Virtual Assistant - Customer Service and Online Sales Development

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Full Time


90 Day Probationary and Training Period - 12,000 php month, then merit increase.




Oct 08, 2022


Great position with a US based firm, this job opportunity is somewhat different than most on this site. We are in the business of selling physical products online and need someone for customer service support and placing orders.

Customer service includes being able to read and understand a customers problem and know how to solve the problem. You must have command of the English language to be able to comprehend what the problem is and be able to send an intelligent reply back. Also includes placing orders which includes making sure an item is shipped on time after a customer purchases. All of this is handled by email and messaging, no phone conversations needed. Skype is used everyday for interaction with fellow PhP employees and myself. Also, you will be taught the skills of finding attractive new products and listing them for sale.

Extensive training is provided, but you must already possess very good English and online skills. Please complete the English test here if you have not done so already. You will be trained in all phases of our business, including R&D of products to understand what we are about.

I am seeking an individual who is looking for a long term position, one who is honest, loyal and enjoys learning new skills. You must be the type person who takes pride in their work, pays attention to detail, very organized and be able to learn and comprehend the scope of your responsibilities.

- A reliable computer and dependable 24/7 internet connection
-Must have a nice, Quiet environment to work in
-Must have Skype with Upgrade to see actual info for everyday use
- Excellent computer skills, including ability to research online
- have good experience in answering emails in English and a high score on the English test here.
-Reliable, on time to work
8 hours per day, 5 days per week. (Daytime US time, Nighttime PHP time)
- Detail oriented and organized

If you are interested in a great job for the long term, please reply
back and include a paragraph as to why you feel you would be the best person for this job.

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