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Real Estate Mortgage Firm Accounting and Loan Assistant

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Full Time


US$800 per month




Jun 05, 2023


*** SUMMARY ***
You will be a member of a US based and family run real estate mortgage business. We are looking for an assistant to help us with accounting, customer service, real estate loan document preparation, and assistance in managing the process and deadlines involved in our real estate mortgage transactions. With our training and supervision, you will be trained in the process and tasked with assisting senior teaUpgrade to see actual infombers on tasks related to the back-end information organization with primary focus on accounting.

Successful candidates must demonstrate strong attention to detail, quality, accuracy, and completeness. Our transactions are highly time sensitive, so we require an exceptional ability to meet deadlines for multiple concurrent tasks. This is a full-time position dedicated to us so you would not have to choose between which of your clients has higher priority. You will work closely with US on shore members.

+ Under the supervision of the US office and senior members in the Philippines and provide assistance in accounting and reporting tasks as directed.
+ Generate transaction documents based on template, requirements, and deadline. Some documents are legal documents which you will modify according to the transaction requirements and parameters. Documents must be delivered on or before required deadlines.
+ You must carefully review all documents for accuracy and completeness.
+ Work with US office and senior members to document and develop document templates, check list and process.
+ Track transaction progress and timeline and proactively provide action plan and schedule.
+ Through training and learning, you will recognize and apply legal, regulatory, and compliant practices during generation and review of transaction documents.
+ Other responsibilities would include email management, data entry, and generation of internal reports. There may be other non-transaction related tasks such as email campaign management and property search and Upgrade to see actual infote: This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities or qualifications associated with this position.

+ MUST – Good written English skills, polite, professional, brief, and concise.
+ MUST – Good organizational skills. You will have a variety of tasks. Some tasks may be completed in 10-15 minutes. Some tasks require input from other people and may take 2-3 months to complete. Some are recurring weekly, some monthly. We need someone who will follow through to completion.
+ MUST – Detail oriented – Some of these documents will have customer names and dollar amounts. These cannot be wrong. One error could damage the company’s reputation. We need someone who will double and triple check his/her own work.
+ MUST – You have your own dedicated computer, printer, Windows 10 with MS office (Word and Excel).
+ MUST – Dedicated time and focus. We need someone who will focus 8 hours of quality time a day on the job – and not sharing those 8 hours with another client. We are not able to work with someone who is working 2-3 jobs in parallel, and frequently absent because of stress from working 2-3 jobs in parallel. The assistant needs to be available by skype with us at least 1 hour a week without a lot of background noise (e.g. TV, babies, dogs, or cooking).
+ Highly Desirable – You have prior experience in banking and mortgage and accounting. You have prior experience in being a virtual assistant and supporting real estate mortgage company.

+ Provide client a copy of police background check.
+ Provide reference checks with at least 2 clients in the last 5 years. Here are some of the 5 questions would ask the clients:
- Duration of employment / contract
- Nature of employment / contract
(1) Full-time vs. Part-time? If part-time, number of hours?
(2) Virtual or in-person?
(3) Level of over-sight needed for quality and for persistence? (Low? Medium? High?)
(4) What did the you do for the employer?
(5) Biggest surprise (positive or negative) in working with you?
(6) Why did the employment / contract end?

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