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Certified Public Accountant

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Generate Financial Reports such as Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income Cash Flows, working Capital , Financial Statement Analysis ,gather financial data, budgeting, analysis of per account in the balance sheet such as cash, account receivable, inventory investment and liabilities, stock holders equity. Schedules of per accounts , making reports.

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Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)

writing emails, answering the phone, calling the suppliers,Attending confidential transactions of the owners,some secretarial jobs.

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I work in foreign country before medium of exchange is english, emails correspondence and answering text was English.

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Finance & Management

CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT ACHIEVEMENTS: Certified Public Accountant (Philippines) – Passed Board Member National Institute of Accountants in Australia (2010) Currently taking CPA board exams Hawaii - Passed Auditing Theory and Financial accounting Awaiting results of Business Environment and Taxation taken October 2012. Strong knowledge of QuickBooks, MS Excel and other companies develop software. EDUCATION: BS Degree in Accounting Father Saturino Urios University / Xavier University 1995 EXPERIENCE: Chief Accountant July 2008 –2012 Estemlak Gulf Holding Company (Retail Business) Kuwait Manage of accounts of Estemlak Gulf Holding and subsidiaries. Supervise subsidiary accounting teams. Prepare consolidated financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. Prepare year-end and interim accounts in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standard. Prepare Financial Statement in accrual basis and making adjustments. Provide recommendations to the Management for the improvement of accounting systems. Reconciliation of All Nominal Accounts from Cash to Stockholders Equity. Monitor of all subsidiary ledger accounts and tally with Balance Sheet. Analyze all abnormal accounts. Verify the correctness of check voucher if it is a valid payment and authorized by owners. Check the correct Accounting Entry. Analyze the flow of Internal Control if the control procedures are strong to prevent fraud. Submit monthly financial statement reports to the owners and explain the relationship of all accounts, what makes it increase and decrease, why it’s profit or loss. Check Inventory if it is properly costed using FIFO method or average cost method or duly carried out. Monitor Daily Inventory if its tally with Product Movement Reports if nothing is missing. Analyze correct distribution of expenses, transfer in product and transfer out product across companies. Evaluate if the Internal Control was effectively implemented such as if collections everyday were deposited intact, related party transactions were properly disclosed. Implementation, at the same time observing financial and administrative control that affects the fairness and reliability of financial reporting. Evaluate the overall presentation of consolidated financial statements if accounting policies use and accounting estimates are reasonable enough as a basis for future forecast. Ensure proper book of accounts have been kept by the parent company and consolidated financial statements. Verify if intercompany balances and transactions, including intercompany profits unrealized profits and losses are eliminated on consolidation. Check if the financial statements of subsidiaries are consolidated on a line-by-line basis by adding together like items of assets, liabilities income and expenses. Assess if revenue is measured at the fair value of the consideration received. Equipments are stated at cost less accumulated depreciation and impairment losses. Equipments are depreciated on the straight-line method at rates sufficient to depreciate the assets over estimated useful lives of the assets. Ensure management approves all related party transactions. Examine if all regular way purchases and sales of financial assets are recognized on the trade date, ie. the date the group commits to purchase or sell the assets, within the time frame generally established by regulation or convention in the market place concern. An assessment is made at each balance sheet date to determine whether there is objective evidence that specific financial asset may be impaired. If such evidence exists, any impairment loss is recognized in the consolidated statement of income. Review if the estimates and underlying assumptions on an ongoing basis. ACCOUNTANT January 2006 – May 2008 First Kuwait General Trading and Contracting Company (Construction) – Kuwait City Ensured that account posted to relevant heads of account. Performed calculations which may include interest and depreciation Prepared journal entries and disbursement voucher supporting action. Reconciled bank accounts and making necessary journal entries in the accounting system. Complied with assigned procedure. Analyzed reconciling balancing and maintaining accounting procedures and preparing financial reports. Led continuous improvement efforts establishing Internal control which relates accounting system SENIOR ACCOUNTANT January 2002 – December 2005 Red Ribbon Inc. (Fast Food Chain) – Pamplona, Las Piñas City Analyzed Financial Statement if it is in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and make sure that the Financial Statements are reliable and fairly stated. Directed financial design and system analysis that improved internal control structure of the company. Performed bank reconciliation for purposes of reporting to the external auditor Performed sales report analysis for budgeting purposes. Coordinated and involved in the preparation of annual budget of all 14 branches, franchised by the company. Coordinated the financial reporting of receivables, payables and costing variable and direct standard analysis for budgeting purposes. ACCOUNTANT January 1998 – December 2001 Ristorante La Dolce Fontana – OB Montessori, Philippines Recorded transaction to Journal Books, Receivable preparation; summarized all collection in the cash receipts follow-up receivable collections, making statement of account to customers who have credit line, payable preparation, checking sales invoice, purchase requisition, purchase order, sales receiving report. Make aging payable and sort all payables that are due for the terms allotted. Computed allowances and night differential of employee’s attendance for service charge purposes, making pay slip, certification of SSS and Pag-Ibig. Completed sales report if assigned as Cashier. Releasing checks and summarizing release and outstanding checks. Completed SSS and Philhealth Quarterly collection list. Filled up for monthly remittances of SSS and Philhealth, Pag-Ibig, and VAT Withholding Tax. Collected Reports of Day to Day operations of restaurant like production reports of hot and cold kitchen, daily consumption of bar left over, spoilage and recovery report. Monthly Bank Reconciliation ACCOUNTING CLERK January 1996 – January 1998 South Davao Development Corporation (Agricultural) Philippines Recorded various accounting transaction including payables, cash disbursement and tax remittances. Various administrative duties in support of supervisor.

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