse myself in your brand's unique voice in order to make the content your very own home hit. 

By making me your direct response copywriter, you open the door to an outstanding professional for whom all humanly possible is done to offer the much-needed help to make a success so resounding that you've never experienced one quite like it. We create a succinctly powerful emotional connection with your audience, literally driving them into honest, irresistible action. I am detail-oriented, results-obsessed, passionate, and always meet deadlines, ensuring that your project is in capable hands. 

Top Skills

Marketing » Content Creation » Proofreading

Experience: 6 months - 1 year

Marketing » Content Creation » Scriptwriting

Experience: 1 - 2 years

"Engaging Content, Tailored For Your Audience: Let's Amplify Your YouTube Channel." Hello, I am Israel Madrigal, an experienced YouTube scriptwriter. I like titillating facts into incredibly gripping and impactful content. My creative journey with YouTube content writing went through years in which the platform gave rich and incredible feedback. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of diverse genres—from informative and educational to entertaining narratives—I write scripts that don't just captivate but also connect with viewers on a personal level. My expertise lies in the ability to adapt my writing to suit various niches, effectively communicating with and appealing to different target audiences. I have ensured that the produced content is timely and discoverable by keeping up to date with YouTube trends and the algorithm changes. This, on the other hand, together with a strict following of deadlines, careful attention to every detail, and an eye dedicated to perfection, has kept me right beside the job in the production of high-quality scripts maintained at extraordinary standards, which, in turn, inspire our manpower on such jobs that consistently drive viewer engagement and encourage actions like subscribing, liking, and sharing. But most all, and at the core of my very being, I am much more than a scriptwriter. I am an enthralling storytelling author who believes that the power of the written word shapes, informs, inspires, and entertains; every piece of script written is testifying to that, and it is this passion that nourishes the motivation in every unrelenting effort towards excellence. I now hope to bring both passion and expertise to all your projects on YouTube, knowing well enough that the quality of the scripts would inspire your viewers but also act as an incentive for more clients to find their way onto your platform. If in need of a scriptwriter that pools creativity, experience, and an extensive understanding of YouTube, then I am your best pick. In this regard, feel free getting in touch with me at (+63)9566410544 or, for a further discussion on how I can be able to help your organization reach out to your content goals. Facebook:

Other Skills

Marketing » Copywriting

Experience: Less than 6 months

Here's how to join me in the mission of attention-grabbing, desire-inspiring, and action-initiating: I am an internationally acclaimed copywriter. I bring out unmatched creativity, breaking all present norms with an obsessive eye to details, keynoting at innovation, e-commerce, and technology conferences, and being able to shape-shift into any industry or audience flawlessly. By selecting me to be your very own direct response copywriter, you're picking the lock to the master key to emotional connections that help increase your irresistible action force and unleash unmeasured success and financial freedom, thanks to captivating copy. A copy that just can't be forgotten.

Office and Administration » Transcription

Experience: 1 - 2 years

Basic Information

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LINGIG, Surigao del Sur
Tests Taken
Score:  103
Dominance: 29%
Influence: 11%
Steadiness: 34%
Compliance: 27%
B2(Upper Intermediate)
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