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Flat Fee per Newsletter




Oct 08, 2022


Are you passionate about helping to save the environment we all share? The new Earth Mom icon is designed to provide a symbol of eco-responsible spending.

As our project becomes globally recognized, buyers will come to rely on our icon to direct their attention to eco-policies being posted by more and more eco-responsible businesses located all around the globe.

This is your chance to combine your passion for the environment along with your design skills to create innovative and inspiring content to send out in the form of a weekly newsletter on behalf of Upgrade to see actual info. Content should including interesting stories about the environment, various goals we are attempting to achieve at Earth Mom, interesting new member signups, along with a spectrum of green related stories impacting our environment.

For those most interested, please demonstrate your creative talents by designing a mock Earth Mom newsletter. Suggest new ways for our members to comply with Earth Mom member requirements, take advantage of free SEO training and services, promote Earth Mom branded products and enjoy tips and ideas on how to build their business while reducing their impact on the environment.

Start by signing up for free as a new member at Upgrade to see actual info to see how we use Social Medal to help provide value. As soon as you're able to provide results and you're ready to take on more work, we can move to a daily newsletter schedule and improve your compensation. We would prefer to pay a flat fee per newsletter generated as compensation for your talents.

To be clear, we're looking for someone with sufficient experience and confidence to handle the entire spectrum of our Newsletter production department needs. We will not be telling you what we want you too. You will be falling back on your expertise to tell us what we need to do to make our venture a success. For best results, search the net of other major environmental organizations such as treehugger and others to see and understand how they communicate with their members.

We look forward to viewing your response.

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