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Amazon Account Manager| PPC Specialist

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Php 40,000.00/month
( $737 USD )
BS in Pharmacy
30 hrs/wk
( $5.68 USD/hr )
 7+ years of experience on Retail Store General Management                                                                                   2 years of experience in Amazon Account Management
MALITA, Davao Occidental
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December 9th, 2022 (yesterday)
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December 29th, 2019

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******* Premium Amazon Account Manager | Amazon PPC Specialist *******

--------------------------------------------- What I can do for you ---------------------------------------

?? Product Listing Optimization | Enhanced Brand Content | Vivid Infographic Listing Images - I can create and integrate attractive A+ Content / EBC infographics that lead to increased conversions and sales.

?? PPC  | Amazon Ads | Search Engine Optimization | Sales Rank - With some SEO magic, I help Amazon sellers increase their sales revenue without spending too much on advertising.

?? Product Launch | Marketing Strategy - Whether you launch a new exciting product or develop your brand, I am here to help. We can work together to create effective strategies that suit your goals.

-------------------------------------------------- ABOUT ME -------------------------------------------------

Based in the tropical paradise Philippines, I spend my time hanging out with great friends and traveling. I am versatile, determined, and someone who loves learning. I consider myself creative, open-minded, easy-going and enjoy working with others. I always strive to do the best in everything, and I primarily use these qualities in my professional life. 

Thank you for reading my profile. I always get back to people as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours, and I look forward to hearing from you. Ready to improve your sales and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in Ads? Get hold of me here:??Email: Upgrade to see actual info
WhatsApp | Viber | Mobile : Upgrade to see actual info

--------------------------------------------- My Work Experience ----------------------------------------

******* Jan 2013 – Feb 2021 Retail Department General Store Manager *******
***************** (Malita Department Store) FULL TIME *****************
My responsibilities:
? Completed store operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees, following up on work results.
? Maintains store staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
? Formulated pricing policies by reviewing merchandising activities; determining additional needed sales promotion; authorizing clearance sales, studying trends.
? Markets merchandise by studying advertising, sales promotion, and display plans; analyzing operating and financial statements for profitability ratios.
? Maintained the stability and reputation of the store by complying with legal requirements.
? Determined marketing strategy changes by reviewing operating and financial statements and departmental sales records.

? Maintains operations by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing program, operational, and personnel policies and procedures.
************ Jan 2019 – Dec 2020 Assistant Hospital Pharmacist ************
************ [Part time Graveyard Shift] (Malita District Hospital) ***********

My responsibilities:

> check prescriptions for errors, ensuring they're appropriate and safe for the individual patient
> provide advice on the dosage of medicines and the most appropriate form of medication, which could be by tablet, injection, ointment, or inhaler> liaise with other medical staff on problems patients may experience when taking their medicines
> discuss treatments with patients' relatives, community pharmacists and GPs
> make sure medicines are stored appropriately and securely
> answer questions about medicines from within the hospital, other hospitals and the general public
> guidelines for drug use within the hospital and implement hospital regulations
> provide information on expenditure on drugs
> prepare and quality-check sterile medications, for example, intravenous medications
> provide clinical pharmacy services at the bedside to inpatients, as well as other clinical areas such as emergency departments and outpatient clinics alongside doctors and nurses
> help educate patients about complex drug therapies, the purpose of the medicine and how to take them and potential adverse effects, and how to manage them 

************* Jan 2021 – Sep 2021 - Amazon Virtual Assistant *************
****************** (Emily Delivers, Inc.) FREELANCE ******************
> Conduct in-depth product and market research and develop new product ideas consistent with the targets and goals of the company
> Manage product improvement and innovation to
respond to changing customer needs and market trends Monitor and analyze
customer reviews to improve existing products
> Plan, coordinate, and oversee inspection and testing of new and existing products to
confirm quality conformance to specifications and regulatory requirements·       

> Analyze and investigate product complaints or reported quality issues to ensure closure following company guidelines and external regulatory requirements
(after sales)

******* August 2021 up to today - Premium Amazon Account Manager *******
********************** (Orly Corp, US) FREELANCE **********************

> Responsible for increasing the existing sales across both Vendor + Seller Central.

> Launch new products and list them on our online platforms, including
Amazon, website.

> Improving existing listings and keeping all listings updated on a
regular basis to enhance our reach to customers beyond our competitors.

> Conduct market research and competitor analysis across various
product markets to identify areas of opportunity for both new and existing

> Ensuring all PPC campaigns are achieving set KPI’s and the correct

> Keeping good communication with account managers/bosses throughout the
year, for the best opportunities on critical days throughout the year, and
ongoing support.

> Looking at new business opportunities or processes to maximize the
sales potential

> Brainstorming with the marketing team to ensure our customer-facing
assets are to the highest standards possible.

> Utilizing data and looking at external software together with the
marketing team to find the correct keywords for PPC campaigns.

> Provide an accurate sales forecast for keeping the supply and demand
chain structured.

> Help increase product reviews and improve the customer journey.

> Using a tracking system to analyze best sellers within the industry
to keep ahead of the competition using H10

> Building a strategy to help drive sales of discontinued products and
overstocked lines out the warehouse.

> Creating and uploading digital content on all online channels,
ensuring everything is uploaded and merchandised on time.> Writing unique
product descriptions and other product specifications. Preparing suitable
product images.

> Resolving all issues related to the product catalog, including suppressed, blocked, or problems related to the product data accuracy.

> Spreadsheet management as well as demonstrated ability to write copy
inline with brand voice guidelines.

> New product launches – creating and populating data templates
including images.

> Product labels template generation and updating and making sure
product labels are compliant.

> Generating and monitoring return reports, seller rating reports,
claims reports and presenting them to the Managing Director/Boss

You can also contact me through these channels:
WhatsApp | Viber | Mobile : Upgrade to see actual info<8efe80624d780eba0c6493ec45140364>Skype: live:Upgrade to see actual info | Upgrade to see actual info

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Sales and Marketing
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