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Junior Software Engineer

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Jan 28, 2023


Ascend Group is a premier boutique digital marketing group. We are a digital marketing agency, academy, and SaaS company. Our mission is to change the world by empowering small businesses with digital marketing. Small businesses are the backbone of every economy. They are responsible for most jobs and trade in every country. By helping small businesses to grow, we help impact and support the livelihoods of more families around the world.
Here’s what makes us different from most companies:
1. We are 100% remote. #nomorebeingstuckinanoffice
2. We are results-driven. We value results, not effort.
3. Zero tolerance on office politics. We’re here to get work done and create work we’re proud of, not gossip – keep that to celebrity blogs.
4. We are lifelong learners. If you never read a book since finishing university years ago… this company won’t be your cup of Upgrade to see actual infolf-improvement, upskilling, and being the best in our industry are things all our teaUpgrade to see actual infombers work towards.
5. Unlimited vacation leave. Say WHAT?!
If you feel even slightly uncomfortable reading this, don’t apply.

Here’s what we’d require for this job role you’re looking at:
Proven experience of minimum of 3 years in this role.
Junior Software Engineer that will work together with Senior Engineer in achieving strategic objectives and goals. This role is working alongside the Senior Developer in creating web applications for our company project.

The role is to work with UI/UX designer(s) and convert the design to working software.
Get involved in the write-up of system Specifications (Design & Function) & SOPs to ensure the system function meets user expectations and business process requirements. Help to create and keep up-to-date documentation of software and API documentation. Test software to ensure responsiveness and efficiency

Proficient in HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript with strong knowledge in data structure and programming logic.
Knowledgeable and with experience with REST Upgrade to see actual infoegrating API from multiple third-party providers.
Knowledgeable of multiple front-end languages and libraries (e.g. HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, XML, jQuery)
Experienced in Git.

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Software Development / Programming
Software QA Testing C# Python
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