Technical Manager - Daily executions, setups, automation and troubleshooting

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800-1600 USD/Month




Apr 03, 2023


We are looking for a "Technical Manager" to build and troubleshoot the technical aspects of our business. This position will include a test task that will take 30-60 min. Please only apply if you are willing to take such a test.

*The position*
- You will be responsible for setting up tools, connecting them to other software and build all technological related aspects of our business.
- You will research new tools and test them out for us.
- You will be in contact with the support of tools to fix bugs and accomplish your work.
- You will very likely have to constantly learn new parts of this position, since our company is constantly evolving
- You will plan and execute project independently in coordination with the CTO.

We are currently building a backend for our clients that also integrates with a mobile app. The database of the backend will live in Airtable, the backend will be built in Stacker and the mobile app hosted through Twinr. Your Job would be in this case to assist the CTO in setting all these things up and making sure they work together. This would need building a database structure and figuring out how to use Stacker with it. Then, make account at Google Playstore and Apple Developer Portal to register and upload the Upgrade to see actual info the beginning, we don't expect you to build it all yourself, but we're happy if you develop yourself in that direction.

*Your Skills*
- You will need to love technical things.
- Open to research and try new things
- Have a good understanding of tools and software
- Know what an API is and how to use it
- Know what a Webhook is and how to use it
- Know how to build automation in Zapier and Upgrade to see actual info
- Coding skills not required but helpful
- Basic Project management skills

You will either have a full time payment or part-time. Salaries should match similar salaries in your local market.

Software Development / Programming
Software QA Testing
Web Development
Project Management
Software Development Project Management
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