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February 23rd, 2024 (today)

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July 29th, 2022

Profile Description

Results-driven Digital Marketing Analyst with expertise in analyzing data across various social platforms. With a strong analytical background and a deep understanding of social media dynamics, I am dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape.
Looking for a skilled Data Analyst who can transform your raw data into valuable insights? Search no more!

What can I do for you: 
Data Analysis: Proficient in utilizing advanced analytics tools to extract valuable insights from social media data, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Social Media Marketing: Adept at crafting and executing effective social media campaigns to enhance brand awareness and engagement.

Performance Tracking: Skilled in monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure campaign effectiveness and optimize marketing efforts.

Audience Segmentation: Expert in segmenting target audiences to deliver tailored content and personalized experiences.

Trend Analysis: Capable of identifying industry trends and consumer behaviors to stay ahead of the competition.

Social Listening: Knowledgeable in utilizing social listening tools to understand customer sentiments and adapt marketing strategies accordingly.

Reporting and Visualization: Proficient in creating comprehensive reports and visually appealing dashboards to communicate data insights effectively.

A/B Testing: Experienced in conducting A/B tests to optimize ad creatives, landing pages, and overall campaign performance.

Content Strategy: Skilled in developing content strategies that resonate with target audiences and drive engagement.

Data-Driven Decision-Making In:
Google AdsFacebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Youtube Ads
Google Analytics
?Google Search Console | SEO
Lucky Orange
Google Merchant Center
Microsoft Power BI

About me:
As an experienced and dedicated data analyst, I possess a strong skill set that includes creativity, organization, attention to detail, and reliability. With a creative mindset, I uncover hidden insights, while my organizational skills improve efficiency in data analysis.
I prioritize attention to detail to ensure accuracy and reliability in my work. My commitment to delivering high-quality services consistently, meeting deadlines, and exceeding expectations makes me a valuable asset. I continuously seek professional growth to uphold the highest standards of professionalism in the fast-paced data-driven environment.
My goal is to improve your organization’s processes and, winning creatives and trends across different metrics.
Let me be your extra pair of hands and save time on projects so you can focus more on business planning and less on the administration side of things.
Let's turn your data into actionable insights! Contact me today.

Top Skills

Advertising » Google Ads

Experience: 1 - 2 years

Advertising » Facebook Ads

Experience: Less than 6 months

Advertising » Youtube Ads

Experience: Less than 6 months

Other Skills

Marketing » Social Media Management

Experience: 1 - 2 years


Experience: Less than 6 months

Office and Administration » Data Analytics

Experience: Less than 6 months

Advertising » Creative Advertising

Advertising » Amazon Ads

Web Programming » HTML

Web Programming » Python

Software » Databases » MySQL

Advertising » Bing Ads

Basic Information

Not Specified
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Opol, Misamis Oriental
Tests Taken
Score:  125
Dominance: 31%
Influence: 14%
Steadiness: 25%
Compliance: 30%
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“My Filipino specialist who is absolutely amazing..go get your OFS today!”

Eden Einav


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