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Salary more than Php 50,000.00/month ( $970 USD )
40 hrs/wk ( $6.06 USD/hr )
Experience Six years in Creative Writing, Copywriting, Business Writing, and Journalism.
Education Bachelors degree
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Age 28
Gender Female
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Skill Summary

Writing infused my veins a decade ago and it has emerged parallel to my passion for music, travel, and spirituality. My previous work experiences revolved around the fundamentals and overtones of the said.
After many years, I have refined a chameleon way of writing - from intellectual profundities to simple flattery - that has led me to connect with publishers, authors, and business people to whom I have created sellable word play that’s been used to polish their digital pursuit into a compact representation of their life work.
I am foremost in the creatives, but being well-immersed in various fields such as journalism, publishing, travel, spirituality, public relations, events, and business, I am set to write anything handed to me. May it be as exuberant as my stylings or bold; free from all the literary trickery, I have mastered it.
Although the presence of an organic feeling to turn the simplest words into flowery exhibitions is always at large, poking. It will always be here, my embellished wordings, if I am favored to just be.

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)

Skill Rating:

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Event Planner
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research
  • Transcription
  • Travel Planning


English Experience:

I was a former customer service representative for an international travel agency and a former English teacher for Korean students.

Skill Rating:

  • Speaking
  • Translation
  • Tutoring Teaching
  • Writing


Writing Experience:

An excerpt from one of my latest pieces: Once the flow is triggered, everything disappears. The cool latte I was sipping is forgotten. The crashing waves framed by mountain ranges before me dissolve to nothingness. I enter a nullity - a zero space - for when my imagination bursts, words just flow. No distractions, just emerging ripples of verses. My favored background could enhance this happening, but it’s just me, the muse, and my masterpiece brewed in a magical state that will exist throughout the creative shift.

Skill Rating:

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Editing Proofreading
  • Ghost Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Web Content Writing

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales Experience:

I am a part of a music events company called Heartburn Productions that impels underground bands to unveil their talent in the mainstream scene. In accordance to marketing, I see to it that before a band's performance, their profile is exposed in social media sites to help them draw more audience and potential music producers. Knowing that advertising holds a huge portion of the guest come-out for every gig, I produce different strategies to attract spectators, may it be special promos on food and drinks, proactive games, online contests, freebies from sponsors, or simply an engaging written promotion through Facebook, I see to it that our events are well-marketed and advertised to its full potential.

Skill Rating:

  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing


Skill Rating:

  • Amazon Product Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords


Skill Rating:

  • Content Management
  • Google analytics
  • Wordpress

Graphics & Multimedia

Graphics & Multimedia Experience:

Although I didn't get to pursue the academe of graphic arts, I was exposed to its basics as I worked hand in hand with graphic artists and creative directors when I was writing for Public Relations. Coming from a Fashion school, free-hand drawing, painting, and design were imperatives and a touch of photo editing was constituted. That said, I have honed an eye for good design and an familiar taste for visual arts.

Skill Rating:

  • Graphics Editing
  • Logo Design
  • Recording Audio
  • Video Editing
  • Web page Design

Finance & Management

Finance & Management Experience:

As I've mentioned in the previous skill sets, bearing an experience in events management and secretariat work, I was also able to deal with budgeting, financial analysis, and over-all management.

Skill Rating:

  • Business Plans
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Strategic Planning

Customer Service & Admin Support

Customer Service & Admin Support Experience:

Being a former executive assistant I was assigned to diverse and critical administrative tasks.

Skill Rating:

  • Content Moderation
  • Customer Support
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Social Media Moderation

Project Management

Skill Rating:

  • Marketing Project Management
  • Other Project Management
  • Web Development Project Management
  • Writing Project Management
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