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April 19th, 2024 (yesterday)

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October 18th, 2021

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Highly motivated and results-driven sales representative with over 5 years of experience. Consistently exceeding sales targets and building strong client relationships. Possesses excellent communication and negotiation skills, combined with a strategic and customer-focused approach. Adepth at identifying customer needs and providing tailored solutions to drive revenue growth.

RT Lawrence
Data Entry Analyst
Accurately enter and maintain data into databases, spreadsheets, or other designated systems. Review and verify data for completeness, accuracy, and consistency. Ensure data integrity and quality by performing regular data audits and Upgrade to see actual infoanize and categorize data in a logical and structured manner for easy retrieval and analysis .Identify and resolve data discrepancies or errors promptly and efficiently. Follow established data entry procedures and guidelines to maintain consistency and data standards. Handle confidential and sensitive information with utmost discretion and maintain data security protocols. Collaborate with teaUpgrade to see actual infombers and other departments to obtain missing or additional data as needed. Generate reports, summaries, or presentations based on the entered data. Maintain and update documentation related to data entry processes, procedures, and guidelines. Stay updated with industry standards and best practices related to data entry and management. Assist in data analysis or data-driven projects as Upgrade to see actual infoet productivity and accuracy targets set by supervisors or managers. Provide support in data migration or system integration projects.

Order Processing-Representative
Responsible for processing orders and communicating with 3rd party vendors. Handling in-bound and out-bound calls to and from florists and third-party delivery services. Handling in-bound and out-bound calls to and from florists and third-party delivery services. Receive and process incoming customer orders, ensuring accuracy and adherence to company policies and procedures. Verify order details, including product codes, quantities, pricing, and shipping information. Coordinate with shipping carriers to arrange pickups and deliveries, ensuring timely and accurate shipment of orders. Follow up with customers to ensure satisfaction with their orders and address any post-order issues or concerns. Stay updated on product knowledge, pricing, and promotional offers to provide accurate and relevant information to customers.

Advice Chaser
Conduct outbound calls or engage in proactive outreach to prospective customers or leads. Qualify leads and gather relevant information to determine their interest and potential fit for financial advice services offered. Maintain a database or CRM system to track and manage leads, appointments, and follow-up activities. Follow established scripts or guidelines to effectively communicate the value proposition of the product or service being offered. Effectively handle objections or concerns raised by leads and address them Upgrade to see actual infoet/exceed daily, weekly, or monthly appointment setting targets or quotas.

1-800 Flowers
Provide exceptional customer service by actively listening to customers, understanding their needs, and offering personalized recommendations. Process customer orders accurately, ensuring the correct flowers, quantities, and delivery details are recorded. Handle customer inquiries, concerns, or complaints promptly and professionally, striving for satisfactory resolutions. Follow up with customers after their purchase to ensure satisfaction and encourage future business.

Skills Communication:
Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey information, build rapport with customers, and deliver persuasive sales presentations.
Negotiation: Ability to negotiate and persuade customers to make purchasing decisions, including addressing objections and finding mutually beneficial solutions.
Relationship Building: Skill in developing and maintaining relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and providing personalized solutions to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Prospecting and Lead Generation: Competence in identifying potential customers, generating leads, and conducting effective prospecting activities to expand the customer base.

Product Knowledge: Thorough understanding of the products or services being sold, including features, benefits, and competitive advantages, to effectively address customer inquiries and highlight value propositions.
Closing Deals: Proficiency in employing vaUpgrade to see actual infous closing techniques and strategies to secure sales and achieve targets.

Active Listening: Ability to listen attentively to customer needs, understand their requirements, and tailor sales pitches accordingly.

Time Management: Strong organizational skills and the ability to pUpgrade to see actual inforitize tasks, manage time effectively, and meet sales targets within given deadlines.
Resilience: Capacity to handle rejection and maintain motivation and enthusiasm despite challenges, demonstrating resilience and perseverance.
Problem Solving: Aptitude for identifying customer pain points and providing creative solutions to address their needs, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing sales opportunities.

Adaptability: Ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, customer preferences, and sales strategies to stay ahead in a dynamic sales environment.
Technology Proficiency: Familiarity with CRM systems, sales automation tools, and other sales software to manage customer relationships, track sales activities, and generate reports.

Team Collaboration: Capability to work effectively as part of a sales team, collaborating with colleagues, sharing knowledge, and leveraging collective strengths to achieve sales objectives.
Data Analysis: Basic analytical skills to interpret sales data, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize sales strategies and improve performance.

Top Skills

Customer Support

Customer Support » Phone Support

Office and Administration » Data Entry

Customer Support » Phone Support » English Speaking

Other Skills

Marketing » Social Media Management » Facebook marketing

Advertising » Amazon Ads

Advertising » Facebook Ads

Professional Services » Management Services » Inventory Management

Customer Support » Email Support

Customer Support » Technical Support

Customer Support » Sales Support

Office and Administration » Translation

Marketing » Mobile Marketing

Office and Administration » Email Management

Office and Administration » Personal Assistant

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