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April 18th, 2024 (2 days ago)

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December 13th, 2020

Profile Description

Need a seasoned SEO content writer who knows how to make your online presence pop, a sales professional who can close deals with finesse, or a customer service pro who turns clients into raving fans? Well, look no further. I’m the jackpot you’ve been looking for!

Allow me to introduce myself— you can call me Nick, a seasoned SEO content writer, crafting engaging articles for real estate and senior care that not only rank well but also resonate with readers. I understand the importance of creating content that not only educates and entertains but also inspires action—a skill set that I am eager to bring to your team.

Why choose me?

1. Exceptional Writing Skills: Forget ordinary writers—I'm in a league of my own! I don't do "average”, so say goodbye to boring mediocre content. My mission? Crafting content that's not just clear, concise, and accurate, but so darn engaging that it'll have your readers dazzled and wanting more.

 2. Content Strategy: Your business is one-of-a-kind, and so is my approach. Before I even think about hitting the keyboard, I’ll dissect your style, standards, and goals. Then, I'll whip up a strategy that's as unique as you are, that it'll feel like it was brewed just for you, hitting all the right notes to meet your goals and keep your audience hooked. Think of me as your content genie, granting all your wishes with a strategic strike of my keyboard.

3. On-Page Optimization: SEO Keywords? Meta what-now? I've got it all covered. As a Junior SEO Analyst, I have what it takes when it comes to conducting SEO Keyword Research. Whether it's easy-to-rank keywords or competitive keywords to outrank your competitors, I got it. I sprinkle those keywords like confetti, turning each content into an SEO powerhouse. As for optimizing meta titles, meta descriptions, headings, and URL structures? you name it, I'll optimize it, giving you that extra "oomph" in the search engine game.

4. User Experience (UX) Optimization: Writing isn't just about words; it's about the experience. With my keen eye for UX,  I create content that is easy to read, navigate, and digest across various devices. Because who needs frustration when you can have a seamless user experience?

5. Team Player with Flair: Collaboration? Honey, it's my middle name (well, not literally, but you get the idea). I’m eager to collaborate with your SEO consultant, content strategists, co-writers, and web developers to ensure that our content strategy aligns seamlessly with your overarching goals. Together, we'll take your business from "meh" to "heck yeah" in no time.

I'm ready to hit the ground running and inject some serious sass into your content strategy. So, what do you say?

Not looking for an SEO Content Writer? Perhaps, a Customer Service or Sales Representative is what you're after. If so, let me tell you, I'm your go-to person for that!

Before diving into the world of Digital Marketing, I’ve got over 7 years of BPO experience under my belt. Yep, that’s right. I’ve been in the game longer than most. I've spent more than 3 years in Customer Service in e-Comm, taking care of eBay sellers from the US. I was a bit of a jack-of-all-trades – I played the roles of Selling & Billing Specialist and Consultant. 

Sales experience? Oh, absolutely! I've been conquering the world of sales for over 5 fabulous years, and I’ll tell you what, it's been a wild ride. One of my gigs? None other than CrazyDomains. I was dishing out domains, hosting, email marketing, and SEO to those Aussie clients like it was a piece of cake. 

Want more? Seems like you've managed to make it through my profile, huh? Now, how about we hop on a quick call to see how I can help your business? Just shoot me a time that works for you, and I look forward to meeting you.

Top Skills

Marketing » Content Creation » Microblog Content Writing


Customer Support » Phone Support » English Speaking

Other Skills

Marketing » Content Creation » Creative Writing

Real Estate » Lead Generation

Customer Support » Content Moderation/Management

Office and Administration » Microsoft Excel

Marketing » Copywriting

Marketing » Content Creation » Blogging

Marketing » Content Creation » Proofreading

Marketing » Content Creation » Technical Writing

Customer Support » Email Support

Customer Support » Phone Support

Marketing » Social Media Management » Social Media Marketing

Office and Administration » Email Management

Basic Information

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Labangon, Cebu
Tests Taken
Score:  128
Dominance: 23%
Influence: 35%
Steadiness: 28%
Compliance: 14%
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