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Prepress/Premedia Artist, Print
Job Description- Ensures that the proper format, appearance, and layout of text and images are set before the full print run for newspapers, magazines, brochures, catalogs, packaging materials or labels is completed.- Takes the customer high resolution files and creates the digital image to the customer specifications while maintaining the integrity of the schedule.- Determines size arrangement or image changes of the client artwork to assure proper fit on finished product.- Enters information into computer equipment with mouse, keyboard, scanner, or modem to create layout proofs for customer and company approval.- Maintains log of digital jobs and coordinates them with others in department.- Performs preflight on customers artwork to determine accuracy, omissions, or additional requirements.- Creates a print of the digital image for the department print file.- Maintains accuracy for material color profiles.- Understands and performs rasterization of files for digital output.- Alters illustrations to enlarge, reduce, or clarify image on original artwork to match customer’s expectations.- Prepares a scale proof and presents the sample to customer service for customer approval- Maintains electronic files and archives of all computer created graphics.- Assists with other jobs in department as needed.- Increases knowledge of computer graphic design through reading trade publications and independent study.- Ensures compliance with company safety rules and policies.- Maintains cleanliness of work area and equipment.
Template Designer, Print
Job Description
- Efficiently produce and alter templates by the required deadline to the standard quality and is brand compliant- Working closely with the Quality Control and Helpdesk to provide urgent requests within very tight turnaround time- Work closely with Quality Control to ensure the quality of templates- Develop good understanding of client branding and design and also the company’s internal systems (Artspeed/EVO)- Continuously learn and strengthen skills and understanding of Creator, Adobe CS, coding and technique to effectively and efficiently produce online artwork- Continuously learn different specifications and requirements for various artwork including signboards, different advertising publications, brochures, mail cards, etc.- Ability to come up with new ways and ideas to work better and smarter Customer Service- Provide exceptional customer service- Seek to resolve design and advertising complaints and disputes efficiently- Helpfully assist our customers with implementation of online artwork requests
Senior Template Designer, Print
Job Description
- Efficiently produces and edits templates by the required deadline to the established quality which must align with brand marketing compliance;- Works closely with the Production Supervisor to resolve urgent client requests adhering to rigid turnaround times;- Responsible for workload management and distribution of job inventory;- Ensures Freshdesk tickets assigned to Template Production Helpdesk are resolved within SLA turnaround times;- Proof reads and seeks supplementary information (if necessary) of all logged jobs to ensure accurate client request have been supplied prior to the job allocation to a Template Developer;- Supports the Production Supervisor in all team duties and embraces team collaboration with all peers to achieve favorable team and client results;- Works closely with their Production Supervisor and Helpdesk to resolve urgent client requests adhering to rigid turnaround times;- Provide exceptional customer service to lead client marketing campaigns for on-boarding, rebrand and transition;- Coordinate the regulations of style guides, specifications and client marketing requirements with internal customers;- Mentors and strengthens skills and understanding of Inhouse design system, Adobe Creative Suite, coding and techniques to effectively and aptly produce online artwork - buddy;- Seeks to create a harmonious and constructive environment, contributing positively to the teams organized and methodical approach to achieve caseload;- Ensure the quality of templates are accomplished accurately, aligned with client brand compliance
Senior Template Designer, Digital
Job Description
- Works on Digital Proposals and Landing Pages
- Assists Manager and Assistant Manager on handling assignment of daily deliverables and tasks (using Monday) per client’s needed deadline
- Assist the whole team in creating and establishing process improvements and training plans that will help the team establish a much firmer and stabilize process, moving forward.
- Help assist teammates (Graphic Designers and Digital Template Designers) and Customer Support Specialist (CSS) on template-based questions and inquiries
- Efficiently produce and edit digital templates / landing pages by the required deadline to the established quality which must align with brand marketing compliance;
- Ensuring the quality of templates are of the highest quality and brand-compliant, prior to artwork delivery
- Regularly learn and strengthen skills in Figma, coding and techniques to effectively and aptly produce online artwork;
- Coordinating the regulations of style guides, specifications and client marketing requirements with internal customers;
- Engaging the team, its leaders, clients and surroundings harmoniously and constructively, contributing positively to the team organized and methodical approach to achieving caseload by the deadline.
- Ensures that our customers are receiving an excellent customer experience by producing quality artwork templates with exceptional turnaround times.
- Support and mentor new employees and design an effective training program to allow to grow and show their full potentials
- Prepare educational materials for them to grow, mostly documentations and standalone modules.
- Monitors employee performance and their response to training. Evaluate how they’ll grow and be more efficient as an individual and part of the team.
- Liaise with managers to determine training needs and schedule training sessions

Top Skills

Marketing » Content Creation » Creative Writing

E-Commerce » Inventory Management » Quality Control

Customer Support » Phone Support » English Speaking

Other Skills

Marketing » Content Creation » Blogging

Marketing » Content Creation » Proofreading

SEO » Content Management

Design » Adobe » Illustrator

Design » Logo Design

Design » Web Design & Page Layout

Office and Administration » Translation

Office and Administration » Data Entry

Web Programming » CSS

Web Programming » HTML

Design » Print Design

Office and Administration » Email Management

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Makati City, Metro Manila, NCR
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