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Rockstar Video and YouTube Specialist

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$500 to $600




Jun 08, 2023


Are you a video editor with a passion for bringing text scripts to the screen? Have you worked on YouTube videos for a few years, and have a knack for finding the right cuts that make a bland video engaging? Then this video specialist and YouTube editing job is for you.

Hi, I'm Chintan, the founder of Elite Content Marketer, and I want your help in producing super engaging videos and podcasts for our YouTube channel, and other platforms.

Here are the specific tasks you'll handle:

1. Provide feedback on videos I shoot, the written scripts, and any other improvements in the workflow we've

2. Produce multimedia (audio and video) content collaborating with me, Chintan, and other teaUpgrade to see actual infombers (as required). Specifically, we'll work on the five types of content below:

i. Long-form informative videos on subjects related to freelance writing and anything related to the creator economy
ii. Creator software reviews and walkthroughs (which involve a screen share)
iii. video podcast interviews with industry experts
Upgrade to see actual infodio only repurposed podcast episodes that we'll post on a podcast hosting platform such as Buzzsproute, and distribute across podcast directories
v. Short-form social media videos for Upgrade to see actual info our content on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

2. Maintain a regular weekly video publishing schedule — majorly on YouTube and Instagram

3. Create persuasive YouTube thumbnails and accompanying promotional graphics for every video

4. Upload videos, create relevant playlists, and manage our YouTube channel (as well as distribute our content on podcast directories)

5. Build a strong foundation for the YouTube channel and help to increase viewership on other platforms by leveraging video content

6. There are various AI video tools such as vidyo.ai, that I want us to be able to our advantage to save time and produce more videos — so you need the ability to find your way around new software

About Elite Content Marketer: Elite Content Marketer is on a mission to help beginner creators, writers, podcasters, and videographers across industries graduate into the middle class (and beyond) Upgrade to see actual info reaches an audience of over 25k readers right now in the US!

Our Existing YouTube Channel: Upgrade to see actual info

About Chintan: I'm a writer, content marketer, and video creator. I'm passionate about helping creators make a living through their crafts. I look forward to hearing from you, and having a conversation about the video specialist's role :)

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