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September 26th, 2023 (65 days ago)

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Position: Solar PV Permit Design Engineer Responsibilities:1. Generate Permitting for PV only and PV + Battery (Shift)Systems:- Develop comprehensive designs for  foreign(USA) PV systems that incorporate both PV only configurations and PV + Battery setups. These designs involve the utilization of SolarEdge, Delta, and Growatt inverters, as well as LG Chem and SolarEdge batteries. The focus is on providing efficient and code-compliant solutions for residential solar installations, showcasing adaptability in quickly mastering new technologies to effectively execute technical responsibilities.2. Generate Solar site plans/drawings:- Create accurate site plans and drawings that depict the layout and placement of solar panels for various PV system configurations.3. Generate Structural drawings for solar arrays/rooftops:- Produce detailed structural drawings that outline the specific requirements for installing solar arrays on rooftops or other designated areas, taking into consideration different PV system setups.4. Generate Electrical Calculations and diagrams:- Perform precise electrical calculations and develop clear diagrams that demonstrate the electrical connections and configurations required for PV systems, accounting for different components and equipment.5. Adhere to AHJ (Local Jurisdictional Permitting Authority) requirements:- Ensure compliance with the regulations and guidelines stipulated by the local jurisdictional permitting authority, guaranteeing that all designs meet the necessary standards and codes.6. Review, revise, redesign, and ensure all projects meet requirements:- Conduct thorough reviews of designs, incorporate revisions as necessary, engage in redesign efforts, and ensure that all projects align with the specified requirements and meet the necessary standards.

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Customer Support » Phone Support » English Speaking

Design » 3D Design » 3D modeling

Other Skills

Professional Services » Architectural Services

Design » 3D Design » 3D autocad

Marketing » Video Marketing

Marketing » Social Media Management » Facebook marketing

Professional Services » Construction And Engineering

Experience: 1 - 2 years

Advertising » Facebook Ads

Design » User Interface

Real Estate » Appointment Setting

Office and Administration » Microsoft Excel

Marketing » Youtube Marketing

Office and Administration » Travel Planning

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