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$200 USD a month




May 30, 2024


The School of Hard Stocks is looking for a ghost writer to assist in writing stock research reports.

The Schook of Hard Stocks attempt to follow the top 75-85 stocks in the market at a given time, and inform our readers of the opportunities that lie ahead for each company. Companies in the stock market report earnings each quarter. After a company reposts earnings, we update spreadsheets, create charts and tables, then update reseach reports on each company we follow.

This position consists of:

- Highlight earnings releases and earnings calls with a digital yellow highlighter, which would be approximately 10 pages.

- Use these highlights to turn last quarter's research report into this quarter's. Approximately 25% of the info changes from quarter to quarter, but much of the info stays the same (such as what the company creates, etc).

- Examples of changes include sales and profit growth figures, management comments, segment sales growth, and comments on what was working as well as what is not.

- Once you have the highlights in place, it will become clear to you what the story should be, which is often about good (or bad) numbers that either we have given you or that you found in the highlights. You would then create a lead paragraph summarizing what's going on. Examples include Chipotle sales continue to climb (if say sales were up 25% last quarter).

- We utilize a standard system, where things get put in the same place in the article each quarter, making this systematic.

- Once you finish your end of the research report, I would take the article, put my spin on it, and publish.

For concrete examples, visit our website Upgrade to see actual info then click Stock Resarch and Stock of the Week. Use a laptop[ or desktop to see the full picture. Here you can find example research reports.


- The position consists of writing aproximately 4 research reports per week on Wordpress. Reports are given to you Wednesday morning and are to be completed by the following Tuesday. Please start right away and try to finish most of the articles before the weekend.

- Each report takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. Once you get a hang of it you will be able to finish a majority of articles within 90 minutes.

- Total work would be approximately 8 to 12 hours per week.

- Pay is $200 per month ($100 paid twice per month). I'd love to give you a raise if you're worthy of one.

- Work times are flexible, but I'm waiting for your drafts. Our writers typically do one report per workday.

- Sometimes we finish our reports in the quarter and you have a week or two of very light work (like 0-1 report a week) until the next quarter's work comes rolling in. These vacation weeks are in the beginning of April, early July, early October, and between Chistmas and New Years Day.

The Right Person for the Job

- The successful candidate will have strong English writing skills and a desire to learn about the stock market from an industry expert. SEO or financial reporting experience is helpful.

- A duel monitor (or 2nd computer) is a HUGE help as you can read your highlights on one screen and type them on the other. A color printer also helps a lot, as you can print the highlights and use those papers to complete the work. If you have any of these, mention it in your introduction.

- I need to have your Linked profile, and a resume. Facebook, Instagram and or Twitter accounts are also helpful.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the stock market and gain exceptional experience in the field of financial journalism.

Best of luck,
David Sharek

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