From Employers

“I have used your service to hire my VA and I have had nothing but success with my VA. Thank you for all the work you do, because it tremendously helped my business. I have actually outsourced all my work to the Philippines. If I don't have to touch it with my hands, I outsource it.”

Patrick Mclaughlin

“A huge thanks to both John & Dan for the provision of this most valuable service - & Snowed under with technical / time consuming tasks for my portfolio of websites - in the end I looked at the outsourcing solution, specifically taking on workers from the Philippines. to which you have full access upon signing upto has been a real blessing. Very quickly I was able to search through all of the bang up date current resumes for the skills which I needed. Shortlisted a few names, contacted these individuals and within 2 short days, arranged to take on one highly qualified young man. Now, several weeks later this young man is still with me and his knowledge simply astounds me. He is a very quick and able worker, able to carry out any task that I send his way with minimal hand-holding or supervision. Ultra fast he has been an absolute blessing to my business, allowing me to concentrate on other jobs which I can do very well, rather than previously struggling for hours on end on technical matters which I struggle with. Overall, this has pushed up my bottom line profits dramatically and none of this would have been possible without and A massive thumbs up to the guys (John & Dan) behind and 10/10 - A Fantastic Service!”

Mark Andrews

“I decided to look for an AWESOME content writer. Someone who has perfect english and I don't care if he/she has any other skills aside from spelling, grammar, sentence structure and the ability to write interesting stuff. I found her on last night. She emailed me back right away with a writing sample that blew me away. My wife said, "wow, I can't even write as well as her". So of course, I'm thinking "I wonder if she had that edited professionally ..." Time to setup a skype text chat. We did a 45 min text chat tonight. She made maybe 2-3 typos compared to my 8-10, and I didn't see a single grammar mistake. I thought I was conversing with an American. Honestly. $350 per month, settled ... hired ... I'm really happy”

Chris Thompson

“I was able to hire one writer from and I love her! She is working out wonderfully. Here is a great story about that! I have Been paying her once a week through paypal 1250 php (just gave her a raise but that is what it was when this incident occurred) Anyway, I accidentally paid her in US dollars, so 1250 US instead of 1250 PHP. So I paid her about 10 months salary, and she could have just kept it and I never heard from her again, BUT she actually returned it!!!! I feel like I found a gem in her. Someone I can trust, who is smart and reliable. I would recommend this service to anyone! :)”

Staci Gauny

“Your pre-found employees in the Philippines are the best! I tried before to hire internationally on my own and had poor results. The guy you found for me absolutely rocks. Thank you so much, John Jonas and team, for putting together this invaluable resource.”

Dave Crenshaw

From Jobseekers

“I am one of the people who had receive your help by you are really amazing. I searched your name on google and foud out that you live in Utah. I am also a member of the church and I really am happy to know that you have been an answer to my prayer. I was hired to one of the compnay that outsource and now I was able to help myself and my family. Thank you for doing this great opportuity for Filipino people”

  • Meriam Severino

“Hello guys!,

I hope you don't mind me sharing to you my story which I feel I'd like to share.

I've been a part of the site as a jobseeker for more than 2 years now but for a long while, I've taken my registration there for granted, partly because I had an office job back then and I did not much how to go about a possible freelance career vis-a-vis my employment then. I first came to rediscover this site around January last year when I was researching how to go about registering with the BIR as a freelance writer, albeit a part-time one then and I found a blog post there very helpful in going about my registration. From the information and my own experiences, I was able to write about my BIR experience in my own blog, and eventually as a chapter of a recently published book "Cyberpreneur Philippines." July that year, circumstances forced me to leave my office job so I decided to find work immediately. Unfortunately, I've experienced frustration as my job applications for different companies went no where. Those circumstances forced me to find work online. And helped me get back on track as I was able to find some part-time work to help make ends meet for the meantime. Slowly but surely, I became more comfortable with working online as a freelancer that i decided to pursue it as a full-time career. Despite a number of applications that went nowhere, I was able to be hired for full-time roles, all thanks to

So far, my work has been challenging but enjoyable, especially with some great people I've gotten to work with and the new things I've learned along the way. I'm looking forward to grow in this newfound role, something I would not have dreamed of without which has served as a platform for me to get there.

To the folks of, allow me to say thank you for setting up this site and for all your help, especially for my career.

Mabuhay kayo!”

Karl Jonathan

“Hi there!,

I just would like to share my amazing experience in I think it’s worth the share.

I happen to look for a job through OnlineJob.Ph third week of June 2014 and got hired Fulltime on July 29, 2014. Not quite a long journey of trying and competing to get hired. I created my profile and upload the necessary documents. Put my profile picture, updated my skills and took several online tests to comply in most Company’s requirements such as DISC, IQ Test and Basic English Tests. Not to mention, the more tests you took which yielded good scores, the more competent you will become as a Jobseeker. The more chances you will get hired!

There were several Employers whom I underwent series of interviews, three to six series of interviews (the most). But of course, as the usual process of Job Hiring, there will be individuals who will advance to the next round of interview, and there will be eliminated along the process. It was mixed emotions while getting to the final interview, at the same time, it is boosting my confidence as I usually get kind words and appreciated as to how competent I am as a VA. I realize that despite of the good scores and good results in the interviews, there are more individuals better than we thought we are. But heads up! Don’t get frustrated, it’s just part of the process.

I guess the key here is not to give up. Don’t lose hope! There are much more opportunities in OnlineJob.Ph that you are perfectly fitted where you can express your talent and skills. I didn’t waste time and just sit and do nothing. I keep on submitting resume, application cover letter to several companies whom I think I am qualified. Just keep on searching. Equip yourself with boosting confidence. Work on your profile or portfolio to make it more competent. Be honest as possible during interview, do not pretend to be who you are not. Most interviews are through Skype, it maybe Audio Call or Video Call. Set an impression that you are worth the hire. Lastly, it is important that your hard work is coupled with faith in God.

It’s worth the wait I tell you! My job is as VA and I like it a lot. I am new to the nature of the work, it takes a lot of patience to learn, apparently, there is no easy way to learn. My salary is very modest, but I think it’s just the start. The most important thing for me is my working relationship with my Boss. He is very considerate, respectful, knows how to treat his people considering the culture I belong. In return, I am doing my best to be worthy of his trust and his gratefulness. In fact, we are looking forward towards a long term working relationship.

Thank you OJ for this opportunity. It’s really a great experience. Wish you more power!

So guys, what are you waiting for? Try the different opportunities OnlineJob.Ph is offering. Goodluck!”

Ivy Ann E. Cuevas

“I just want to acknowledge for helping me find a great job. I've been working with my boss for many years now. And, I've been enjoying the flexibility of my work plus good pay and great benefits. I also learned a lot in the process.

Thank you!”

“I've been working with an American company for over two years. If they would allow, I would never want to leave my two employers.”


“I've been working for 10 months now full-time and it really helps me a lot. Aside from earning, I am learning. It's a great opportunity working with Americans!”


“Online Jobs changed my life. I have now a stable and a good paying job in the comfort of my own home. I will surely recommend this site to all my friends.”


“ is coolest site for job seekers! I got a job with great compensation and the comfort of working at home...”


“I never regretted working full-time for [American company]. Not only do I get a "VERY GOOD" pay I am also enjoying the fact that I'm working "HOME-BASED"”


“This site is a very helpful site for Filipinos. IT connects two worlds in just a click! Thank you and more power! It made possible what was impossible before.”

Cherry Mae

“I have a lot of friends who are working as home based employees. And so they had recommended me this website to search for an online job myself. A week after I started applying for a job through, I was finally hired as a VA. Fast and accurate. This site has really helped a lot of those job seekers. Thank you! More power!”


“I am a stay-at-home mom looking for my first job to work at home. I answered to more than a dozen ads the very same day I signed up here at Almost all the job ads here are looking for someone with technical skills. I wasn't so confident that I will be hired but listening to John's video message really gave me hope. I never imagined that I will be hired just three days after signing up!”


“I just like to thank you for helping me find the job that I was really looking for. There were so many employers that emailed me after I sent my video here, and I got a chance to choose the employer I wanted. Now, we are really doing great and I'm very happy for it. I highly recommend your site to all of my internet marketing friends. Again, thank you and God bless your company!”


“I can't imagine working in the comfort of my home, watching my kids growing-up at the same time. It seems impossible but it's true! Thank you so much for this site. I'm now working in a foreign company, enjoying a good salary & most of all having a very kind boss named Tristan.”


“I have taken my online english exam. I am very happy to inform you, that three days after my English exam result reflected in my profile, I got numerous job offers, and after 1 week, I was hired by a very nice and kind employer for his insurance agency.

Thank you very much!”

Dave Crenshaw

“I would just like to express my heartfelt thank you for this wonderful site. I have signed up for several websites who offers work at home jobs and this website gave me a wonderful employer in just a nick of time. I would sure recommend this site to my friends.”


“Hi. I would just like to thank for the blessing it allowed to reach me 1 year ago. I have been working with a very kind employer for 13 months now and this wouldn't be possible without your website. Thank you so much! Keep on rocking guys and most especially, continue helping job seekers find a good source of income. :) God bless you and your staff!

I just want to say thank you. Your site is awesome.”

Dave Crenshaw

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