Join the Amazon Adventure: Remote Product Researcher Wanted!

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Full Time


Php 25,000.00 net, payable twice a month




Jun 12, 2024


Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the dynamic world of e-commerce? We're on the lookout for a talented Product Researcher to join our remote team. Don't worry if you don't have any prior experience – we'll provide you with top-notch training, completely free of charge, to help you unlock your full potential and excel in this role.

As a Product Researcher, you'll play a pivotal role in Upgrade's success within the e-commerce ecosystem. Your work will be the difference between reaching new heights of success and settling for mediocrity.

If you choose to accept this mission, your objective will be to uncover products from various online supplier websites that have the potential to shine in the Upgrade spotlight. Using criteria such as profitability, sales rank, and return on investment (ROI) as your guiding principles, you'll navigate the expansive e-commerce landscape to unearth hidden gems.

This is a thrilling challenge that promises an exciting adventure in the world of e-commerce.

Your days will be filled with excitement and innovation as you:

Create a Daily Product Sourcing Plan/Strategy: Your strategic mind will craft a blueprint for our e-commerce conquests. Analyze and Evaluate Suppliers: With eagle-eyed precision, you'll evaluate suppliers and their product ranges to achieve our profit and sales targets.

Seize Opportunities: Your keen understanding of the market, consumer trends, and buying behavior will guide you to seize the best opportunities even amidst challenges like pandemics.

Master the Mix: Balance is the name of the game! You'll strategize the perfect product mix considering peak seasons, special events, and supplier lead time.

Profit Performance Prodigy: Dive into data using top-notch tools like Keepa, FBA Multi-Tool, BuyBotPro, and SAS to optimize our product profitability and pricing strategy.

Trendsetter: Be the trendsetter, tracking and analyzing product consumption trends to keep Upgrade ahead of the game.
Fuel Business Operations: Contribute to various tasks that fuel our business operations and drive our continuous growth.
Ready for the Adventure?

If you're a go-getter with an insatiable hunger for success, then we want YOU on our team. Join Upgrade's remote Product Researcher squad, and together, we'll conquer the e-commerce frontier!

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