Graphic Designer Photoshop Expert-Blending images Expert-PRO Editing skills

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Full Time






Sep 23, 2022




-Very experienced in photoshop(3+years of experience needed)

-Truly Interested in a long term job position, at least for 3+ years

-A Perfect English level is required

-Available at least 30-40 hours a week in the next few months, and willing to slowly increase it when the time goes on. Up to 40+ hours a week in 3-6 months(we cannot exactly preview it)

-Interested in becoming the manager of this department as the team grows

-Have a good computer

-Have a fast internet connection

KINDLY NOTE: ALL the requirements are mandatory, please don't apply if you do not fit perfectly because we will not consider your application.

KINDLY NOTE(2)>Before hiring you there will be a test that will measure your editing skills, please do not apply if you are not an expert at it.

The Company:

We are a fully remote company based in Italy counting almost 15 employees.
Our warehouse is in Italy and completely managed by a logistic center, we do not drop ship, we run an inventory based model.
The majority of our orders are not paid online but on delivery(currently 94% of orders are COD), this is our main focus and edge over competition.

Our goal is to become the largest COD e-commerce in the world. And to make the purchase of any product accessible to everyone, with any payment method, especially with cash on delivery. All this while providing a wide catalog of products, excellent customer service and fast shippings.

The Job:

Your Job in the short term will consist in creating image creative ads by following our pre-determined strategy and track statistically(following our SOP) how good certain creatives work and optimize towards what works best by creating similar content to them.
The job will also give you the possibility to unleash your creativity on a smaller % of these creatives by giving you full control of their Upgrade to see actual info addition you will also be in charge of blending photos together, such as blending clothes with models, with shoes etc…This is why PROFESSIONAL EDITING SKILLS ARE Upgrade to see actual info the long term, as the team grows, after having reached your monthly limit of hours we will also hire other people to work in this department and your job will switch from just working to managing your team + working.

Working Hours:

First of all you will need to be available at least 30-40 hours a week in the next few months, and willing to slowly increase it when the time goes on. Up to 40+ hours a week in 3-6(we cannot exactly preview it).

And talking about working hours, they will be completely flexible and up to you.
We will only have daily deadlines(usually it will consist in us assigning you creatives to do, and you will need to complete them by a certain time of the day, anyway this part will be discussed in detail in the onboarding process to fit both our and your schedule), but you will dUpgrade to see actual info when and where to work!


The Salary, considering 160 hours a month(of work), will be around 480 USD.
If there is a very good performance the salary might increase in the future.

Graphics & Multimedia
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