Social Media Manager / Marketing Assistant to Megan, owner of an accounting company - Looking for a unicorn!

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Part Time


$5-6 starting (depending on experience), plus wellness package, PTO, 13th month, quarterly bonus, bi-annual increase




Mar 20, 2024


Here’s a quick video introducing the opportunity to work for Rhino Squad: Upgrade to see actual info

I’m Rhino Julie, and I LOVE building super teams to service our clients' needs.

If you love a challenge, love problem solving, love working with others (and also love working by yourself LOL), and it makes you happy when you overdeliver for clients, I want you on my team!

My promise to you:
*I provide a FUN working environment.
*We are constantly learning new things.
*We are a team who wants to be the best at what we do, which means you have the BEST teammates.
*I ALWAYS pay on time.
*I treat all of my teaUpgrade to see actual infombers with respect and love.

Client Overview:
*Our client, Megan, is running her accounting company, but is also currently covering all the marketing duties as well! She needs an assistant to come in and cover the marketing and follow up responsibilities so she can focus on strategizing with her customers. She is super organized and runs a very successful company. You will love her team and her cheerful personality.

Client Requirements:
*Must be able to work early morning Eastern Time (US). You can choose to work as early as 4:30am Eastern Time or as late as 6:30am Eastern Time for 4 hours a day.
*Must have Social Media experience - including creating graphics, captions and videos for social media
*Must have Canva design experience (first task will be to help her design a logo in Canva)
*Must have LinkedIn experience
*Must have some type of CRM experience (the client uses GoHighLevel, but as long as you understand how to build workflows and automations, you should be good!)
*Must be super organized with great attention to detail
*Detail-oriented with a commitment to quality control.
*Strong written and verbal communication abilities.

Software tools used by the client:

*GoHighLevel - don’t need GoHighLevel experience, but you do need experience in some type CRM - Need to know how to build out workflows and landing pages. Megan’s EA is techy so they can help you, but it would be nice if you have a basic understanding.
*GroupTracks - You will be taught this software


Update GoHighLevel
*GoHighLevel - update CRM - Need experience in some type CRM - Need to know how to build out workflows and landing pages. My EA is techy so they can help, but it would be nice if they have a basic understanding.
*Set up email Campaigns in GoHighLevel
*Setting up the Masterclasses in GoHighLevel

>Facebook Community Management
*Use Grouptracks to manage Megan’s >Facebook Community (training will be given)
– Looking out for questions relating to bookkeeping and taxes in Facebook Groups
– Document the questions and answers so you can be able to do it yourself

Social Media Management
*Post on Social Media using GoHighLevel
*Light video editing for Social Media Posts
*Help with writing Copy (Megan uses ChatGPT with a human touch, it’s okay if you use it, too!)

Lead follow ups
*Sales Follow Ups - will be trained on this
*Follow up on people who were dm’ed our lead magnets
*Update CRM with leads
*Follow up after networking meetings - screenshot the attendees to connect with on Facebook and Linked
*Find Podcast guesting opportunities and submit applications for them

If you know in your heart this job is for you, please apply on our super quick application system by clicking here: Upgrade to see actual info==

You only have to apply for one job through our portal, and then you can email us if you want to be considered for additional positions.

We have many positions available, so even if this one isn't a perfect fit, if you are a hard worker who loves learning and pays attention to the details, we will probably have something else available for you!

Our super cool hiring process:

*We have real people communicating with you and looking at your application!
*We PAY you to take a Paid Test for the client you're applying for to make sure you like the job and you have the skills for it. *At any time, you can check out the other clients we have and ask to take Paid Tests for them, as well!

Please note that there is a 1-time Profile that you will help us fill out before the Paid Test. This profile will be sent to our clients, along with your Paid Test results. We value you as a person, and we value your time. Once you're in with Rhino Squad, you're IN, and you have lots of job opportunities available to you. So we appreciate your help in preparing your details to present to our clients.

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