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Psychology Content Writer/Researcher (Men's Mental Health)

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20,000-30,000 PHP/month full-time and prorated for part-time




May 03, 2023


Looking for a part-time Script Writer/Video Editor who might transition to full-time and LOVES dense academic papers filled with scientific models and terms, this is the PERFECT position for you. By nature, you should naturally be extremely curious, a voracious reader, and a passionate seeker of information.

Work closely with a Clinical Therapist to research, write psychology content and edit videos to HELP MEN QUIT PORN and improve their life, marriages, and relationships. Articles will MOSTLY cover PORN ADDICTION but also other topics since it's so interconnected: dopamine reward system, attachment theory, divorce, social media, chronic diseases, mental health, neurology, technology, religion, etc.

1). Spend 2 hours researching and reading (Google, scholar online libraries) academic articles
2). Write several video scripts from articles to create videos and graphics for social media content. Video Shorts (40-60s) and IG slide shows
3). Send the script to me for review and recording
4) Edit raw footage
5) Upload content to social media

The ARISE brand is about self-improvement, psychology and masculinity. We support the modernization of men to be strong competent leaders in their life, relationships and community by developing true strength of character and personal values instead of following the latest virtue-signaling trends. We believe most men suffer due to unhealthy masculinity, being either too aggressive or passive. Our role is to help men integrate and channel their masculinity in productive ways.

-C2 English
-High-level reading comprehension and speed
-Persuasive script writing for short and long-form content (Tiktok, IG, YT shorts, YT)
-Proficient understanding of viral online content script writing (hook, body, ending)
-CAPCUT Video Editing Skills
-Canva/Photo Editing skills
-Google Suit knowledge (sheets, docs, slides)
-Fast and stable internet

-20,000-30,000 PHP monthly for full-time and prorated for part-time.
-13th month
-Annual stock investment

Please email Upgrade to see actual info with your resume and 1). include a persuasive 50-100 word script in the email that reads like a TikTok short video about psychology or porn addiction 2). share a one-minute audio recording about what got you interested in this position and what resonates with you regarding its culture/values. All other applicants that don't follow these directions will not be Upgrade to see actual infoat GPT is not allowed, software will be used to screen out those users in the application process.

"Hey you, how many hours have you already spent scrolling your phone already? A 2015 study which talks about the phenomenon of "doom scrolling," where people get caught up in the "infinite scroll" of their phones. This is when you find yourself losing track of time or even hours of your day scanning negative news or social media feeds. 60% of individuals in the study claim feeling more depressed and anxious from the activity yet can't stop the consistent Upgrade to see actual info's clear there's a strong correlation between consistent scrolling and your mental health, what are your thoughts?

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