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I know it sounds made up, because it is… But I don’t know how else I can summarize this unique service that I can bring to your business.

I’m a market researcher-turned-copywriter who has about a decade’s worth of market research experience to aid me in crafting persuasive, data-driven copy. 

Hi, I’m InUpgrade to see actual info and I help businesses grow by understanding your product and your customers, and then figuring out the best way on how we can introduce these two to one another and make the magic happen.

But just so we’re not strangers…

Here’s a quick summary of my journey so far:

> I have 9 years of experience as a market researcher where I’ve worked directly with a lot of brands (both local and international), and with everyone: ranging from the interns at the bottom, to the CEO’s and Directors in top management, and anyone else in between.

> I gave myself 4 years to learn and understand this new internet commerce landscape so that I’ll find the right thing to specialize and develop my skills to go freelancing.

> That skill turned out to be copywriting.

> Combined with my market research skills, I’ll be able to write powerful copy from a deeper level of understanding of both your CUSTOMERS and your OFFER, as well as the MARKET they're in!

As a market researcher for close to a decade by now, I’ve handled research projects across multiple and very different industries.

Fast Food brands…
Electrical equipment…
Even cigarettes on one or two occasions…

I am actually trained and have developed the skills over the years to be able to work with anyone, anything, and become an expert overnight on whatever subject matter,

…and deliver the results!

So if you’re wondering if I’m just putting the “I’ll understand your business needs to help you grow” details for fluff – I most definitely am not.

My copywriting WITH my market research skills are the bare minimum that I’m bringing to the table.

Now here comes the million $$$ question: why should you hire me for your copywriting needs over everyone else?

Here are FOUR very good reasons why:

1. I’m able to use my market research experience to write copy from a place of deeper understanding of your customers, and with a data-driven approach if we need to.

You may be wondering: "What makes a market researcher-turned-copywriter so special?"

Unlike a lot of so-called "market researchers", I earned my stripes through years of blood, sweat, a consistent diet of energy drinks in lieu of tears, and most importantly: unpaid overtime.

I'm old school as a market researcher who studied and figured out how the new game is played these days.

So I don't just stop at reading the numbers; I'm trained to find the implications of what the numbers mean and how they connect with one another.

And when I'm able to use those insights to understand your offer, your customers, and your market better—and I'm also the one writing your copy?

Imagine the possibilities.

2. I have an insatiable knowledge, and my learning process is built upon the foundation of constant improvement.

This means that not only do I need the feedback in order to make myself better – I welcome all of it fully, whether good or bad!

I’m also told not a lot of people are built this way…

Sure, I'll make mistakes. I'm only human after all… (shocking!)

But with this system of constant improvement I’ve never become worse at doing the things that I do, only better.

And I'm not scared or ashamed of starting from scratch with copywriting since I’ll just keep getting better, and better, the more the projects that I’ll take on.

Because when I finally become really good at this, we both win.

3. I continuously invest in myself.

Like most copywriters, I abused the hell out of learning copywriting from free resources such as blogs, email subscriptions, and YouTube—because they’re free!

Then I graduated to paying for courses in Udemy, and then buying my books online.
I learned from copywriters and digital marketers such as Alex Cattoni, Dan Koe, Dan Lok—even King Keto himself, Brandon Carter! (or whoever his copywriter is if he's not the one writing his own emails)

But when those were no longer enough, I had to get help. I had to do something big…
I bet a huge chunk of my year-end bonus on a copywriting certification program that was everything that I had been looking for to level up my copywriting journey.

I assume you at least kinda know how algorithms work?

Because let's just say that the algorithm gods dUpgrade to see actual info to only show me their ad on the last day of the launch week, and with only 45 minutes remaining.

And I got in with 10 minutes to spare.

This copywriting certification masterclass allowed me to learn the practical side of copywriting from actual veterans in the field.

I truly believe that when you offer a service as a freelancer, you actually have to be good at what you do – at least on some level of competency.

So although I have very few experiences so far as a freelance copywriter – and in fact, I’m still learning, I’m not coming in completely green either.

Oh, and this masterclass that I took was the Persuasive Copywriting Certification from the Copywriting Dojo Philippines, in case you know them..

Not only that…

4. No seriously, the learning doesn’t end and I take every chance that I get to become better.

Right about the time that the Persuasive Copywriting Certification program was coming to an end (which was an 8 week program btw), my copywriting mentor, Sensei Raf, held a contest to find who he could train out of all of his students as an Apprentice Copywriter.

320+ applied.

2 names were picked to become his Apprentice Copywriters.

And I happened to be one of them.

If my copywriting was good enough, or as I’d rather say, “sea-worthy”, at the end of that masterclass, I’m working hard on it with this apprenticeship now to make it even better.

So if you have money to make and a business that needs growing...

And you think we're a good fit...

Send me a message here on OLJ and let's book a discovery call this week!

To your business’ future success,
InUpgrade to see actual info Upgrade to see actual info 

P.S. My co-Apprentice Copywriter is also here in OLJ. If you manage to find her, I can vouch for her. She’s a really good copywriter too—a very good one, in fact.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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