Sales Assistant to David, Vice President of Sales in a Marketing Company - Looking for a unicorn!

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Full Time


$5-6 starting (depending on experience), plus wellness package, PTO, 13th month, quarterly bonus, bi-annual increase




Mar 22, 2024


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I’m Rhino Julie, and I LOVE building super teams to service our clients' needs.

If you love a challenge, love problem solving, love working with others (and also love working by yourself LOL), and it makes you happy when you overdeliver for clients, I want you on my team!

My promise to you:
*I provide a FUN working environment.
*We are constantly learning new things.
*We are a team who wants to be the best at what we do, which means you have the BEST teammates.
*I ALWAYS pay on time.
*I treat all of my teaUpgrade to see actual infombers with respect and love.

Client Overview:
*Our client, David, handles a leadership team in a marketing company. He does a lot of senior duties so he needs an assistant who can take some of the less urgent tasks off his plate so he can focus on more pressing things. David is super energetic and has a very supportive team so you will enjoy working with him!

Client Requirements:
*Must have CRM experience
*Must have a comprehensive knowledge of the the sales pipeline
*Background in Data Analytics is highly preferred
*Must be able to work from 8AM-4PM Eastern Time (US)

Software tools used by the client:
*HubSpot CRM or something similar

*Manage the CRM Pipeline
*Ensure that all leads are into the CRM
*Execute miscellaneous tasks provided by the Sales department
*Create KPI and Analytics/forecasting reports
*Assist with prospecting and lead generation
*Upload leads into the CRM and initiate follow-up communications (client will train)
*Email Marketing (client will train)
*Manage the sales funnel (client will train)
*Use forecasting tools to review and analyze changes in performance, and establish regular meetings to review sales data and trends (client will train)

Additional tasks that may be incorporated at a later stage of employment (you will be trained in this)
*Manage a prospecting account on LinkedIn and create posts
*Manage and organize the client’s email

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Our super cool hiring process:

*We have real people communicating with you and looking at your application!
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