Driven Senior Web Designer / Developer with the Desire to Improve Every Day

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Full Time


PHP 40,000-80,000/mnth, Negotiable




Sep 28, 2015


We seek person of tremendous integrity.

You're smart and effective. You're genuine and purposeful. You're dynamic and engaged.

You have a drive to succeed that catapults you past adversity.

We want the Person first, skill-set second. That's not to say skill-set is unimportant, because you have an incredible mind for design and technology.

But your skill-set is only eclipsed by the content of your character.

You are a blessing to a company.

About the Job

You have great sense for design and use front end development to visually represent concepts that are beautiful and have great utility. You have the ability to plan, design and develop responsive websites for the modern web. You should have an entrepreneurial spirit and be passionate about using technology to solve complex problems. You should be well versed in all aspects of web development including the design, development, testing and maintenance of web applications. You should have a minimum of four years of professional experience developing web applications with a proven track-record. Please be prepared to show us apps that you've built yourself or contributed to. You must demonstrate effective communication and a strong work ethic.

The salary will be considerable (very high) and negotiable. We'll pay you handsomely because we're looking for a highly qualified web developer. Please do not apply to this job if you do not have all of these qualifications and previous job experience.

Key Responsibilities

Build our new company website using Shopify by the end of 2015
Maintain current website and server environment
Design beautiful landing pages for marketing campaigns
Integrate third-party applications with internal systems
Be a technical resource for the company
Experience with designing algorithms a plus
Data retrieval/scraping a plus
Knowledge of Shopify a plus

Required Competencies

Expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 JavaScript
Expert knowledge AJAX, and JSON
Experience in using APIs
Design / UI Theory
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Cross-browser compatibility
Screen resolution compatibility
Graphic design
Strong communication skills. Must be fluent in English
Salesforce experience a plus

Within HTML5: how to use Canvas and how to use SVG - be aware of how the two are overlapping solutions to overlapping problems.

You should be competent in at least one server side development language - PHP, Python, Java, Ruby

General Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Web Development, or related field.
Ability to work in a fast paced environment with changing needs and requirements
Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
Team oriented and ability to work with cross-functional teams
Ability to work on deadlines and foresee issues that could cause delays

Cultural Competencies

In order to fit with our company culture, you must demonstrate the following traits:

Smart - effective, resourceful and diligent.

Genuine - reliable, trustworthy and real.

Purposeful - deliberate, passionate and driven.

Dynamic - positive, action and vital

Engaged - focused, receptive and connected.


To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter.

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You'll love working at NatureWise!

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