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As a Chief Marketing Officer and Real Estate Digital Marketing Specialist, I've had the privilege of contributing to substantial growth and team success within the energetic Philippine market. I take pride in devising thoughtful marketing strategies and launching digital campaigns that resonate and achieve real business goals.

My professional path has been diverse, starting with an engineering background before evolving into graphic design and eventually into strategic marketing. This journey has been enriched by meaningful milestones, such as leading initiatives that have significantly boosted sales — achievements that reflect our team's hard work more than anything. We achieve a total sales of 900 Million Pesos in the year 2023 alone.

Currently, I'm looking to bring the skills and insights I've gained from local success to a wider, international stage. I'm experienced in using digital tools effectively and leading teams, even from a distance. My focus is on managing social media, creating engaging content, and setting up efficient sales funnels — all with an approach that blends proven in-office strategies with the flexibility required for remote work.

My aim is to help businesses grow their online presence and genuinely connect with their audience, wherever they may be. I believe in the power of collaboration to enhance digital strategies and reveal new opportunities in real estate and beyond. If you're on a similar journey, I'd be keen to connect and see how we can work together.

Top Skills

Marketing » Real Estate Marketing

Experience: 2 - 5 years

• Designed and implemented innovative marketing strategies, harnessing the power of digital platforms to propel the company's presence in the real estate market. • Leveraged a keen understanding of the real estate industry to create effective and engaging online ads, which significantly increased lead generation. • Played a pivotal role in achieving over ₱230M in sales by strategically using various online real estate platforms to connect with potential clients. • Successfully managed marketing campaigns across multiple digital channels, enhancing the company's visibility and reputation. • Collaborated closely with the sales team to develop and execute marketing strategies, contributing significantly to the team meeting and exceeding sales targets. • Utilized robust CRM software for efficient client management and data analysis, enabling the team to tailor their sales approach to the market's evolving needs. • Maintained a deep understanding of market trends and customer preferences, ensuring that the company's marketing efforts remained relevant and effective. • Oversaw the creation and distribution of promotional materials, ensuring brand consistency and fostering a strong brand identity in a competitive market. • Coordinated with external agencies and vendors when necessary to execute marketing plans effectively. • Continuously researched and explored new marketing platforms and techniques to stay ahead of industry trends and to maximize the company's market reach.

Marketing » Social Media Management » Facebook marketing

Experience: 2 - 5 years

With nearly two years of experience in Facebook Marketing, I've honed my skills in the real estate sector, leading to 11 personal closed deals and contributing to a total of 108 for my company in 2023 alone. My expertise lies in developing targeted campaigns that effectively engage audiences and drive sales. By leveraging advanced analytics and A/B testing, I continuously optimize strategies for maximum ROI. I am passionate about using the latest digital marketing trends to deliver tangible results and am ready to bring my proven track record to your team.

Marketing » Digital Marketing

Experience: 2 - 5 years

Other Skills

Real Estate

Experience: 2 - 5 years

With a robust career foundation built on progressive roles within the real estate sector since 2020, I have developed a well-rounded skill set as a Real Estate Professional, culminating in my current role as a Regional Sales Head. My journey began as a Real Estate Salesperson, before being promoted to a Team Leader, and eventually to a Sales Manager in 2022. Within my tenure, I have driven over ₱230M in both personal and group sales, directly contributing to the company's growth and prosperity. My portfolio showcases a record of 30 personal sales closures and an additional 20 branch sales. My strong leadership skills, sales expertise, and in-depth understanding of the real estate market have been instrumental in my success. I am known for my strategic approach, tenacity, and ability to close deals effectively, always keeping my clients' best interests at heart. Currently, I am seeking to extend my skills and experience globally, exploring opportunities as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant or Real Estate Agent abroad. I am excited about the prospect of bringing my proven sales strategies, leadership abilities, and a deep understanding of the real estate sector to a challenging and dynamic new environment. If you're looking for a dedicated and driven professional who can contribute to your team and has a proven track record of successful sales in the real estate sector, let's connect. I'm open to opportunities and always ready to discuss how I can bring value to your organization. Recently, this year of 2023 we generated 900 Million Pesos worth of Sales.

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San Fernando, La Union
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