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November 29th, 2023 (9 days ago)

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May 20th, 2020

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Can a Few Words Online Really Turn Your Business Around?

I woke up looking at my phone shocked.

Apparently, the landing page we ran the day before skyrocketed our revenue… it made a 2000% return in one night!

One landing page. Less than 400 words. Making 20x of what it’s spending!

That year, it made over $2 million in revenue. That’s $5,000 per word.

Now, before you get all Upgrade to see actual info, I didn’t write that $2M landing page. I’m not that awesome… yet.

I did, however, write an advertorial that made 900% ROAS, rewrite a health funnel that made $90k profit in 2 months, and craft hundreds of compliant and scalable FB Ads.

I also increased a client’s subscriber list by 90% by adding a 100-word copy to a pain relief presell page...

Wrote a blog post that shot through Google’s 1st page after a week...

And crafted Upgrade to see actual info compliant and Upgrade to see actual info Facebook ads in one day. (Ugh, the headache)...

I even got a random guy on one of our ad saying “Wow... they sure have a creative writer.”

Imagine that… a few words turning your business around while being praised by strangers.

Yes, words can turn your pennies into dollars.
Your prospects into clients.
And your brand into a cult.

So if you’re looking for a proven copywriter who can make a few words do magic for your business, send me a message so we can schedule a free 30-minute copy consultation call.

What? You don’t trust strangers? Well, your mom taught you well.

Hi, my name is Bj (I know, nostalgic name),

I was the go-to copywriter of an international 7-figure direct response company that sold different nutra and supplement products throughout the years.

Before that, I was serving freelance clients all over the world.

“What you wrote was brilliant! Thanks much will definitely work with you again and again!” ~ Derick, owner of a health & beauty online store in Japan

"Bj was professional throughout the project. Every demand was met with a pleasing "can do" attitude." ~ Vivian, Digital Business Developer from Australia.

“His copy was modern and with good rationale. I can only recommend working with this freelancer.” ~ Andreas C. of Medflyer Enodio, a diagnostic lab in Germany

What I did for them, I can do for you:

- Do stalker-type research that reveals where your market’s buy button is.

- Write Facebook Ads and emails that stop your prospects mid-scroll, suck them in, and make them tap for more.

- Help you get away from the threat of rapid market changes and, instead, take advantage of it by adopting your core message.

- Write landing pages that’ll make your prospects happily give you their money… and make them come back for more.

- Be your partner to brainstorm big ideas and strategize funnels with clear goals.

Now, my recent consult call cost a handsome fella $100, you’ll get it for free if you send me a message now.

“Wait… why are you doing it free now?”

Lol. Because I’m nice.

Oh, and ‘cause it allows us to know each other. To see if we’re a good fit.

This’ll save us more time, money, and headaches down the road. So schedule your copy consult call now.

Oh, now you’re just scrutinizing. Fine. Let my previous clients do the talking…

Alex P. owner of a supplement store in Switzerland and the UK said this.
“I can clearly tell you have experience writing advertorial type Upgrade to see actual info looks really good.”

Lucas S. of Webnify, Germany ~ "Bj is a very friendly, uncomplicated and always replies very quickly! I'm very satisfied with his work and I'm sure I'll hire him again as soon as I need some new fresh ideas."

“I love it! [He was referring to my copy, not me] You [ahem, me] created something that will not only thrill the minds but also rank excellently in search engines.” ~ Asuquo A., Business Owner, Wales, UK

“Bj is a wonderful copywriter and is able to grasp the project with ease. His work is excellent and well placed for the Australian and US markets.” ~ Kevin O., Director of a Digital Marketing Company in Sydney, Australia, including clinics and private health practices

A.O. Head of Marketing of UpashaUpgrade to see actual infodicare, India
"Great freelance copywriter. Works according to the brief, cooperative, professional, hard-working. Highly recommended!"
Christopher B. writer of Holistic Health Book

"A truly creative soul. He delivered exactly what I was looking for and will keep him in mind for future work! Great experience."
A.B., international health and wellness online store owner

"FB ad copy and video script were created with Upgrade to see actual infot only did he write compliant and scalable FB ad copies, but he also made them as powerful as can be too. He also thought me a few tricks in Facebook advertisement and strategies which worked flawlessly."

Richard del Rosario of Mediheal Medical ~ "It doesn't matter if it's PR or marketing or sales or writing. He just knows how to create demand for a business while aligning it with the company's vision and the customer's gains." [We're friends now, so he may be biased]

Now can you just send me a message already and book a consultation Upgrade to see actual info’s free!

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Marketing » Content Creation » Ghost Writing

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Marketing » Content Creation » Microblog Content Writing

Marketing » Content Creation » Creative Writing

Marketing » Affiliate Marketing

Advertising » Facebook Ads

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