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Nov 15, 2022


Note: We have set the salary for this job as negotiable because cost is NOT the primary factor in dUpgrade to see actual info who to hire. Please state a salary you feel comfortable with for at least 1 year. Please do not state a salary that is too low for you just to be considered for the job.

We are hiring 3 to 4 WordPress Developers to work on several different projects. Full-time is preferred, but we will also consider candidates who are available at least half-time. The position is meant to last at least one year with the possibility to extend much longer. This position is 100% remote work, and you can be located anywhere as long as you have high-speed internet access. You will need to coordinate your work with other teaUpgrade to see actual infombers and attend meetings several times each week, but most of your work hours can be fairly flexible on your own schedule. The position can start as soon as our selected candidate is available.

We are a small company (less than 10 people) that helps non-profits use technology. We will be building a team of 5-6 total developers over the next several weeks. The team will be working on multiple different websites based on WordPress, Buddyboss, WooCommerce, as well as some other types of projects.

We care about having a cooperative team that works well together and has good communication. The ability to work well in a team, provide good source code comments, participate in testing, adapt to a shared approach around coding conventions and deployment, being patient with other teaUpgrade to see actual infombers, being willing to work together to solve technical and non-technical issues, and other team-related skills are all very important.

We also care about all teaUpgrade to see actual infombers feeling valued and respected. We want to build a good environment where people like working with us and with each other. Productivity is very important as well, but we do not expect extra-long hours of work.

Working on the WordPress team will include all of the following areas:
- custom functionality in PHP (and occasionally JavaScript)
- custom post types
- custom forms
- custom plugin development
- third party plugin management and configuration
- theme building
- compatibility testing between system components
- functional testing (probably manual, maybe automated in the future)
- integrations with other systems (creating and consuming APIs)
- source control management
- peer review of code
- deployment management for multiple environments
- working individually as well as together on different pieces of the project

We do NOT need every developer to have experience in all areas, but we do need the combined team to have all these skills together.

Please respond with a description of your experience (email, resume, or CV are all OK), your availability (how many hours/week, when can you start, are you looking for long term work), and your desired salary. Samples of your work would also be appreciated if possible (source code or links to websites), but if you prefer to wait until further along in the process to provide code samples that is OK. Please also send any questions you have about the position, our projects, or our company.
We will work to set up interviews with candidates as soon as we receive their applications and once we have determined they might be a good fit for this position.

Thank You!

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