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Direct Response Copywriter Specialized in Email Copywriting

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Php 50,000.00/month
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Digital Marketing Dojo's Inner Circle Philippines
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I love to help entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and agencies to get more conversion rate, traffic, and sales through storytelling and research-based study yet 0% Risk direct response copywriting.
Bustos, Bulacan
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October 3rd, 2022 (3 days ago)
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July 16th, 2020

Have trouble getting more traffic?

Tired of unread emails and a low conversion rate?

Annoyed by low volume sales?

Then let me fix that in the most simple yet effective and powerful approach!

Hey, my name’s Upgrade to see actual info and I love to help entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and agencies to get more conversion rate, traffic, and sales through cost-efficient yet no BS direct response copywriting.

And to be honest, I hate making you suffer from anxiety, stress, overpromise, and worrying that keeping you from performing at your best…

I mean problems like:

“Why no one is buying my product?”
“Why my marketing isn’t working?”
“What’s wrong with my offer?”
“Am I doing the right thing?”
“Where should I start?”

…I feel you because when I started this journey of copywriting, I don’t know where I should start and how much time and money it’ll cost me.

So as I was saying…

Let me fix your problems in the most simple yet effective and powerful 
approach by driving your leads down the funnel!

“So how can you do that?”

Using the power of Persuasion commonly known as “Copywriting” (e.g. Landing Pages or Opt-in pages, product descriptions, emails, Facebook Ads, etc.).

At first, I’ve studied on my own with everything I can consume about copywriting but still, it’s not enough so…

I invest in a paid program from First and The Largest Copywriting Community in the Philippines, which is called the "Digital Marketing Dojo's Inner Circle Philippines" also known as “Copywriting Dojo Philippines”. And not just the 1st and largest but the Top Copywriters in the Philippines are there!

Now, let me give you some taste of my sample work so that you’ll know if I’m the right fit for you…

Upgrade to see actual info

I know that you’re interested because you’re still with me…

…but let me share with you a little story of mine back then when I was struggling to start this career (copywriting)…

It’s January 2020, when the covid-19 isn’t yet known in the world but already spreading in the whole universe (sorry for exaggeration) and that’s the start of my journey…

So as I was watching videos on YouTube just let the algorithm do the job.

I just aUpgrade to see actual info saw a video of Dan Lok (a self-made Multimillionaire and a copywriter) about “5 High-Income Skills” and I got hooked by the thumbnail of it saying “5 High-End Careers (No Degree Required)”.

Then I keep watching it till the copywriting gets my attention because it’s a writing thing and it’s a learnable skill based on the video…

So then, I get so excited that time and even I’m at the school and there was a professor, I can't help to stop and keep watching every bit of information about it.

A month passed and because I’m so busy in school at the same time I have work. I had almost forgotten the copywriting world.

And then the covid-19 strike the world without a warning…

The school stop…
The work stop…
And everything almost stops…

…and that time I only had Php2,000 (40$) which is really a small amount to be considered because we are 8 in the Family and no one has any savings or money at hand…

It was really so tough for everyone at that time because everything is going down.

But that time, I've tried to view it as an opportunity to pursue a copywriting career and I study hard, search for tons of information and keep learning through free videos and examples.

Then the journey doesn’t end there because after all of that…

I still don’t know where I should go next and there are a lot of questions on my mind…

“Am I doing it right?”
“Should I start finding clients?”
“Am I really ready for this?”
“I don’t know what’s next?”
“Why it’s not working?”

Yes, it’s almost the same questions as you do, and finding the answer for all of them, really takes a year for me to get it.

And the answers appear when I open myself to investing money for learning, because free stuff isn’t really helping so much and the path is so complex to understand…

After the long journey, I found out that you need to invest money to save money and save time!

Sounds crazy right? But you really know what I mean…

You hire people to do the job for you, so you have time to focus on managing your business.

You invest in marketing for your offer to be known and get more sales from it.

You hire a copywriter so that you can leverage the money you spend in marketing and advertising.

Anyway, I value your time, so I’m giving you something for free because you’ve read it until the very end…

So then, I’m giving you a Free Critique for the ads, email, sales page, or opt-in page that you’re running right now

“What’s the catch?”

Seriously, I just want to help your business even in little ways that I know can contribute a lot.

Don’t be shy, feel free to send me a message, so that I can give you my thoughts right away.

So then, I’m looking forward to your message.

Your “Conversion Booster”,

Upgrade to see actual info “Problem Solver” Upgrade to see actual info

PS. If you're still reading, you’re probably interested but there’s a little doubt that’s stopping you and that’s fine…

So send me a message to claim your free critique and by the way, here are a few secret works of mine…

Upgrade to see actual info

By the way, here are a few more reasons why you should work with me:

* I’m a more storyteller copywriter so my copy builds a connection to the reader to keep them engaged in your offers.

* I don’t like missing deadlines

* I’m a member of Copywriting Dojo Philippines (It’s also where I take the program) where our mentors are the top copywriters, digital marketers, and even funnel builders in the Philippines

* I’ve earned my email marketing certificate from HubSpot

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