Experienced Executive Assistant to C-level Personnel (See requirements)

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Full Time


USD 8-9/hour




Jul 05, 2024


About Mindmaven
Mindmaven is a 15-year-old executive coaching firm located in a town with beautiful a bridge in California. We provide coaching services and support to leaders of top-tier venture capital firms and unicorn startups. Our goal is to help amazing executive assistants get access to incredible opportunities with successful companies in the US.

Job Description
Position: Experience Executive Assistant
Salary: USD8-9/hour

We are looking for virtual Executive Assistants based in the Philippines with at least one year of experience supporting US-based C-level executives. Successful candidates will be able to work with our company to get access to great companies that are leveraging our help to find amazing talents in the Philippines. We've successfully helped place candidates with executives from some very well-known companies (i.e., Reddit, Roblox, Daily Harvest, etc). Once hired, you will partner directly with your executive.

Key Responsibilities
Meeting Management:
Draft follow-up emails based on meeting information
Record information froUpgrade to see actual infoetings in a contact database
Update calendar items
Task and Time Management:
Record all tasks assigned and completed
Maintain accurate records of time spent on tasks
Contact Database Management:
Enter new contact information
Update existing contact information
Log activities performed by contact owners
Track all action items
Invite new contacts to LinkedIn
Accept LinkedIn invitations
Research Management:
Conduct internet-based research
Perform prospect research
Inbox management:
Draft emails for executives
Create text templates
Other responsibilities as they arise.
Screening Process
Because of the caliber of our clients, we have a very intentional matching process to ensure that each candidate gets connected to the opportunities that best align with the needs of the executive. Our rigorous screening process consists of 5 stages, which may take up to 15 days to complete and includes a Grit Test, 2 Zoom interviews, trial projects, and an English Proficiency Test.

By participating in the 5-stage screening process, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experience in a hands-on setting and showcase your potential as an Executive Assistant. Additionally, the screening process will give you an in-depth understanding of what the role entails and what we expect from our successful candidates.

As part of our talent pool, you will have access to a range of exciting opportunities as well s some of the best practices in our coaching services that typically are exclusive to our executive clients. We take great care in matching our EAs with the right executives, ensuring that you have a fulfilling and enjoyable work experience. Furthermore, we will provide ongoing training and support to help you grow and develop your skills, making you an indispensable part of any team.

What are we looking for?
IMPORTANT: Please apply only if:
You have thoroughly read this job post.
You are an expert in the key responsibilities mentioned.
You hold a college degree.
You are willing to complete our full screening process for optimal matching.
You have a proven history of working from home.
You have a minimum of 1 year of experience working the graveyard shift.
You are willing to write a CUSTOMIZED RESPONSE (cover letter) to this job post.

To apply, please follow this link: ----> Upgrade to see actual info
(NOTE: only applications submitted via this link will be reviewed)

If your cover letter aligns with our requirements, our PH-based recruiter will be in touch for the next steps. Unfortunately, we will not respond to cover letters that do not demonstrate an understanding of the requirements.

Thank you for reading this job posting! We are excited to hear from you!

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