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May 5th, 2023

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I'm really good at learning quickly and paying close attention to details. I've spent some years working in high-pressure situations, doing all sorts of different jobs. For three years, I've been writing professionally. I really love helping people and writing—it's my passion. I enjoy doing lots of different tasks and solving problems to help my clients. Now, I'm excited to work together with you and your business. I believe every connection is a chance to learn and get better. I'm here to listen, understand, and help you do well.
One of the projects I enjoyed most was working with a doctor on her landing page and helping another with his doctorate book. I'm proud to say she successfully got approval to publish the book in the Philippines. She's the first and only one to write guidebooks for nutrition resilience, and that's a significant achievement.

Areas of Expertise:

Data Processing | Data entry | Data analysis & visualization |Slide Presentation | Document preparation, proofreading & formatting | Email management | Meeting Scheduling | Travel arrangements | Other admin tasks

Copywriting | Social media setup & management | Content creation | Content and keyword research | Email marketing and newsletters | Blog management and blog creation | Poster/Flyer Design | Graphics Design | Other marketing tasks

Podcast | Long and short Video | AI mastery | You tube thumbnail | Animate | Other Editing task

- Google Suite
- Microsoft Office
- Social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Tik-Tok,      Snapchat
- Design & Video Editing - Canva, Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects , Cap-cut
- Social Media Management - Hootsuite & Buffer
- Communication- Slacks, WhatsApp, Skype, GHL
If you do not see what you need on the list, please contact me! I'm here to personalize my services to match your specific needs.

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Top Skills

Marketing » Copywriting

Experience: Less than 6 months

Seasoned Copywriter with a rich background in crafting compelling narratives and a passion for the written word. With extensive experience in dynamic fields of copywriting, I blend creativity with strategic thinking to infuse every piece of copy with storytelling magic. My dual expertise in both marketing and fiction writing enables me to influence messages resonating messages that evoke emotions, engage readers, and leave a lasting impression. Let my proven track record and love for storytelling amplify your brand's narrative to life. Copywriting & Content Creation Landing Page Optimization Book Writing & Publishing Research Methodologies Academic Writing & Publishing Creative Concept Development Market Research & Analysis

Professional Services » Management Services » Administrative Management

Experience: Less than 6 months

In my role as a Research Assistant, I actively undertook executive-level tasks that encompassed a broad spectrum of responsibilities. This multifaceted position involved a range of activities, showcasing my versatility and capability in various domains. Data Processing and Data Entry: As part of my responsibilities, I efficiently handled data processing and entry tasks. This involved the meticulous organization and input of data, ensuring accuracy and completeness in every aspect. My attention to detail played a crucial role in maintaining high-quality databases. Scheduling: I took charge of scheduling activities, meetings, and appointments. This required a strategic approach to optimize time and resources, ensuring that all tasks were executed seamlessly. A well-organized schedule was instrumental in enhancing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Translation (Tagalog to English): Proficiency in bilingual communication was a key aspect of my role. I translated documents from Tagalog to English, ensuring that the essence and context were accurately conveyed. This skill not only facilitated effective communication but also contributed to a more inclusive work environment. Copywriting: I was involved in crafting compelling and effective copy for various purposes. This included writing content for reports, presentations, and promotional materials. My ability to convey information in a clear and engaging manner played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall communication strategy of the team. Creating Short Manuals: As part of my role, I developed concise and informative manuals. These manuals served as valuable resources for the team, providing clear guidelines and instructions for various processes. This initiative contributed to the overall efficiency of the team by streamlining operations. Financial Transactions: Managing financial transactions was a significant component of my executive tasks. This involved handling reimbursements, processing invoices, and ensuring financial records were accurate and up-to-date. My meticulous approach to financial tasks contributed to maintaining financial transparency and accountability. Email and Calls: I effectively managed email correspondence and phone calls. This involved not only responding to inquiries and providing information but also coordinating with team members and external contacts. Clear and timely communication was crucial in ensuring that all stakeholders were well-informed and aligned with project goals. In summary, my role as a Research Assistant involved a comprehensive array of executive tasks, highlighting my adaptability and proficiency in diverse areas. From data management to linguistic skills, and from copywriting to financial transactions, I consistently delivered high-quality work. This diverse skill set positions me as a valuable asset capable of handling varied responsibilities effectively and contributing to the success of any team or project.

Office and Administration » Personal Assistant

Experience: 6 months - 1 year

November 2022 - Present As a Personal Assistant, I excel in managing online payments with utmost precision and efficiency. My attention to detail ensures seamless transactions, bolstering client trust. Transcription Oversight: I vigilantly oversee transcriptions, swiftly correcting any discrepancies to uphold financial integrity and client confidentiality. Reference Verification: I meticulously cross-verify data, upholding the accuracy and trustworthiness of financial documentation. Administrative Management: I adeptly handle transcription-related paperwork, streamlining processes for optimal efficiency. Typing Proficiency: I possess a keen ability to transcribe diverse texts swiftly and accurately, supporting administrative tasks seamlessly. In summary, I bring dedication, efficiency, and impeccable accuracy to all administrative endeavors.

Other Skills

Marketing » Social Media Management

Experience: Less than 6 months

February 2021 - November 2022 Author Selection: Conducted research to pinpoint impactful authors aligned with our company's vision. Employed a meta-approach to assemble a talent pool. Quality Assessment: Evaluated authors' works for excellence and alignment with our rigorous standards, emphasizing literary brilliance. Proactive Engagement: Engaged authors through collaborative discussions, ensuring alignment with company values and goals. Author Support: Acted as a dedicated point of contact, offering consistent feedback and fostering innovation in a collaborative setting. Final Collaboration: Facilitated a smooth partnership, emphasizing innovative storytelling and cultivating lasting relationships.

Basic Information

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Quezon, Catanauan
Tests Taken
Score:  121
Dominance: 40%
Influence: 15%
Steadiness: 36%
Compliance: 9%
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“There are just so many skills that the Filipino market has that they bring to the table. It's been amazing.”

Samori Coles


“He's been absolutely superb!”

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