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Hello! Welcome to my profile. I bring a wealth of expertise in influencer marketing, copywriting, and conference administration, all of which underpin my comprehensive
management skills.
 TikTal • Campaign Associate
As a Campaign Associate at TikTal, I've mastered influencer marketing and campaign management. I've collaborated with global brand managers on TikTok campaigns, partnering with notable brands like Snickers, Loblaws PC Express, J&J, and more. I excel in crafting narratives of influence and bringing a touch of magic to the world of
influencer marketing.
Copywriting Proficiency
My journey also took me through the dynamic world of copywriting. I've honed my skills to captivate and engage audiences through the written word. Whether crafting compelling narratives for influencer campaigns or creating content that aligns with a brand's message, my copywriting skills are the bedrock of my expertise.
Conference Administration and Management 
As a Conference Administrator at Intrado, I've demonstrated strong management and organizational skills. I've successfully executed conferences, radio shows, and online events, ensuring seamless logistical operations. My collaborative coordination with stakeholders, speakers, and vendors underscores my ability to unite diverse groups for a common goal. My commitment to delivering high-quality audio through digital editing and transcription has enriched my skill set, emphasizing my attention
to detail and quality.
Exceptional Customer Engagement 
Previous roles have equipped me with exceptional customer engagement, support, and issue resolution skills. Whether it's maintaining customer satisfaction, resolving concerns, or surpassing service targets, I consistently uphold a commitment to excellence in customer care and performance metrics.
Administrative Proficiency 
In the realm of administration, I've been pivotal in efficient communication, time management, and visitor support. My responsibilities encompassed a wide array of administrative duties, contributing to overall workplace efficiency and organization.
With a passion for influencer marketing, copywriting finesse, and comprehensive management skills, my journey represents a continuous evolution. I'm eager to bring this knowledge and experience to any project or team, ready to tackle challenges with creativity, precision, and a dash of magic. Let's connect and explore how we can
collaborate to make a lasting impact!

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Marketing » Email Marketing

Marketing » Copywriting

Real Estate » Lead Generation

Marketing » Direct Mail Marketing

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Marketing » Affiliate Marketing

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